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  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a big fan of The lion king franchise, I was pretty excited when I found out that Disney is planning to release TV series based on The lion king. However, I was quite shocked by the drop of quality and most importantly, depth of the story in TLG. Of course, let me tell you that I'm aware that a TV show has much smaller budget than a movie, so it basically has no chance of being as good as the original movies, but still, I did expect more in terms of visual appearance and story.

    Now, the first thing that sucks here is the animation and design. The characters look flat, their bodies look weird and their movement is unnatural. Just look at Simba's feet - his toes don't move at all and when he runs, he looks like he wears shoes. Also, they should tone them down in terms of color - they seem too unnaturally bright.

    Now the characters. It is true that most of the lion guard members just seem to be pulled out of thin air when Kion assembles his guard. Kion's character seems too blunt for me as a protagonist. Bunga, even though he is supposed to be the funny dude here, is too reckless and teaches kids that being brave means putting your life at risk by jumping from cliffs and trees - not only that this is the total opposite of the first movie, where Mufasa explains to Simba that being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble and sadly, children tend to repeat the actions of their cartoon heroes which can end up in hurting themselves. It is also very disappointing to see them change the personalities of the original characters. Simba, in lieu of being overprotective like in the second movie, seems like he doesn't care about his kids at all, especially about Kion in Return of the Roar - he acts like Kion is just an accident, Nala barely does anything and so does Timon and Pumba,and Kiara? She is completely different. Seriously, the second movie was based on Kiara being annoyed by having to become a queen and she wanted go on adventures, while here, she is a weak snob who is proud of being the next queen accompanied by her even more snobby friends. Yuck! Plus the villains are pathetic. I never get why Janja and his pack keep on hunting in the Pridelands. Why would they over hunt? If the franchise follows the idea of the circle of life, they should integrate the fact that animals (yes, even hyenas) never kill prey just for fun. And if Janja does, then why? If he just hunts there because he is hungry, then I don't see the reason why Kion keeps on chasing him out the Pridelands. Just because he is racist ( you and your kind are not welcome, ever - really??) and the hyenas are just evil for no reason and need to be defeated? Wow. Despite this, I do like Fuli and Ono. Beshte doesn't really do anything.

    In terms of the story, it is much more shallow than the movies and pretty nonsense at some points. So, we basically have a group of baby animals with superpowers who run around the Pridelands and defeat every villain like nothing - that just makes it really shallow and unnatural when the original story rather follows the laws of nature. Also, the series states for multiple times that the Pridelands will be defenseless without Kion and his group of baby animals. Just come on! How can a group of babies (even with superpowers) be the only ones who can protect a whole pride of adult lions?! Does Simba really need is cub to protect him from villains that he banished before Kion was even born? I know the guard is supposed to be important, but this is just ridiculous. Maybe it would make more sense if Kion became the leader of the guard when he is older - Kiara will also become a queen when she is an adult. This makes as much sense as if Kiara became a queen while she was still a cub. I too don't understand the whole magical roar/cutie mark business. In the original story, there is no magic at all, it doesn't defy the laws of nature in this sense at all. According to my opinion, adding magic to the story wears down it's depth by a lot and makes it seem more like a cheap fairy tale. OK, I maybe get they wanted to make the show more cool by adding the roar, but cutie marks? Seriously? They don't even do anything and I have no clue why they included this nonsense in the series.

    Overall, this thing has some positives, like some of the characters, concepts ( the LG itself isn't a bad idea, they just didn't integrate it well) and catchy songs, but I think it could have been done way better, as it feels pretty cheap and shallow compared to the rest of the franchise and kind of melts away the original emotional depth. It just lacks the feel and impact the movies leave in me. It also doesn't fit the canon. Kion was never part of the story and it just makes things confusing. In their place, I would put the series in the time gap during the second movie, focusing on Kiara's childhood, her potential friends (Ono? Fuli?) and adventures (more secret meet-ups with Kovu?).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Look,i don't hate minimalism. Sheep in the Big City,for example has very minimalist art,but everything must have some visible amount of effort and emotions put into. I have in common bad experience with reboots,Hasbro did very good with My Little Pony,Pound Puppies and Littlest Pet Shop. Sadly,that's all about it. Cartoon Network had big chance,the creator of Courage the Cowardly Dog submitted a new pilot 'Fog of Courage' which i loved,but i don't know why,Cartoon Network just had some feeling that Teen Titans Go! is much better reboot than John Dilworth could do,and they distanced of giving reboots of whatever to original creators. They just 'new' people. With reboots at this time,it's disappointment after disappointment for me (except Hasbro),for example Teen Titans Go!,Powerpuff Girls (2016),Inspector Gadget (2015),Care Bears,TMNT,Babar/Badou,and yes,even Lion Guard.

