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  • Here's the thing, Danny McBride's comedy is very much down to individual taste. In much the same way as Ricky Gervais's material it is meant to shock, make you cringe, make you laugh out loud and usually, in the end, make you realise that there can be moments of redemption for even the most self centred, unlikeable characters.

    The interplay in this between McBride and Goggins is brilliant. Goggins's insults drip with a hilarious straightforward honesty towards McBride's Gamby whilst McBride is happy to play second fiddle in the interchanges. The begrudged respect that develops between the characters at times is then all the more heartwarming.

    Simply put, if you liked East Bound and Down you will like Vice Principals. If you like Vice Principals and haven't seen East Bound and Down then make it next on your list - you'll love it. For all the people that don't like the show, that's OK too, it just means that this will become a cult classic.
  • I have to start by saying that some of the negative reviews are as funny as the show itself, if not only for the fact that they clearly miss the humor and unironically point to exactly the cringe-inducing moments of black comedy as examples of mean-spiritedness or unredeemable characters.

    Duh. That's kind of the point.

    Also, be wary of any review that is almost entirely predicated on one person's opinion that a particular actor is being misutilized - especially if it's obvious that this person holds that actor in inflated esteem. The acting, so far - only one episode in - is pretty spot on.

    Danny McBride has a gift for depicting totally unrelatable, yet not entirely unsympathetic misanthrope. He delivers extremely inappropriate dialog without cracking the thin veneer of believability. Walton Goggins, in his characteristic Alabama accent, plays foil to McBride as a character who the viewer can believe actually likes his fellow human beings. Both of them are, in their own ways, shameless self-promoters and viciously ambitious career climbers who totally overlook the fact that they've abandoned their moral compass in pursuit of a less than lofty goal.

    The only weakness I can really point to is the family scenarios and the relatively unbelievable ex-wife's new husband - a character in his mid to late 40s who dresses and acts like a one-dimensional talking Hot Topic mannequin.

    I'm interested in where they take the next several episodes and I'd recommend checking it out if you like dark humor or any of the actors involved.
  • blueknives5 June 2018
    One of the best shows to air in years. Instant classic. Neil Gambi and Lee Russell are two of THE BEST characters that have ever been on TV.

  • jessmcb6 May 2018
    Oh how I wish there were more seasons of this show.
  • ben-2987320 October 2017

    this show is freaking brilliant. some people might disagree with me, but i see the logic behind it, and the comedy suits my taste. i really hope they will ignore the bad reviews (that honestly, have no real argument behind why the show is bad) and keep making more seasons. ill even go further to say that the show is intelligent in its own way.

    just for the record, i loved "the office", "peep show" and many many more comedy shows.
  • Nothing has made me laugh harder than Eastbound and Down but i think Vice Principals is a better program. Having two main characters with separate story lines makes it flow consistently as opposed to Eastbound which is devoted entirely to Kenny Powers' debauchery. Neil Gamby is also a more likable character: although he certainly has his demons, his position as VP and devotion to his daughter makes me respect him much more than Kenny.

    Furthermore, Lee and Neil bounce off each other so magnificently. While Stevie Janowski is one of the funniest characters in television history he was the court jester to a character that's pretty much a court jester himself.

    All in all it's refreshing to see that Danny and Jody Hill have created a show that depicts hilarious characters and small town USA to a T without relying on constant drug abuse and cringe-worthy behavior from beginning to end. Sure the show is cringe-worthy but it's less a product of shock-value as was the case with Eastbound.
  • Finally a funny role for Danny McBride and a fine performance by him (and others, too)! He is perfect for this, and although I've seen only 3 episodes, I get a good vibe about this show. Of course it's crude about the selfishness of people, of course the characters (teachers included!) are immature, of course the themes are dark, and of course many things are exaggerated (hey, it's a comedy!), but it's very well written and performed. And if one of the accusations against it was that it's not politically correct, then we live in a very, very sad world. If we can't make fun anymore about the ugly side of us but we pretend it's not there in a very PC way, that doesn't mean we'd be free from it.

    LE: Episode 5 wasn't funny at all. Hope the show hasn't gone burnt out already!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Don't be discouraged by the other reviews: Vice Principals is a hilarious dark comedy. It's not politically correct and guess what, it's not meant to be. Danny McBride does what he's best at, wrote a series that contains incredibly flawed main characters that cannot fathom why they are unfortunate in life all the while offending every person within earshot. The series centers around two man-children vying for a shot at being the principal, the series is not meant to be taken seriously. its meant to be taken as a satirical and exaggerated examination on human tendencies to accomplish goals at all cost regardless of who or what may be in the way. If you're a fan of east bound and down or enjoy watching deeply flawed characters that have little moral fiber try to assume an air of professionalism, give this show a chance and understand the series is a COMEDY! It's crude, ludicrous and a definite guilty pleasure and I cannot wait to see more of this show.
  • I know a lot of folks may find this show offensive but lets get real for a minute, this is a LOL COMEDY show, loads of bad taste, that's the whole point you morons.

