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  • You are the wizard of shitty TV shows. You are a nerd and I bet you couldn't catch a football if I threw it at you right now. Upon watching this show I lost many brain cells and am now clinically mentally handicapped. I was pursuing a promising business degree at one of Canada's top business schools and I had really good grades. If a viewer is watching this and is in need of a new show to watch may I recommend Simon Sees or a real tour de force, The Web produced by the great Nathan Fielder. The lead "PI" or may I see P U is just that, a stinky pile of garbage. This show makes me feel bad that some people may have stumbled upon it in a drunken stupor. The mere presence of this show makes me wish that my TV was a potato and I could make some dank fries. If I could make a recommendation to the show I would recommend Nathan Fielder as the next professional PI. He is a wonderful businessman who graduated from one of Canada's top business schools with really good grades and was my role model until I flunked out after watching this show. Thank you for your consideration and good day.
  • The titular main character seems like he's probably a Wizard of Loneliness.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Boy if you didn't think that Discovery was reputable before, this show won't change your mind. What a great use of 30 minutes of your life, why not just do this instead of other things? I was thinking about going out on the street and perhaps approaching a young group of hoodlums to tell them to do right, instead, I stayed home and watched this show. Not only did I avoid physical injury by doing so, but I also wasted a good amount of time I could have spent drawing a picture, or cleaning my dog. Although I did hurt myself because I had been heavily drinking, this show was a great way to enjoy my loneliness. Wolfe is terrible, way to go discovery
  • brijandokter11 September 2014
    This show is just yet another bad move from Discovery by putting it on ID instead of TLC,why? it's overly dramatic,focuses on "emotions and drama" while all being drenched in a sauce of "this is made by underpaid street actors we just found downtown".You know the deal,with the shaky cam and the close up on people's faces when certain things happen.Also i'm pretty sure this Brian Wolfe fellow isn't even a real person/relationship investigator,and if he is he is rudely invasive in people's lives .But it's not because it's all acted BS anyway. I have no idea what the production crew thought when they made this but it just feels silly and amateuristic attempts at making dramatic situations/exploiting a tough period in people's lives. I'm usually pretty neutral/liking of ID's programming(as someone who lives in the Netherlands we get programs later than in the US).But this one should have stayed in America if i'm honest,it just feels like a dumb waste of time.
  • searchandbuy22 July 2014
    This show Does not even remotely compare to some of the other fine shows based on true crime stories like: Dateline, 48 Hours and 20/20.

    There is an almost invisible disclaimer claiming that it is "based on actual events". I Forced myself to watch it all the way through - what a waste of time. All paid actors as far as I can tell.

    A few other shows that are worth watching, other than the three listed above (in my opinion) are:

    Death Row Stories, FBI: Criminal Pursuit, Disappeared, Unusual Suspects.

    Filling a time slot with Cry Wolfe doesn't justify its existence on ID.

    What a shame.
  • I have no idea how this show got picked up for a second season. Since the story lines are not the usual for ID (meaning they are very Jerry Springer), I would expect at least some interviews with the real human beings involved. At least this would offset the total obvious illegitimacy of the show. You don't see Kenda trying to act in his show, not too mention the story lines of Kenda are far more interesting than Wolfe. I am a chronic ID watcher, and immediately turn the channel when its on. I might watch forensic files if they didn't repeat the same shows constantly. The poster who compared it to cheaters was spot on. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!
  • They need to just call it a reenactment because it is worse than "Cheaters" and all those fake "reality" towing shows. If the totally outrageous scenarios aren't enough to call BS then the acting will. An example of outrageous scenario- Girl gets roofied and raped prior night and has a private investigator show up because she is being extorted for 5K or the offender will post a video of said victim. No Police due to privacy, but a reality TV show and a P.I is A OKAY! so rather than going the extortion route and find the offender that way, they set up an elaborate sting at the bar... The real shocker comes when its a woman waitress who roofied the water and supposedly gets victims for some guy with a white van who shows up on cue mic'ed and ready for TV, rental van made up as lions den for victim.

    Why can't anyone provide a non scripted, no actors fake, fake, fake type of reality show? You can tell in the first 30 seconds they are actors playing roles and everything is not as it is being sold. Ratings seem to mirror my opinion, so who cares it will be gone tomorrow.
  • rotex2915 April 2016
    When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep - not screaming, like the passengers in his car. This was me, screaming to the end of an episode of "Cry Wolfe" because I couldn't find fresh batteries for my remote so I could change the channel or better yet, turn it off. Sobriety has done me no favours. Watching Mr. Wolfe try to solve crimes is akin to watching a mentally handicapped person attempting to solve the "The Gaussian Integral" in mathematics. I think that the show has to be some type of hoax, with Mr. Wolfe perpetuating a grand and hilarious joke on the inebriated viewers who just don't have the gumption or manual dexterity to change channels. This joke will be revealed in the second season which ID has now picked up. So, stay tuned to more of Mr. Wolfe and his cringeworthy skills and expertise as a top rate communicator, a Private Dick, and more importantly, a general Dick.
  • ...whist flipping through some old magazines that I found in my father-in-law's attic, I spotted Brian in one of them!! He was lacking clothing, so it was kind of 'hard' to tell it was him at first, but... IT WAS HIM! Wish I could've shown my pal Nathan, but my FIL caught me in the act, took them away, and locked them away somewhere in his penthouse.
  • therealduck6 September 2020
    I can't stand this show. The main character is such a nerd. I'm so much cooler than him. He looks like he can't even catch a football. What a loser.
  • stijnruijs30 June 2020
    This guy is a dork. Like a wizard of loneliness of some sort.
  • tijnenzer29 November 2019
    I looked him up on Yelp and he has almost no ratings. This has te be a fake right? Everyone knows Yelp is holy and everyone should be recommended on there or they are obviously terrible.

