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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm 28 and went into this movie knowing full well it's aimed at teenagers. I enjoy fluffy teen romance though so have no problem with cheesy storylines and characters, and this film is full of them! What I did have a problem with is the way relationships between women and men are portrayed in this film. It seems to start out ok: the leading teenage girl (Elle) has a male best friend (Lee) and their relationship is pretty cute and I thought it was quite progressive to show a girl and a boy who really are just friends without all the usual sexual tension you get in movies like this. Lee has an older brother (Noah) who is unremarkable except he is very good looking.

    Things then start to go a bit wrong. It turns out Noah is pretty controlling of Elle, even telling all the other boys at school they can't date her or he'll hurt them. He frequently gets into fights with other boys when he sees them talking to her and beats people up. In one scene he's shouting at Elle to get in his car and even slams his fists down on the car bonnet aggressively whilst telling her, which made me feel really uncomfortable. There's even one scene where Elle has a minor accident and cuts her face, and Lee asks her if Noah hit her! That scene is then never followed up by any explanation - why would Lee immediately assume Noah beat up Elle?!

    Meanwhile, Lee, who is portrayed as Elle's loveable and affable best friend controls her in his own way, by freaking out when he finds out she's dating Noah, asking her if she's having sex with him (none of his business?) and only accepting her back as a friend when she is no longer seeing Noah, despite her being obviously devastated about breaking up with him. In one scene he insists to her that breaking up with him was the right decision (he didn't really leave her any choice though did he).

    There are also a couple of weird scenes where Elle strips off to the delight of crowds of boys, once when she was so drunk she had no idea what she was doing and everyone just stood there and allowed her to take her dress off. Another time in the boys locker room. Both scenes were odd and again, made me feel uncomfortable.

    Other strange elements of the film are Noah being portrayed as a bad boy who gets into fights all the time, yet the reasons for this are not even explored one tiny bit. And even weirder, despite him being a bad boy who is presumably troubled, it's revealed that he's really randomly got a place at Harvard. This was weird because at no point during the film was it suggested that he was academic or even remotely ambitious, yet you don't get into Harvard without trying! There's also a summer montage of Elle and Noah together which is basically them having sex anywhere and everywhere. It felt a little yucky because she's a high school teenager and I thought it was an irresponsible message to send teenage girls out there.

    A really funny part is when the kissing booth is immortalised at their prom as a memory that touched everybody's lives and Elle's all emotional because she was "part of something". REALLY? A kissing booth?!

    Then, after sitting through all of this, Noah goes off to Harvard at the end of the movie and you're very much left with the impression that's the end of their romance. So I didn't even get the feel-good happy ending I was after.

    So basically, this movie is really awful and if you have a daughter, I'd actually advise extreme caution allowing young girls to watch this movie because it really does send out the wrong messages about relationships and sex.
  • As I watched, I kept thinking that this movie had a very limited target audience. High school kids would likely relate to this, especially high school girls. Anyone older than that, would see the absurdity of everything going on and ask, "WTF?" The Kissing Booth is the story of two high school best friends, Lee and Shelly (Joel Courtney and Joey King). They love to dance, according to the opening narration. This comes up later in the movie in a way that's supposed to be significant and touching, but it's actually lame and eyeroll-worthy.

    The pals share an agreed upon list of friendship rules that come up sporadically throughout the story. Most of them are silly, the sort of rules you would expect from kids who are six, not 16. Rule number one is "you tell each other your birthday wishes." Really, that's rule number one? That's the first and most important rule of friendship? That's the level of ridiculousness this movie purports.

    One day, Shelly and Lee need to create a fundraiser for a school club and decide to set up a kissing booth. All the girls want to kiss Lee's hunky older brother Noah (Jacob Elordi), all the girls including Shelly, who has developed a crush.

    As luck would have it, Noah also has feelings for Shelly, so he finagles his way into sharing a lip lock with her at the kissing booth. Their feelings for each other become clear, but, oh no, the friends have a rule against dating each other's family! Shelly and Noah must hook up in secret.

    Cue the predictable montages of the two lovebirds as they narrowly avoid getting caught by Lee and many others. It's hard to watch. Not only is it a painfully obvious and cliché storytelling tactic, it feels icky watching high school kids hook up over and over again. These aren't even the only moments that feel exploitative.

    Many scenes sexually exploit Shelly, as crowds of guys ogle her and cheer her on as she strips in the boys locker room and again later while drunk at a party. Like I said, icky.