    Forget the critics, this is a great LOL funny non PC show. I've heard the critics say it's too mean and just because the main victim is Black, it seems much closer to reality than most of white middle class America feels comfortable with.

    The point is the two protagonists are loosers,greedy and stupid but still think they are "entitled" to be the boss has a lot more truth than most Bubbas like to admit.
  • The first season of Vice Principals is quite short but I'm already hooked on this excellent comedy. Season two can't come fast enough. The humor in this series might not be for everyone but to me it's excellent. I don't know what it is with Danny McBride as Neal Gamby. Is it his hair, his mustache or his facial expressions in general but as soon as I see him I have to laugh. The combination of Danny McBride and Walton Goggins is a perfect match. Those two are running the show and it's a delight to watch. Georgia King as Amanda Snodgrass is also a delight to watch. As well for her acting as her very good looks. The language might be over the limit for a lot of stuck-up people but I think this is the best part of the show. I honestly can't wait for season two to begin and I hope it will continue like this for a long time. I'm a fan!
  • Does this show deserve a 10 out of 10 after one episode? Hell no. I'm a huge fan of Jody Hill and Danny McBride's humor dating back to The Foot Fist Way and I found this episode to be a great setup for what appears to be another crazy ass show.

    The first episode was mildly entertaining and I personally found it to be a bit boring. Long story short, if you are not a fan of McBride's previous work you probably will not enjoy this show. Every joke in this episode was crude and offensive, which is right up my alley. Definitely looking forward to watching more of this show. If it is close to as good as Eastbound & Down then I'll be satisfied.
  • sean-rae20 September 2016
    if you are longing for comedy on the same level as 'Eastbound and down' then look no further. McBride is as strong as ever, quick witted, obscene and isn't afraid to wap out the acting chops for the feels. Goggins is hilarious as the camp narcissist. One of his most offensive and downright horrible characters to date, more hatful than 'the h8ful eight' the show is full of unrealistic situations that fuel the comedy in all the right ways. Each character is unique in their own way and brings something to the table for either there own jokes or to help the chemistry with the protagonists, Gamby & Russel Can't wait for the second season for some more over the top madness.
  • asultani10 January 2019
    This is a well designed and performed magnificent work. Every aspect of it looks almost flawless and super professionally arranged and developed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was able to watch the premiere of Vice Principals this last Monday after seeing the trailer for the past couple of months, i'm giving it a perfect 10. This being said, it is not a flawless new series but after reading the couple of reviews that were marked as 1 star and only said things to degrade the new show, I decided to write a review.

    Like I said, Vice Principals is not a flawless show by any means but personally I would give it an 8 out of 10. I read things within the other reviews such as how the characters are too brash, cruel, obnoxious and simply unlikable. Now to people saying this, i hope you know this is qualified as a dark comedy for a reason, that is what the show intended on. Two male vice principals that are narcissistic and full of themselves, ultimately leading to how they believe they are the right choice over the other. That being said they are both wildly different from each other, which creates a beautiful balance between our two characters. Every scene where McBride and Goggins interact is always a great time.

    On a different note, if you were like me and watched the trailer multiple times I will let it be known that yes, the trailer did provide great information about the plot line and certain scenes you will remember. But also, the trailer honestly covers really only the first episode instead of the entire season which keeps the viewer intrigued after the conclusion of the first episode.

    With all of this being said I would truly recommend watching the first episode which has a running time of only 32 minutes, so that you can determine if it is for you or not. Don't let other reviewers sabotage this series because it was a little too vulgar for them to handle or the fact that they don't like the characters because they are too over the top. If you enjoy McBride, you will enjoy this show. Also, for anyone that likes Goggins, it is great to see him in a dark comedy as such a unique character from what he has previously played.
  • rickdalessandris31 August 2016
    Love it, so far. Danny McBride knows how to play someone that is, technically, like most of us. Only cares about one's self. Yes, he loves his daughter but could it be in spite of his ex-wife and her new beau? Danny McBride takes Gamby into ALL ABOUT GAMBY and that is what's funny. I see an earlier review concerning the ex-wife's new guy being unbelievable but I actually find that believable. The guy actually LIKES Gamby but Gamby doesn't like him, not because he has the ex-wife but because he has something that Gamby doesn't! Gamby, obviously... doesn't even want the ex-wife! When it is all about the McBride character, a McBride series is a KEEPER. I see it is only going to be 18 episodes but I hope McBride is convinced to film new seasons.
  • noitidart8 October 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is so absolutely hilarious. I love how the writers are not succumbing to the bad reviews, those bad reviews are actually pretty hilarious too.

