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  • If you want to experience a fifteen year old girls fantasy, this is it!! :) For that it like it, kind of. The acting is even pretty good, given that the writing is clumsy.
  • It is a pure teen movie but even if I am not a teen I had fun watching it. It is in the same league as Mean Girls.
  • Eric-Adams-poseur2 February 2019
    .... but I could not stop watching. I admit.

    I mean here comes another girl who of course falls for the muscular hunk. What is with women loving only beefcakes?

    Oh well, at least he is genuinely interested in her and really cares and checking out her wiles we know why. A film to watch as a family one evening and forget about.
  • o-2868425 December 2018
    It was cutesy and fun. I know girls like to fantasize and probably watch it as girls-only, but if you have a good relationship in the family it is fun to watch as a family to see what girls dream of and also to have some fun.
  • Girl can be a teenage girl and boy can be a teenage boy and like the old teen movies they can have feelings, be imperfect and experiment with love, emotions, sexuality and mostly freedom. It is fun to watch. There is nos ex scene, but isn't sex and sexuality nature?
  • Realistic and uncensored (i.e. non-conformist) teen movies are rare, but this is one. It is something different and as an adult I enjoyed it.

    Don't judge by 1930s standards. Be open to advancement and a truthful movie made to be fun to watch
  • yqokkicj1 December 2018
    And I am a grown woman. I do have to admit that I watch teen movies because they are fun. This one was fun and sure the man-boy was a hunk.
  • This movie is extremely cliched, but that is what I would expect from a movie of this nature so I enjoyed it anyway. What I didn't expect was for me to have such a strong hope that young girls and men watch this and learn. The one reason I gave this movie 8 stars is not because acting is pretty good but because it signals that clarity and communication in relationships is important.
  • But really not enough to be free and cool

    This is clearly a good attempt to make a sequel for John Hughes films. They had the right ingredients. Bunch of so-so girls (need to be more naturl and flaunt) and guys, losers fighting back the status quo, a main character who starts from 2, goes to 9, loses everything to go way back to 0 and then goes back to... 9 'cause she shouldn't have it all, it would be too cliché right?
  • This wasfun to watch. The setting is fun and oriented on two teens with the girl getting a lot of attention from her hunk. Many inferior suitors come for the girl but she is rarely dazzled by weak men. A positive message.
  • cydd-0934810 March 2019
    It is a pure teen movie but even if I am not a teen I had fun watching it. It is in the same league as Mean Girls.
  • Really enjoyed it. Smart girl who has determination. The man is a real Alpha male, modern relationship with a thin hot bod who is worth it, laughs and of course lots of laugh to make it qualify as a comedy. Enjoy
  • Full of lovely scenes and lines and the messages that this movie portrays are uplifting for young girls. A guy ignores you but it's okay because he is popular and then you get to go on a date with him and you win him because that's what you want, the main guy is strong, powerful and an alpha male and borderline sexy... the only slightly disappointing factor was the relationship between the best friends.
  • The girl is doing her best and performing as well as possible under duress and pressure. Dating is competitive but she is doing her best with all she has. she isn't the sexiest babe, but flaunts just a little to attract a man.
  • Think nature, normalcy, Britney Spears video...

    What type of message does it send to girls when she has to strip several times to gain Noah's attention? One of power and control of course. The female body is powerful and the message is treat your body well and become attractive and you control men.

    A feminist message.
  • SPOILER: Yes, at first glance the movie is just cute and light only. Elle and Noah are a classic girl and best friend's older brother couple, not unusual and not too sappy. But here's the real triumph: Noah is an alpha male and has a lot of love in him - before they're even official. He adores her and expects her to be protected by him. We already know he cares when he tells her not to go to parties, takes ownership and gets into fights over her. So romantic! There is one scene in particular where he fights someone over Elle's honor and then he is visibly upset. This is a good relationship for young girls and good to feel wanted and loved. How many men care enough like he does? We should carefully consider how our current media affects young minds in the formative stages where every film has too-cool-to-be-in-love-kids. Not here. I want more kisses!! number two please.
  • It is not from the ISIS groupies of Disney so it is a good teen movie. I love the characters and the set up because they are strong and do not deny their own feelings and physiology. 9/10
  • I can't say that i did not enjoy this film. It was fineand it is difficult not to fall for Joey Kings manliness. Yet the movie sent some strange signals because he is fighting for a butterface. Yes, she is thin and has feminine hair. It shows the second a girl shows skin she gets attention and the boy she wants, which is all true, natural and good. Also it is obviously one of the oldest cliches in life about a girl falling for the hunk.
  • It is a great type of message to girls that she should be true to her feelings and also be happy with her body and proud of herself, her body and her own thoughts. Good film to watch with parents so they can deal with reality.
  • This is what might be termed a wry humour film. I can see why it is popular with all age groups - you might call it romantic comedy - it says a lot about crowd mentality. But it is about more than gender sociologically. Great acting from the chick... a real hetero

