• WARNING: Spoilers

    INTRO: Women all over the world are speaking up for the needs of the vulnerable. And for the first time in history, their voices are being loudly heard. Women Like Us is a moving chronicle of three women who embark on a journey to join forces with women everywhere and share their voice and abilities to create a better world. Join filmmaker Sally Colón-Petree, television host Catt Sadler and author & activist Linda Rendleman as they journey across the United States and Kenya, engaging with powerful women leaders who are confronting social injustices and creating change in the areas of sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, depression, teen suicide, women's access to education, homelessness, and more

    THE STORY: Dropped into the middle of a third world country, the girls came to understand the important role women are playing in change. Sally Colón-Petree brought a film crew on the journey and chronicled the relentless efforts of women who are persevering in making their communities a better place for all. Their journey begins in Sekenani, Kenya at the Olmalaika Home for girls affected by female genital mutilation. In Africa an estimated 92 million girls from 10 years of age and above have undergone FGM. Their journey continues to Rusinga Island and the NA Noel School where 240 orphans are being fed and educated for a better life. Yet they realize that the need for the basic survival essentials gets in the way of learning and several of the children suffer from HIV/AIDS. They pushed on to Lake Nakuru in Northern Kenya where they met more women making a difference by supporting teen's education and health, including helping them understand the extreme need for sanitary towels to keep girls in school.

    But the journey didn't stop in Africa. Now back in the United States, the women are committed to raising awareness of the need for all women to come together to make a better world. Through interviews and collaborations, they filmed powerful conversations with local female heroes who are rescuing victims of human trafficking; feeding the homeless; offering education to improve financial status; mentoring teen girls and more.

    Through Sally Colón-Petree's motivation to tell compelling, true stories of women who are making an impact; this film opens eyes to the need in the world and the role women are playing for change. It inspires women and men alike to come along with them, link arms and work together for a better world.

    Also, featuring actress/comedian, Sherri Shepherd, award winning journalist, Catt Sadler, Motivational speaker, Tim Storey, Former first lady of Kenya, Ida Odinga, and Former Executive Producer of the Oprah Winfrey show, Dianne Hudson, plus music by Grammy nominated artist, MOBY.

    In Sally's words: "I'm not gonna wait for someone else to do it, I'm going to be the one that does it."