    Let me just do a short review of this. Animation 2/10 - Cheap as hell Art 4/10 - It's OK,nothing special,but OK. Characters 1/10 - Who asked to make them act like Dora the Explorer ? WHO ? Story 2/10 - There's not much to say about this,just bland. Execution 2/10

    Final verdict - It feels more like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Johnny Test rip-off than Lion King revival

    My next hope for reboot - Hey Arnold! Jungle Movie And about Disney,i haven't seen a picture of production,but i haven't much hope for the Ducktales reboot. Though Rob Renzetti,the creator and executive producer of My Life as Teenage Robot is executive for the series. Keep in mind he is 12 years older now.
  • My young son and I watched this show together every night before I put him to bed. His favorite Disney movie was Lion King and we discovered Lion Gaurd after subscribing to Disney+. There are not a ton of children's shows I can tolerate or even enjoy watching episode after episode in full as an adult. Lion Gaurd is an absolute exception - we enjoy watching each show together in full (only 23 minutes with no commercials on the streaming service).

    There are a lot of good messages and lessons in the program - tactfully well delivered. The voice acting and accent range is wonderful. All in all, a very well done show. I hope a new 4th season comes out soon (we just started over with season 1 again).

    Well done Disney+ for introducing us to this fantastic extension of the Lion King universe.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I actually never showed intreist in this show until season 3(barley saw some episodes prior to I'll be taking more about S.3). Knowong how everybody hated it so much , but yet if you were to watch without thinking it drags the Lion King down you may enjoy it. I felt intrigued by the fact that Kion loses control ,self esteem and has doubts about the evil side of him. It feels like it has something more them the perfect kion from season 1&2 .
  • I regard the Lion King as not only my favorite Disney movie, but one of my favorite movies of all time. When I first heard about this show, I was skeptical about the idea of centering on Simba's son Kion. I've seen the first batch of episodes so far and you know what? I love it! Contains all the things that made the movie so successful: memorable characters, zippy music, and a well written story that has some deep themes as well. This one is no exception. It may be a kids show, but there's plenty for adults to enjoy here as well as it contains themes of environmental conservation and racial tolerance (more metaphorical as it was shown in Don Bluth's Land Before Time). The characters are well drawn both in appearance and personality wise as each has his/her own strengths and weaknesses whether in defense or story-wise. I even love the epic intro with a great African Choir singing, plus the way that characters say some Swahili words make this equivalent to what Roger Ebert said about the first movie that it becomes "a learning experience as well as entertainment". Thumbs (and paws) way up!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Major disappointment for the youth who grew up watching the much more impressive films. Even Simba's Pride and 1 1/2 have more heart than this tripe.

    I've watched several clips on YouTube. Looks absolutely putrid in design. Talks down to children, major problem these days from media outlets. These kids will be our future someday. They aren't stupid, don't treat them like they are.

    Kion. Crap! Hyenas. Where did they come into place all of a sudden since they were supposedly gone from the second film? Great continuity from the people who spewed this awful junk. Thanks for ruining a once proud franchise that was brave enough to go places back in the 90's. I would stick with watching Disney/Pixar films instead. Still entertaining and bold. Not this travesty.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved the Lion King when it came out, but I've never lost sight of the simple fact that its story is extremely biased and human-centric: lions good, hyenas bad. This is purely based on human views of the two animals and not at all on their behavior or society. In the wild, hyenas have a complex pack culture dominated by females where, in hard times, they still look after the young first. They are not just scavengers but alpha predators; however, because of their appearance and sound, we revile them. Lions, on the other hand, can be pretty cowardly and callous, and in hard times have been known to kill their cubs to survive, yet are held up as grand and noble beasts based purely on their appearance.