    From the spelling of humour you can guess I am not American.So I am not ashamed of the human body.
  • This is not a old people's movie. The adventure is quite innocent. What this is a coming of age movie that has both nostalgia and strong gender roles. One can be beautiful and strong at the same time. One can be a girl at school and in love at the same time. One should not be ashamed of the human body and so on. Good film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm 28 and went into this movie knowing full well it's aimed at teenagers. I enjoy fluffy teen romance though so have no problem with cheesy storylines and characters, and this film is full of them! What I did have a problem with is the way relationships between women and men are portrayed in this film. It seems to start out ok: the leading teenage girl (Elle) has a male best friend (Lee) and their relationship is pretty cute and I thought it was quite progressive to show a girl and a boy who really are just friends without all the usual sexual tension you get in movies like this. Lee has an older brother (Noah) who is unremarkable except he is very good looking.

    Things then start to go a bit wrong. It turns out Noah is pretty controlling of Elle, even telling all the other boys at school they can't date her or he'll hurt them. He frequently gets into fights with other boys when he sees them talking to her and beats people up. In one scene he's shouting at Elle to get in his car and even slams his fists down on the car bonnet aggressively whilst telling her, which made me feel really uncomfortable. There's even one scene where Elle has a minor accident and cuts her face, and Lee asks her if Noah hit her! That scene is then never followed up by any explanation - why would Lee immediately assume Noah beat up Elle?!

    Meanwhile, Lee, who is portrayed as Elle's loveable and affable best friend controls her in his own way, by freaking out when he finds out she's dating Noah, asking her if she's having sex with him (none of his business?) and only accepting her back as a friend when she is no longer seeing Noah, despite her being obviously devastated about breaking up with him. In one scene he insists to her that breaking up with him was the right decision (he didn't really leave her any choice though did he).

    There are also a couple of weird scenes where Elle strips off to the delight of crowds of boys, once when she was so drunk she had no idea what she was doing and everyone just stood there and allowed her to take her dress off. Another time in the boys locker room. Both scenes were odd and again, made me feel uncomfortable.

    Other strange elements of the film are Noah being portrayed as a bad boy who gets into fights all the time, yet the reasons for this are not even explored one tiny bit. And even weirder, despite him being a bad boy who is presumably troubled, it's revealed that he's really randomly got a place at Harvard. This was weird because at no point during the film was it suggested that he was academic or even remotely ambitious, yet you don't get into Harvard without trying! There's also a summer montage of Elle and Noah together which is basically them having sex anywhere and everywhere. It felt a little yucky because she's a high school teenager and I thought it was an irresponsible message to send teenage girls out there.

    A really funny part is when the kissing booth is immortalised at their prom as a memory that touched everybody's lives and Elle's all emotional because she was "part of something". REALLY? A kissing booth?!

    Then, after sitting through all of this, Noah goes off to Harvard at the end of the movie and you're very much left with the impression that's the end of their romance. So I didn't even get the feel-good happy ending I was after.

    So basically, this movie is really awful and if you have a daughter, I'd actually advise extreme caution allowing young girls to watch this movie because it really does send out the wrong messages about relationships and sex.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really hope there aren't any young girls who watch this movie and think: 1. That's how I need to act in order to get a guy 2. That's how a typical high school is for everyone (stereotypes and all) 3. Getting drunk and stripping has only good consequences 4. If a guy gets handsy, there will always be someone to save me 5. Sneaking around and lying about a relationship means that it's true love 6. Bad boy players who ride motorcycles make the perfect boyfriends 7. If I have sex with someone, we'll fall in love.

    It was a cute movie with okay acting and the main characters had good chemistry, but everything just conveniently kept falling into place and I felt like it was written by a 12 year old girl who fantasizes about what high school and dating is going to be like.
  • thisanant23 October 2018
    It is a surprisingly complex teen love story , so much so that I couldn't believe that it ended , when it did . maybe a nice divergence from the simple streak of rom-coms . story is fresh-ish , acting nice , well the movie ain't bad
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this because I am a sucker for romance! But about 20 minutes in, I honestly thought this was going to end with the older brother physically harming her and holding her captive. He literally had no redeeming qualities, and was super manipulative. The writing and storyline are terriblely underdeveloped! I don't know who wrote this but I can only imagine it was either a 15 year old girl, or some sick perverted older man. The moral of the story is appalling!! Everything that girl does is horrid, and everything that is done to her is horrid! But everybody acts like it's no big deal and that she is this amazing strong woman! My biggest beef is the scene where he yells at her to get in the car, and then she does. If I were her I would have left and never looked back, because that is a a huge red flag for someone who is not a good person to be around. But instead she sleeps with him. It's just all terrible! I could probabaly gone forever, but that would be a waste of time, and I'll probably just start rambling ( if I haven't already) just don't watch this. It should be deleted from movie history.
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