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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Be aware you might infer some part of the plot by my review although I do not mention specifics lines. I cannot believe the bad reviews this movie is getting either from French and English speakers. This is an "a" rate movie, meant to be view by the whole family, it has near zero sex scenes and although is spoken in French is rather an Anglo-Saxon Movie, if it wasn't in French you would think is made for Disney Chanel or ABC. I would comment that is about rich man meets poor woman with children, so clear was the director that he was making "American romantic comedy" that the soundtrack is totally in English. The movie makes me think in a funny mix between big bang theory and all those movies such as maid in Manhattan and similar, all with a touch of modern family sense of humor. Later on the French culture take over changing subtly the American approach to romantic comedy. You will find the performance of Benoît Poelvoorde superb, making his character credible in a way seldom cooper in Big Bang theory is not, in addition the rest of the family who are rented are very natural and funny. Credibility is the clue in here, we have seen this story many times but the plot is very realistic. The rest is difficult to say without giving you and spoiler, I expect you to agree that the character although very "special" act like adults able to cope with the weird situation they put themselves in. Situations and even gags are resolved in an adult an realistic way and the final part is a very french diversion on the way to the so call happy end; take note of the relevancy of Pauline Seryes (Lucie Mandini) at the end. Do not expect a master piece but I believe it will make you smile and sometimes laugh all the way through. I can say that the French made a good American Family Movie. Enjoy it.
  • Rich, leisured & bored Benoît sees Efira's rant about family on the TV, after she's busted for shop lifting, and decides he needs a family - hers.

    Comic and occasionally involving complication as he moves in with the bottom feeders, with his chauffeur a 'phone call away.

    The outcome is instantly predictable and the development routine. Poelvoorde is one of the most original comic actors working today but this must rank among his slighter offerings. Compare Le TOUT NOUVEAU TESTAMENT or Le BOULET.

    OK production values.
  • Two very impressive actors in a rather dull comedy.

    A rich man rents a family to learn how having a family "feels". He - unsurprisingly - finds out that family life can be rather loud and chaotic. Thus, he has to find a way to deal with it - by leaving or not.

    Conventionally this is the point where you, as the reader, are invited to "see for yourself". And since I'm not including a spoiler, I'm not doing otherwise. It's just ... that a person keen on watching movies, used to different plot developments and able to foresee certain happenings ... this film won't be one of the challenging and surprising ones.

    It is light entertainment. Perfect for when you are exhausted but too awake to sleep. Or when your thoughts are occupied and you need an insignificant distraction. Then this movie is perfect. It entertains in a lighthearted way.

    And might sadly be forgotten as quickly as you watched it. Still, it's not a movie which leaves you with the feeling of having your time wasted!

    One more thing I hope you enjoy as much as I did: The soundtrack is pure pleasure! Thus, enjoy!
  • I saw this on a recommended section of Amazon Prime Video, and decided to give it a watch. This is a watchable movie, it isn't brilliant, but is watchable, there were times when i was going to just leave this film on in the background while planning to browse other things on the internet, but i couldn't stop watching, it draws you in from start to finish, the overall movie is fast-paced and gets straight to the point. This is a nice little film, even though it's predictable. Worth watching once at least.