    Every episode I'm like this is great I can't keep going it will ruin itself. It's so funny I just watch the next one and it's even better! It is awkward stuff but not as awkward as a show like "Last Man Standing/on Earth". The awkward stuff turns into really nice relationships. I love how two guys who hate each other "ill fire you/ill make you my slave" (hahahaha!) work together to accomplish a goal even if that goal happens or doesn't in a weird way.

    I don't like the sympathy stuff but its nice. Oh the one really awesome relationship I like is the one between Ray and Gambi, that is so nice. My favorite part is where Ray comes out and talks to Gambi about him being lucky to be a dad, and I found it so awesome that Gambi was trying to make Ray happy. I really really like Ray.

    Oh oh and the FUNNIEST of all time thing I have ever seen is Gambi's breakup/loss with his daughter. HAHAHA and how he was talking about it to Dr Brown he's like "I know how you feel, I recently lost my daughter" as if she died hahahaha. This is the FUNNIEST concept in comedy I have ever seen hahaha. Really beautiful relationship between the father and child though at the same time.

    This definitely is a show for guys. There isn't much on TV, but this is definitely a guy show. Not like a guy show like "The Shield" (2002-2008) but in a different way. The Shield was guy show action style, this is guy show comedy style.
  • This new "HBO" series called "Vice Principals" I must give a big thumbs up to! It's very funny and crazy as it's very well written and witty and it's outspoken and very brash as two passed over middle aged men try to get what they want. I must say that I never watched Danny McBride in "Eastbound and Downtown" but here he's great! Here's the story set in South Carolina two vice principals Neal Gamby(Danny McBride)and Lee Russell(Walton Goggins)are both vying for the same spot they want the vacant principal position that's just came open when the retired one(Bill Murray)leaves to go care for his sick wife. Only when both think they have it enter the world of affirmative action and sexism as Dr. Belinda Brown(Kimberly Hebert Gregory)an African American woman from the city of Philadelphia has arrived and she's tough and hard nosed straight by the book and direct about her job. This is a tough go for both Neal and Lee! Lee's a little more down to earth and easy going a boy that has a southern draw he's so polite that you would think he's gay! Yet he has a young sexy Korean wife. Now Neal is more blunt and brash straight to the point he's try anything to get his way thru a clever plot. Still Neal's a guy who's divorced from Gale(Busy Philipps)and they had a daughter together and Neal struggles to pay for her horse riding lessons as he's just an overweight apartment living in debt rattle trap high mileage car driving middle aged man! Still Neal has an eye for a hot young sexy single teacher named Amanda(Georgia King)she's a real piece of eye candy! Still thru it all both Neal and Lee are trying their best to dig up dirt on Dr. Brown and they are trying to rid her of the position it's a tag team effort! So far this series has been funny and it's clever and witty with well written and witty lines plus it has sex appeal and it's blunt and brash showing that life and work is dog eat dog! Really I give "HBO" and star Danny McBride a big fat A+!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    To cut to the chase, this "comedy" disappointed me. It starts in a scene with the otherwise great Bill Murray and the 2 leads of the series, and you immediately have some high hopes for it...

    Well, after seeing the first 2 episodes it heavily disappoints, without showing the possibility for any kind of improvement in the future.

    2 Vice principals in a high-school want to take the place of the retired Principal. These 2 persons (played by Danny McBride and Walton Goggins),are mean, and crude and ruthless. When neither of them gained the position and a black "decorated doctor" woman takes the position, the two form an uncanny alliance to sabotage her. In the 2nd episode they even break in to her house, steal her things and ...put it on fire.

    So, there is no real humor here. Just mean and crude scenes against innocent people. Unless you consider humor spitting in s cup of tea that you offer to someone in your family or burning down the house of an innocent woman or steal from her her jewelry so to play for ...the stable which keeps the horse of your daughter.

    Overall: A mean-spirited, crude series that most of the audience will find unfunny. - I'm out.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before I say anything specific about this show, I should say that I have loved pretty much everything that Walton Goggins has appeared in and pretty much hated all of Danny McBride's work. So I was ambivalent about watching it and hoped that Goggins would carry it to greatness.

