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  • This program contrasts two positions, that of Catholic followers and those who have opposed some aspect of catholic dogma. The Catholic representative is presented as pure and holy, whereas the opponent is misguided and evil. Thus, favoring the right of women to use birth control is denounced with projecting evil motives and out of context quotes. This isn't so much a debate, as a set-up.
  • This inventive series makes interesting use of a fantasy concept. What if great historical figures, from all different eras, could meet and discuss their ideas in a modern context? The result is highly entertaining and useful. It is a easy way to become familiar with these influential thinkers, authors, Saints, and yes, great sinners! If you have heard the name Machiavelli, but are not entirely sure what he was about, for example, this series will give you a compelling understanding, of the essence of his philosophy. By countering it with St. Francis of Assisi "debating", Prince Machiavelli, it brilliantly exposes the flaws in his ideas. I have watched several episodes. I loved pairing of Saint Edith Stein, a Jewish philosophy professor who converted to Catholicism and became a nun, only to be killed in the Holocaust, with Frederick Nietzche, who's ideas were realized by the Nazis. One of the compelling take always, is that ideas have consequences. It accomplishes this in a remarkably effective short episode. Another episode was Flannery O'Connor, the author ( and Catholic), vs. Ayn Rand. I was very familiar with Ayn Rand. I knew nothing of O'Connor. Yet, in this episode I feel I gained a real understanding of what she was about. I found her both surprising and fascinating! Highly recommend, both for an enjoyable show, and also a great learning experience. Especially well suited for those who are turned off by academic writing about ideas and philosophy. It makes these subjects, as compelling as they really are. It shows how we cannot just choose to be ignorant of history and philosophy, without putting our civilization at risk!
  • The premise of this show takes from Steve Allen's old PBS series "Meeting of Minds." Characters from the past come together to debate their viewpoints. But that is about all the two have in common.

    For those expecting objective history in these programs, you will be sadly disappointed. This is nothing but Catholic apologetics. All the characters are flat: the Saints are pristine humans, faithfully following Catholic dogma; the Scoundrels are antagonists, without a scintilla of worth.

    Neither is there any attempt to place the characters in an historical context. No backround on what was behind the ideas of Machiavelli, Rousseau, Rand. Just isolated quotes completely detached from their works.

    But this is EWTN, the "Coming Home" network. So one has to expect a one-sided view.