    For some reason, there always seems to be a crowd cheering, oohing and awing at nearly every moment, which is clearly ridiculous. It's the sort of thing that only makes sense in a high school kid's fantasy. They're so self-conscious, even narcissistic, that they constantly feel that their every move is on display for the world. In this movie, that is depicted literally.

    Not so coincidentally, the movie is based on a book that was written by a girl at age 15. That explains so much. Now I understand why the movie suggests that kissing is the most important thing in the world. It implies that the kissing booth changed all their lives forever, which, again, is the sort of thing that only makes sense in a high school kid's fantasy.

    Of course, learning that the story was written by a 15-year-old, does not excuse all its flaws. The movie is still mostly awful, littered with plot holes and logical blunders.

    This movie could be perfect for a high school date night, but that's about it. It's not a good movie. I would advise anyone over the age of 18 to give this a hard pass.
  • Okay, so the movie is cheesy, the dialogue is cheesy, the entire plot is incredibly cliche. The entire football team going "OOH" when she sassed Noah, I mean really?? I could get past all that if the relationship between the two main characters was believable. I know that they're dating in real life and it really shocks me because me and my friends that watched this all thought there was barely any chemistry. I feel like they should've actually developed the relationship more instead of showing cheesy montages. It felt like they dated for five seconds before they were in love. Also, I'd just like to say that the notion that Noah could get into Harvard is downwright absured and just plain laughable. Harvard is extremely selective and don't just look at your grades, they look at everything. In the movie he is constantly getting into fights and he skips school. There is no freaking way he could have ever gotten into Harvard. I just couldn't get past how ridiculous that was, I know it was in the book, but it's just plain stupid. This movie could've been cute but the acting was ridiculous and the plot was entirely unbelievable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really hope there aren't any young girls who watch this movie and think: 1. That's how I need to act in order to get a guy 2. That's how a typical high school is for everyone (stereotypes and all) 3. Getting drunk and stripping has only good consequences 4. If a guy gets handsy, there will always be someone to save me 5. Sneaking around and lying about a relationship means that it's true love 6. Bad boy players who ride motorcycles make the perfect boyfriends 7. If I have sex with someone, we'll fall in love.

    It was a cute movie with okay acting and the main characters had good chemistry, but everything just conveniently kept falling into place and I felt like it was written by a 12 year old girl who fantasizes about what high school and dating is going to be like.
  • I kind of knew what I was walking in to with this one but I kept an open mind.

    The biggest issue with this film is the writing. It is a mess. The characters just don't talk like real people. The things they say are so stupid but not even in a humorous way just in a way that confuses you. Like words like Lady Bump being used in a serious context. It is so strange.

    The acting is hit or miss at best.

    I don't know if they did or not but to me it felt like Nickelodeon studios produced this film, it has that fort of vibe to it like in the vain of like Fun-Size or Fred the movie or something.

    It just dragged on so much too I thought I'd been watching it nearly an hour but unfortunately I'd only watched 21 minutes.

    When I was thinking of the rating I thought it was a 1 star but then I thought that was kinda harsh so I tried to think of redeeming qualities and guess what, I couldn't think of one.

