• WARNING: Spoilers

    Teenager Adam is spending his summer vacation with his parents on rugged Lake Superior. His dull routine is shattered when he befriends Riley and Nate, smart aleck cousins who pass their ample free time with debauchery and reckless cliff jumping. The revelation of a hurtful secret triggers Adam to set in motion a series of irreversible events that test the bonds of friendship and change the boys forever.

    In this feature debut, director Andrew Cividino ushers us into a visually and emotionally rich universe, drawing complex, naturalistic performances from his young actors. The film deals extensively with themes of death, masculinity, as well as adolescent perceptions of love, friendship and sexuality. Sleeping Giant portrays a summer filled with euphoric moments as well as difficult times. The relationship between the boys is never predictable, yet always feels authentic. There will never again be a summer so intensely felt, so alive, so valuable to the forming of their characters.