    Sadly, that proved not to be the case. I suppose I just don't like this sort of comedy. I finally canceled the series recording after the episode where they destroyed someone's house gratuitously. What's funny about that? The character in question wasn't dislikable enough (IMO) for that to get a laugh. I prefer my humour more subtle and clever than this; I love Curb Your Enthusiasm and hate Mr Bean so make your mind up which your funny bone is more closely aligned with before you decide to watch.
  • jaygodines1 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    love the series. scary how it seems to get better each week. what makes it great is the unrealistic events or situations. Its the things some people would love to say or do but can't. it's what said under the teachers, administrators and parents breaths. characters realign with different groups of friends helps keep it unpredictable. love that. haven't laughed so much about 1 comedy in a while. maybe its living near these type characters; believable. however, after the description of Dr Brown's ex-'s cheating and the boys seeing his French dip sandwich coming out, I may never be able to eat my favorite sandwich again. most all the characters seem to fill their roles effortlessly. As if they each have a little bit of the their characters in them; won't be missing an episode. Hope the writers can continue to impress
  • I really, really want to like this series and still have hopes for the rest of it... but this first episode gave me nothing. No, I'm not offended by any of the content - in fact, for half an hour Vice Principals kept me from my normal life which is much more hilarious and involves more creative cursing than the show did. I couldn't actually tell which parts were supposed to be funny, so whatever they were they didn't work. In a word - boring and awkward as stepping in dog s**t. But it didn't get funding from HBO based on the strength of that tedious episode, so there's definitely better coming down the pipe. My advice is to stay tuned.
  • I've watched 3 episodes so far and am having trouble making my mind up about the show. I don't like cringe comedy, so watching Danny McBride's character is painful most of the time, except when he's in scenes with Walter Goggins. The two of them together, I find very funny.

    Comedy is very subjective, so some people will like this and some won't - probably more won't than will, this isn't broad comedy. The leads are horrible people; Goggins' character is evil in a charismatic and devious way, while McBride's character is evil in a stupid and small minded way. Personally I find devious evil funnier than stupid evil, but that's just me. They do terrible things to better people and there isn't really anyone to root for in this

    If you're a fan of McBride you'll probably like this, or if you just want to watch the world burn.. Personally I've started skipping the scenes without Goggins, but I'll still watch the next episode, because despite all the things I don't like about the show, there are moments of hilarity.
  • If you loved eastbound and down and McBride's other projects

    you will RAPE this its very funny and awesome to watch i really enjoyed it Danny

    McBride and Walton Goggins are ON point and have very noticeable and great chemistry.

    And its HBO so you know what to expect its very well made technically.

    Its a simple premise executed flawlessly by the obvious talent behind the scenes and lots of love and effort put into the world as well.

    There is a little bit of Undeclared in this as well from the school/student perspective but it mainly focuses on the teachers.

    Getting a school of rock vibe as well hopefully a cameo of JB who knows.

  • Man9920419 July 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    How did this big steaming pile of NOT FUNNY ever get made into a series - even on HBO?

    This series contains some of the most Mean Spirited and Hateful characters ever seen on American television. They are harsh and obnoxious. Danny McBride's character is actually loathsome. Why HBO would sanction this Angery project is beyond me.

    It is just NOT funny. The lead characters are just disgusting with little to no redeeming qualities.

    Walton Goggins is one of the most talented actors of his generation - but you would never know it from his performance here. His character is so poorly written even the most talented actor cannot make believable.

    Having to sit through one of these episodes is about as funny as being confined in a roomful of your least favorite relatives.

    The core problem here is the script. It it horrible. It meanders all over the place. Danny McBride treats his Black characters with contempt. The Black characters in this series are treated like a running joke, and I mean this in the "1930s sense of humor". So NOT funny.
  • This show is so cringeworthy it actually (not exaggerating) takes me 3 days to watch a single episode. Gamby is sooooo cringe inducing i pause it, go do something else and come back to it a few hours later. The show isn't funny enough, either. There aren't actually jokes in it, maybe 4 or 5 an episode, just very awkward moments.

    It isn't a bad show, but its not really a comedy. I do like the pacing of the show and the Walton Goggins character is really good. The most cringe inducing character is the one that's in every scene, Neal Gamby (Danny Mcbride), and while he is sort of likable he's hard to watch.

    The dynamic between the two main characters is great, though sparse.

    Overall, the show is decent. You'll get a genuine laugh about once every three episodes and a genuine cringe about 5 times an episode. My biggest note would be that I really would prefer it if we could cut to some other characters every once and a while and I'd prefer if they put more jokes in it.
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