    So I would say skip it, I'm am going to watch the sequel when it come out just out of morbid curiosity but I don't hold out much hope.
  • The Kissing Booth is an agognizing movie. Now look, I get it. Teenagers need movies to relate to, and this is the movies target audience. I had this problem with 13 Reasons Why and To All The Boys I've Loved Before. All of these sources of media all have the same message: it's okay to be a weak, shallow, ignorant and low person. The Kissing Booth does this in a way that's not only insulting to the target audience, but also to the entire audience that spent 90 minutes watching this garbage. The movie all throughout has the main character narrating it. I know it's based on a book, but Jesus it's just unnecessary and falls flat in regard to comedy and trying to relate. Also, the main character is a selfish moron. I know teenagers make dumb decisions but she doesn't ever seem to learn anything throughout her experiences. That's the polar opposite of good story telling. A character is given a character ark and has to overcome it to become a compelling character. That doesn't happen with Joey King's character. She is a complete idiot and does not learn anything that benefits her well-being. She constantly talks about these rules in her friendship with her friend and she breaks nearly half of them. This could be a potential ark for her and her friend. But by the end, BOTH of them break the rules. So you don't feel satisfied with the ending at all. This is the black hole of bad teenage movies and I'm gonna give The Kissing Booth a 1/10. This is most certainly the worst Netflix Original I've seen in a while. And Adam Sandler has made four of them within the past three years.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I will have to agree with the users who are perturbed by the blatant lack of respect had by nearly every male figure in this movie for the main character, Elle. I will also have to disagree with those that claim the lightheartedness of this movie, or its "fictitious" nature as another put it, excuses the terrible messages it sends to its young audience. Elle only gets attention once she starts showing her body off, the young men constantly refer to her body--especially her breasts--when speaking about her (really? Not one boy in the film is interested in her mind, in getting to know her, beside the Flynn brothers? Not only does this film give young women the wrong message about how to be treated, it paints the men out to be utterly devoid of a value system...), and worse yet, Elle is too daft to stick up for herself for the majority of the film! I know this character is young, but I'd like to think most teenage girls in this day and age instinctually get a negative feeling (trauma aside) when treated like a commodity. She just goes along with it, incapable of seeing in light of her desire to be liked how she's just being played. I'd like to see a character that not only sticks up for herself around her best friend's older brother, but who knows how to be treated! Now that's a role model. And once again, the poor value system impressed upon the masses by Hollywood is not to be taken lightly. Young kids are watching more and more TV; if we're not going to rectify their connection to the television screen, we might as well feed them information that compels them to grow. All in all I was very disappointed with basically the entire plot--and while the acting was decent for the most part, I too (like another reviewer) kept face-palming! So cringey, I would think even for a high schooler.
  • In L.A., Elle Evans (Joey King) and Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) have been best dancing friends since the day they were born at the same time to two best friends. Elle discovers that she has developed a crush on Lee's older hunky brother Noel (Jacob Elordi). The main problem is that Elle and Lee have set up these rules and dating the other's family is definitely one of them.

    I hope for nothing but good things for these adorable actors. This may not be one of those good things although it's not irredeemable. King is an adorable child actress trying to grow up on screen. Elordi is in full hunk mode. Courtney has limited character work in his role. Everybody is good. Even the mean girls are not complete ditches. This seems to be a simple cheery teen rom-com. There are a lot of referencing 80's and 90's especially the music. They're passing notes in class for heaven's sake. In the modern era, a kissing booth is impossible for a high school fundraiser. I don't think it would work for any fundraiser. This stuff hasn't been done since Revenge of the Nerds. Leaving that aside, their kiss makes no sense. He wouldn't be waiting around at the kissing booth. The plot is so simplistic that the movie refused to develop a love triangle. It threatens to try early on and quickly draws back. All of that is fine until it tries to be overly dramatic. There is no real drama to be had but the movie insists on injecting some big emotional conflicts. It could have done some smaller emotional arcs to maintain its poignancy. He's going to college and that's enough for emotional drama. As for Lee, the movie deliberately gives him a girlfriend before the reveal so that there is no chance for romance. The first half works somewhat as a light teen rom-com geared for girls. The second half struggles to make it dramatic when it doesn't need it.
  • It has a cute premise but it wasn't executed well.

    I like Joey king but this movie was stupid to watch, because the relationship of Elle and Noah was bad and controlling with bad chemistry.

    With rules she makes and then she straights up breaks them.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The story is predictable and has already been told in other movies, the girl is sexually harrased by a guy and he is not really punished, she even gives him her number. She is being embarrased and seen as a sexual object throughout the hole movie. Really bad, i dont recommend it at all.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Halfway through this movie I had to research to make sure that this movie wasn't supposed to be a parody. For some reason this director (and many others) have no idea how real high school actually works. It's so incredibly cringey with awful characters and storyline. It's so so bad and way too long, just avoid at all costs. Also what's with Flynn's anger issues? He physically and verbally fights everyone with 0 reprocussions. Do not waste your time!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this because I am a sucker for romance! But about 20 minutes in, I honestly thought this was going to end with the older brother physically harming her and holding her captive. He literally had no redeeming qualities, and was super manipulative. The writing and storyline are terriblely underdeveloped! I don't know who wrote this but I can only imagine it was either a 15 year old girl, or some sick perverted older man. The moral of the story is appalling!! Everything that girl does is horrid, and everything that is done to her is horrid! But everybody acts like it's no big deal and that she is this amazing strong woman! My biggest beef is the scene where he yells at her to get in the car, and then she does. If I were her I would have left and never looked back, because that is a a huge red flag for someone who is not a good person to be around. But instead she sleeps with him. It's just all terrible! I could probabaly gone forever, but that would be a waste of time, and I'll probably just start rambling ( if I haven't already) just don't watch this. It should be deleted from movie history.
  • The only thing I can give for this movie is how entertaining it was. The story was interesting and the characters were alright. The love story, however, was pretty bad. Noah was a terrible main love interest for Elle. The way he tried to control her and many other things that just sent red flags that she ultimately ignored. The relationship between Lee and Elle was nice. They weren't too bad except for their insane amount of rules they wrote when they were six. Overall, it's not bad.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is extremely cheesy, but that is what I would expect from a movie of this nature so not at all why I'm giving it 2 stars. What I didn't expect was for me to have such a strong hope that young girls don't watch this movie. The only reason I gave this movie 2 stars is because the acting is actually pretty good for a movie of this genre!

