Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    Shivaay (Ajay Devgn), a fearless Himalayan mountaineer covered in Lord Shiva tattoos, heads to Bulgaria to fulfill his nine-year-old daughter Gaura's (Abigail Eames) wish of seeing her mother Olga (Erika Kaar), who abandoned them years ago. But their plan goes for a toss when the little girl gets kidnapped in the foreign land. Rescuing her from the masked child-traffickers becomes his only reason for survival.

    Shivaay decides to fight against the Russian Mafia all alone: with the help of Anushka (Sayyeshaa Saigal) and Wahab (Vir Das) from the Indian Embassy in Bulgaria, and he has only 72 hours before it all gets worse than worst.

    Movie: Shivaay (With English subtitles)

    Rated: UA (Parental Guidance)

    Language: Hindi

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller

    Running Time: 153 minutes