    So here we are again with more of the same. Pretty, 'fun' animals good: check. The heroes are a lion, a honey badger, a cheetah, a hippo, and some variety of insect-eating bird. Never mind that hippos are notoriously aggressive and rather disgusting animals, and one of the most feared creatures in Africa.

    Ugly animals bad: check. So far the antagonists we have seen include the hyenas, a vulture, and a crocodile. At least in the original movie we had a bad lion and a good warthog (and Poombah is still around, but I think he falls on the side of 'gross is funny').

    Also, the Lion Guard consists of five members, only one of which is female, and the leader is naturally male even though it is a female character, his sister, being groomed for leadership. Well, okay, at least his sister is being groomed for leadership, but another female lion cub acted like a stereotypical girl, whining over a broken claw, bugs, and every other little thing, and the sister just had to hurt herself and be rescued.

    Oh, and we get casual racism. Simba chastises his son for even thinking of bring non-lions into his Lion Guard. Though the son's decision is eventually vindicated and upheld, this was a very disappointing thing to see from Simba, a character who should know better after his long associating with a certain warthog and meerkat duo.

    There's also a lot of music, at least in the pilot. We get a song that is clearly meant to be a successor to Hakuna Matata without really explaining much, and a lot of other songs featuring quite a few trite lyrics that go well with the trite dialogue when they're not singing. The songs and dialogue both seem to rely a lot on repetition to make their points. There's also the frequent scattering of catch phrases throughout; each character seems to have their own African, or perhaps pseudo-African, catchphrase or phrases, which they use with great regularity.

    Ultimately, I am unimpressed. This show goes to great lengths to hit all of the old clichés. I could practically just run down a checklist of them. In fact, I believe I just did.
  • The show itself doesn´t look terrible but it doesnt look great. It completely changes the characters of Kiara and Simba. But there are a few stand out moments. Such as any of the three episodes with Jasiri (voiced by Maia Mitchell), Jasiri is a friendly, sassy, clever, kind-hearted and overall a very likable character. But overall the show is mediocre because it messes up the first 3 Lion King movies.
  • Spike-Washington9 August 2017
    When I heard that Disney was doing another cartoon based on one of their best movies, I was excited. I'd heard a lot about the show, and decided to give it a chance. Even if I don't have cable, I have other ways of watching The Lion Guard. All the members of the Lion Guard are cute, being young and all, and the research for the show was well done. They use a lot of Swahili words in their speech. Perfectly appropriate considering the setting is in East Africa.

    I don't claim The Lion Guard is better than the Lion King. I do claim that it's fun to watch if you wanted another spin-off of the Lion King. For that, it's worth watching the whole first season just to see how it all starts. I'd heard a lot of not-so-good things about Return of the Roar, so I started with the first episode of the show. And I wasn't disappointed. It's a nice little reunion with old friends.
  • robrodecker26 May 2020
    My 4 year old enjoys it. I think some of these reviews forget it's for young children
  • The Lion Guard TV show is definitely more entertaining than the introductory movie. Now that they've introduced the lead characters and explained the backstory they're able to move onto mini fun adventures. Each week you get introduced to a new African species with all their quirks and issues which keeps it fresh.

    I do find it somewhat hard to believe that all the animals are dumber than five young members of the lion guard though. So it's not a super realistic show. I also wish they put a little more thought into the musical numbers. They're pretty obvious and not particularly catchy.

    Overall it's a nice fun show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I heard the news, I squealed like a little girl and counted down the days until its release; the beloved characters of the hit movie "The Lion King," along with its sequel "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride," have returned to the television screen in a brand new adventure: "The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar." As a major Lion King fan, having watched it a million times as a little two year old girl to the point that I wore the VHS tape out and my mother had to buy a new one, I was extremely excited by the news and very eager to watch it with my own daughter when it came out. And when it finally did, I was very pleased with what I saw.