    **Spoiler Alert**

    There are many reasons that this movie bothered me. First, I felt that the main character was portrayed as a piece of property by her best friend and her boyfriend (they end up fighting over her and basically giving her ultimatums.) The boyfriend is also very controlling of her -telling her what to do, where to go, keeping other boys from talking to her. She's pretty assertive and tells him she doesn't like it, but it still rubbed me the wrong way. It seems because he's the hott/bad boy/jock, for the most part, he can get away with this type of abuse. Another detail that killed me was that Noah is also the school player (of course -he's the hott/bad boy/jock)but somehow, she changes him and they fall in love. The second time they kiss, which is her second kiss EVER, is also the same night they declare that they are a couple and they have sex on the beach. It is not implied that they used protection, either, and with teen pregnancies on the rise, it needs to be apparent. Also, to me, their relationship developed way too fast and shows girls that in order to be in a "real" relationship with a boy, you have to have sex with him. Finally, at the end of the movie when he goes off to college on the other side of the country, she says that she finally feels like she has all this confidence and can do anything all because of falling in love with that boy. That was the nail in the coffin to me. The character was great all on her own, she didn't need a boy to show her that.
  • 2/10 - SO stupid, like this movie has NO redeeming qualities
  • kiramarie12 May 2018
    Massive cheese fest. Terrible message for females. Subpar acting. Excessively predictable and full of cliches.
  • Background movie but typical aesthetically beautiful people movie with not good acting and tired age old teen tale that's not realistic in the least! SMH! Surely people don't take this as gold standard of life in the real world or something to idealise?!? Americans 🙄
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In what was supposed to be a teen romance, they cast a guy who looks like a 20-year old gigolo alongside a girl who looks 16, have him feed her cheesy lines to get her in bed, and somehow try to convince us that it's a great love story. Oh, and they don't have any chemistry, which gives it even more Lolita vibes. Other than that, cliché lines and cliché scenes, basically, all the unrealistic and unimaginative romance stuff you have already seen in a hundred other movies, delivered in a boring way. And all the alleged comedy consists in the girl repeatedly showing her underwear to the same bunch of guys. Because there wasn't enough of that in the world. I haven't seen anything this bad in a long long time, it was truly disappointing. And what is worse, there are people who think it's brilliant.
  • Its so cheesy and SO cringey that i kept face palming and rubbimg my oncoming headache away. Please dont watch this if your taste in movies is...mature??
  • Brattsy13 May 2018
    The acting was good, for the type of movie it was. The chemistry was great. I liked all of the main characters, but the writers WTF? They blamed the love interest for what the main female character was responsible for? WTF? Did I miss why everyone hated the love interest as well? I mean, sure, maybe they didn't think he was right for her, I get that, but they all seemed to actively DISLIKE him. EVERYONE in the mc's life hated him. I didn't get that at all. I actually came to write I think my third? review on this site after 10 years because I'm so confused.

    Is this explained in the book or something? Did he do something other than kiss/sleep with a lot of girls?
  • Metalmerge22 November 2020
    Has horrible themes and a terrible romance. I struggled to get through it. The worst part is that the film says that you need to be pretty in order to find love.
  • dickinsonjason-3408128 July 2020
    This Movie Was So Stupid It Was Really Boring I Hated Every Last Minute Of This Movie
  • This is one of those 'if he were ugly this would be an episode of Criminal Minds' movies. But i guess since noah is hot its okay.
  • The only reason I'm giving 1 is because I cant give it a zero or below. Straight up awful. So bad.
  • Ok, first of all the casting was very bad, even i can act better than those people. and the main character is soooooo unlikeable. i tried really hard to like her and such but i just can't. she's just plain annoying! and the plot? it was mediocre. but BAD mediocre. don't waste your time guys.
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