From June 2017 to autumn 2018, Joey King (Shelly 'Elle' Evans), and Jacob Elordi (Noah Flynn) were dating in real life.

Beth Reekles was fifteen years old when she began publishing her story, The Kissing Booth, online on Wattpad, an online community for readers and writers. The story was later picked up by Penguin Random House.

Although the character Noah Flynn (Jacob Elordi) is the older brother to Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney), Joel is actually one year older than Jacob, being born in 1996 while Jacob was born in 1997.

During the detention scene the students in the background are all dressed like the cast of The Breakfast Club (Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, Emilo Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall and Judd Nelson).

During the Prom, a version of Simple Minds song, 'Don't You (Forget About Me)' is played. The song was previously used in John Hughes's 1980s classic, The Breakfast Club (1985), which also starred actress Molly Ringwald (who plays Mrs. Flynn is this film).

Mrs. Flynn (Molly Ringwald) asks Elle (Joey King) about school at their traditional Sunday lunch gathering, Molly Ringwald says "I want to hear all the gory details". In the movie Pretty in Pink (1986), Andie (Molly Ringwald) goes to Iona's (Annie Potts) apartment to tell her about her date with Blane (Andrew McCarthy), Iona says "I want to hear all the gory details".

In writer Beth Reekles's novel, The Kissing Booth, Elle's nickname comes from her given first name, Rochelle.

At the end of the movie, Joey King's character Elle dresses up as Catwoman from the dark night rises. Joey King plays a young Talia Al Ghul in that movie.

The book Noah reads in the library while texting with Elle is a Penguin Classics mass-market paperback edition of Donald Adamson's English translation of The Black Sheep, from Honoré de Balzac's French novel, La Rabouilleuse.

The Breakfast Club was a clear inspiration to this movie. All of the way down to the music, played by the cover band, at the prom. It's very fitting that they cast the star of Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and more. Molly Ringwold.

During the first kiss, when the perspective spins around Elle and Noah, they were actually rotating on a spinning table. Outtakes of this scene are played during the end credits of the third movie in the franchise.

Caitlyn de Abrue acting debut.

Michael Miccoli acting debut.

Megan du Plessis debut.

In the scene where Noah Flynn is carrying Elle home on a motorcycle, it begins to rain hard. Noah stops and the 2 escape the rainstorm and retreat to a glassed in gazebo. A scene from The Sound of Music also occurs where the couple escaped the rain and run into a glass gazebo that looks identical to the one in this movie. In The Sound of Music they break out with the song "I am SIXTEEN Going on 17" during the gazebo scene. Molly Ringwald who is in "The Kissing Booth" acted in "SIXTEEN Candles".

Jack Fokkens debut.

Lincoln Pearson debut.

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