    Meet Kion- younger brother to the future queen, Kiara, and son of Simba and Nala. He is a confident, fun-loving cub who is much less of a rule-breaker than his father was; he enjoys hanging out with his best friend Bunga, a rather peculiar looking honey badger. Kion develops this magical ability called 'the roar of the elders'- which allows him to roar with such ferocity that he can send his enemies flying and clear the leaves from a grove of trees. It is after he uses his roar for the first time that he is told of the lion guard, a group of lions who defend the Pridelands and the Circle of Life with the leader being the one who develops the roar. The young lion doesn't realize his father meant for him to recruit only other lions, so Kion goes and brings in a group of his other animal friends from around the Pridelands to form the lion guard. He brings in Bunga as the bravest, Fuli the cheetah as the fastest, Ono the egret as the keenest of sight, and Beshte the hippo as the strongest. While his father doesn't approve at first, Kion and his friends manage to convince him otherwise through a demonstration of their skills while facing the movie and show's main villains: Janja the hyena and his clan. From there- the lion guard continues to defend their home and livelihood against Janja and many other new enemies in the Disney Junior television show that followed a few months later, while also making many new friends along the way.

    While there have been many complaints for both the movie and television show by many of the hardcore fans of "The Lion King," I personally believe this show to actually be pretty decent in comparison to other shows within the same targeted demographic. The background art is superb and the animation for most of the animals are absolutely wonderful compared to other shows; I do however feel that the animation for certain well known characters- such as Simba, Nala, Rafiki, Zazu, Timon, and Pumba- is not nearly as well done as other characters and the lions themselves feel to be a little sloppily done at times in comparison to the well-drawn, non-lion animals. I especially like the amount of effort put into the animation of Janja and the hyenas, along with the hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, and many other non-lion animals in the show. I don't just watch the show with my daughter for the animation of course- the stories, music, and messages the show provides young children are pretty decent as well.

    I've enjoyed the majority of the episodes that have aired to date. My personal favorite is actually the very first episode of the television series: "Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots;" this episode takes Kion out into the outlands without the rest of the lion guard, where he meets a female hyena by the name of Jasiri. She helps him through the outlands and in the process the two characters become friends; of course- it takes a little time, danger, and a cute musical number to finally get to the point of friendship. The song for this episode also happens to be my favorite song so far, follow closely by the song sung by Beshte in "Follow That Hippo!" While I do like some of the songs, there are a few that I'm not a big fan of- such as the "Please Don't Make a Stink" song in "The Rise of Makuu" and "Bunga the Wise" as found in the episode with the same namesake. Regardless, most of the songs are a hit in our household- my daughter especially loves the funky, colorful animation during the songs sung by Janja and his clan.

    One of the things that really peaks my interest in this show as a major lion king fan is the background stories and plot hole fillers the show is providing; in the movie, it is explained that Scar was once the leader of the lion guard who lost his roar when he used it for evil to destroy the other members of his lion guard when they refused to help him dethrone Mufasa. In the television show, Nala's father was briefly brought up in a short story from when he was a cub in the episode: "Painting and Predictions." All in all, despite a few shortcomings in the animation department and a couple hit-or-miss songs, I believe "The Lion Guard" to be a worthy precursor to the previous two movies. It makes me happy to see that my daughter will get to grow up with a whole new generation of "The Lion King" characters- just like I got to grow up with the original movie. What great timing on Disney's part to release this new movie and television show during a time that "The Lion King" generation is raising children of their own. Now to wait for the next episode to air so my daughter and I can cuddle up on the couch together and sing and dance to the newest song.
  • First off, the bad. It's not as good as The Lion King. There was no way it could have been. It also does strange things with the lore, adding characters, letting Kion interact with his ancestors at a moments notice. Some of the voice acting is meh, some of the songs are sung by 13 year old children. Mufasa, Simba, and Nala's voice actors are different. Janja and his hyenas are, well, "furbrains".

    But for all that, it has its charms. It reminds me of The Land Before Time. And if they'd actually gone for that feeling, instead of "it's the Lion King meets The Avengers" it might have actually been good. But even if it was by accident, they still hit that tone. Some of the one-time characters have been excellent. The characters grow and learn. Some of the songs are actually decent. Every episode, someone learns something--and it's often a genuine lesson. Some of the humor is childish, and some of it is more subtle.

    I think the biggest thing is to not take it too seriously. It's a children's show, not a masterpiece.
  • No offense, but personally, i think this show is an insult to my childhood memories of The Lion King. I was a child in the 90s and grew up with The Lion King. The Lion King came out when i was 4 years old and was one of my favourite Disney movies of my childhood and of all time. I even loved parts of the sequal, The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride as an 8-year-old. I still have all of my Simba, Nala, Kovu and Kiara toys from my childhood.

    But I really don't like this sequal to it at all.

    The songs in it are very annoying and bad and they just lack character, melody, meaning and depth, because they are too wordy, random and fast. Simba's new son is very, very annoying. I hate Kion's high, stupid, irritating voice. And his character is very boring and goody-goody-two-shoes. He always does everything right and never makes any mistakes or gets into any trouble. Kion is always able to take down any memory he encounters in a matter of seconds. This makes the storylines very, very tedious, repetitive and boring. Because the same thing happens in every episode of The Lion Guard. Kion's best friend, Bunga, is extremely annoying and irritating. I hate Bunga's stupid voice and stupid, repetitive catchphrases (e.g. "Unbungalievable" and "Zuka Zama"). And i think Disney are always being very sexist, because they never made Kiara a hero, even in The Lion King 2. In the Lion King 2 and in The Lion Guard, Kiara is often portrayed and displayed as a scared, helpless and weak victim, and often needs saving, protecting or rescuing, just because she's a girl/lioness. Kiara is Simba's heir, but just because Kiara's a girl/lioness, they always make Kiara into a damsel in distress and a victim who always needs help, and they decided to give Simba a new son with the role of defending and protecting the Pride Lands. Technically, Kiara is Simba's second born cub. I read in an original book of The Lion King that Simba's first born cub was originally a boy cub. And in The 6 New Adventures book series, Simba's first and only child was a son. They named him Kopa. So, technically, Kiara should have been the second born cub and the leader of The Lion Guard. The hero and main character of the original Lion King film of 1994 was a male lion and heir of The Pride Lands (Simba). We have already had a male hero of The Pride Lands in The Lion King. So why do we need another male heir and lion cub being the strong, tough hero again in a sequel of The Lion King? Why did Simba specifically have to have a son to lead the lion guard? What was wrong with making a lioness the hero of the sequal to The Lion King for a change and a difference in contrast with the original film? What was wrong with giving Kiara the role of defending and protecting the Pride Lands? Is it just because she's a girl, and is therefore deemed as too weak to defend The Pride Lands? Furthermore, if The Pride Lands already have a King and Queen to rule The Pride Lands, who lead a pride of lions to protect and defend the territory, why does Pride Rock suddenly need a whole new team called Lion Guard to do this job? If there is a Lion Guard defending and protecting The Pride Lands, then what's the point, importance and role of the King and Queen of The Pride Lands? The Lion Guard outshine the The King, Queen and the first born Prince/Princess of The Pride Lands, and make them look pointless and useless.

    This is why this show just upsets the original storylines of The Lion King and is an insult to it's memory. It was a bad idea. And it's a very cheap, badly made, crap show. The animation is terrible. It's horrendous. I wish they would take this off TV and stop producing DVDs of it. It's just awful. It upsets me whenever i see this show advertised. So i just prefer to pretend that The Lion Guard doesn't exist. Summary: I think The Lion Guard is an insult and a mistake.
  • kennediwooden12 December 2018
    I like it.

    What I love the most about it is the CGI, where the roars of the past roar in the cloud when Kion roars. THATS DOPE!!!

    But what most don't realize is that Kion was rumored to have been Simba's son in real life and that he died at a young age. I like this conspiracy twist.

    What most of the older generation need to realize is that, THIS GENERATION IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Most of the sequels and remakes of the originals MAY AND MAY NOT INCLUDE EVERY LITTLE DETAIL THAT THEYR REMEMBER!!!!! Yes, it's a bit disappointing, but get over it. Seems like the younger generation isn't the only "sensitive generation" there is.

    The Lion Guard isn't my favorite but it is DEFINITELY not as bad as people say it is. I love it's uniqueness.
  • This show is great. The songs are amazing. My three young daughters and nephew love the show.
  • ibram-2328310 January 2020
    A lot of people may say this series wasn't good and I'm not going to lie there is room for improvement but if you stick with the show long enough there is plenty of enjoyment to be had that immediately you finish the final season you'll finish it with a huge smile across your face
  • They have some pretty violence fight of kion fight towards the evil leopard and other army and last thing in the final episode of lion guard of season 3 first the ziras daughter named Vitani that kion is full in charge for vitani to be the leader of the lion guard and i dont think it will be another season and probably due to Vitani becoming a leader of lion guard. And the lion king 2 is much better then this spin off show!
  • Characters are fun, and easily relatable for little ones. Songs are fantastic and catchy, particularly the first couple of seasons.

    As a parent, I have no hesitation in recommending. Its not The Lion King - its not supposed to be and simply could never be, but with several characters from the movie in secondary roles, it has enough to make fans of the movie smile here and there.

    Please don't forget the target audience here. Kids love it. If you don't, chances are you're a little out of the target demographic.
  • David Bythewood, its a kids show, nothing more,nothing less, you are seriously reading way too much into the show. I have a child of my own and he enjoys The Lion Guard and I think, if you have children, they won't be reading too far into it as you are right now. On another note, why does the show have to be based on lions and their actual behavior in society when it's a kids show? Do we need to portray the fact that KION would be eaten because the male pack lion eats their own male cubs! Or the fact that the entire pack is consisted of mating with their own family members. On top of the fact that lions hunt live prey. Why would they show that on a kids show? yes hippos are aggressive in real life but again, as a Kids show, there would be no need to show aggression. Kids don't want to see animals eating each other, animals being aggressive. Kids shows are to teach a lesson, to put them to bed, or to entertain depending on age. Hyenas are depicted as bad because in your so called favorite original lion king, they are bad and work with scar. The show is called lion guard and is based around kion and his friends. There is no need to have a backstory of how female hyenas stay back to raise their young. And as shown in the show not all hyenas are bad since kion made a friend with a female hyena.. by the way poombah is spelt Pumba.... simba obviously said not to have any other species other than lions in the lion guard because it's called the LION guard, but it is in no where racism considering kion create his group with different species of animals.... the music is of course never going to top the lion king but why does it need to? It is geared towards sound and easy words for little kids. It is on Disney JUNIOR.
  • mandyj-2569617 March 2017
    It's pretty good for a preschool show. IMO it's better compare to the pilot episode. However there are two things wrong. One of them is a badger named Bunga, and he is so annoying. The other one is how the LG stop other predators having a meal. I know it's a little kids shows, but really. I'm not saying that they should show all that killing and stuff on screen,but have the LG stop messing up with the food cycle. I know that young children don't like to see that type of stuff, but we shouldn't teach kids that carnivore are evil. Like I said show all that stuff off screen and have the Lion Guard stay out of the food chain or "the circle of life".

    @ sazzle_sparky and other negative reviewers The songs may not be that great, but how can you call them terrible? They catchy and good and well sung. How are the voices annoying? They're not annoying (expect for the white birds voice). The voices of Fanbutt and Dum-Dum are annoying.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Clouded Leopard originally in Asia Taiwan not in African. Why not choose Sabor leopard from Tarzan villain great ideas. Need more attention but episode " Friends to End" confused that show story hard follow as continued read. Finally it show Kion turn evil his scar. Clouded leopard Yun Mibu need more focused to be dark evil leopard quite reject by Kion. Yun Mibu may get hurt and angry. If Nick Wilde being jerk to him or took Kion side for hurt clouded leopard.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love this show because of the song the story and the action. This isn't your typical Disney junior show where's there's an actual storyline unlike other Disney junior show where they just spawn at a random time. The few things I truly dislike are simba and bunga. Simba is not a good character. Not only that how they ruined simba by making him a terrible king they also made his voice actor a terrible guy. He could've done better but the lines he was given were just so wrong. I hate it. And bunga is obnoxious. He's too reckless and put his lIves in front of himself. And I also hate the fact that they prevent predators from eating but I know this is a kids show bUT you don't need to do it like that. And also I know everyone hates the fact that this show was placed in the middle of lion King 2. Which is confusing,so much. But other than that I recommend watching this show for the music. The music they produced is good. Especially fuli (diamond white) has a great singing voice.
  • This show is great, my 3yr old loves it and it's a show I don't mind watching together.
  • So we're just going to pretend Kiara was never born?
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