    I would also like for him to wear a V-neck sometimes. As deep as a V-neck can be.
  • garebela6 March 2016
    Sorry ID but you struck out with this one. "Cry Wolfe", I am still crying because I watch an episode. ID you are better than this, take this garbage off and put it on A&E or TLC. Stick to the hard hitting documentaries that you present instead of this over dramatized piece of doo doo. I just stumbled on the show today and took me about 2 minutes with the mediocre acting to figure out it was all staged. I would not have a problem if the shows producer made a clear disclaimer right at the beginning that the following is a recreation but I do not recall seeing any disclaimer. It should be made very clear at the very beginning as not to mislead the viewer to think otherwise as some people are very gullible and believe everything they watch on TV. I like Investigative Discovery and I hope they are not now stooping to the reality garbage like some of the other networks have stooped to.
  • Wolfe's shows were all classic alot of spins and twists...basically non-violent no one i recall dies on the get a look at what LA is like before it got really bad...the problem alot of people compare it to 48 hours a really high production show...this is pretty much homemade and a great job was done...i liked the ameteur aspect of the show and have no reason to believe these aren't real events filmed in real time
  • in 5 min u can tell all it's just a bad act horrible story.

    if it was real events they would have blurred the faces, the actors reaction every time is the same and always looking good well dressed and full make up that's just a sad show.

    he is following his targets with all the cameras crew but targets wont notice hmm..

    every one seemed to appear in the right angles right lights and right time!

    i dunno if they still run the show i just so it recently on ID crimes channel.. but the only crime i can see is they allow lousy series to go on air !
  • Every episode is top-notch entertainment. I really enjoy trying to figure out the twist and stay one step ahead of Brian. Yes, it's a dramatization, but it's well-shot and well-acted and the stories are perfect examples of truth being stranger than fiction. Wolfe is an incredibly lovable, gruff Massachussite antihero and his team-McCahhhhthy, Perez et al.-are just as compelling. You never know what's coming next, except that he always supplies a good crop of investigatey lingo ("the vehicle"-"the residence"-"the client") that really get me in the private eye mood. When people come to Brian, he's their last resort. But this show is my first choice in any situation. I could watch a hundred episodes. Please make more.
  • susanirenethomas12 October 2016
    These short case files are very entertaining. Wolfe gives snippets of his life philosophy in each episode, and comments on the circumstances and twists in the cases. I have enjoyed all of them. Yes, they are recreations, just the same as most of the Investigation Discovery dramatizations. That doesn't make them any less interesting to me. Wolfe is real, and his comments on his cases show insight into the perils of modern life in the computer age. You should watch, if only to see how easy it is for his assistant McCarthy to find out everything about you and your life with a few mouse clicks. Watching an episode will take only 30 minutes of your life, and allow you decide for yourself if you want to Cry Wolfe in the future, or not.
  • yerlo8 August 2014
    I get a kick out of it. Have not seen the disclaimer, but I understand why there would be. I would think the principals would be killed either in court or in real life if these were the actual names of the perps and victims et al. If this were located in, say, Lincoln Nebraska, I might find some stories a stretch. But this is in LA. I could tell you stranger tales. Love the twists, love the PI techniques, I love that each episode is a mystery wrapped up in 30 minutes. I know I'd just have to hire this guy if I needed an investigator. You know you can think of many times you wanted one for some purpose, right? Me, too. So far, I have not guessed an ending and I'm pretty good at it. So that convinces me these stories are based on fact because the fiction ones have gotten to easy for me and my husband to figure out the who-did-it sometimes in the first 5 minutes.
  • eewright-3217213 June 2020
    Any who used to watch cheaters will love this show. Brian Wolfe is so loyal and kind to his clients. It's the best show on TV. Can't wait for next season!
  • This show is interesting to me..I watched all of them all. Wish it still come on.
  • robinsbb27 September 2016
    I like the show OK. It is a reenactment and I like that Wolf is in it himself. Love the accent and his way of storytelling. I do realize he isn't solving anything in 30min so a bit of dramatization is fine with me. Seems OK for I Am Homicide and Joe Kenda to recreate their real cases. Why are so many criticizing Wolf for doing the same thing? I really enjoy mysteries and it's why I like ID in the first place. I have actually been able to foresee some of the twists at the end too which is fun for me. Not many good detective shows these days so, enjoying ID and Cry Wolf a lot:} I also would really love to know where Wolf's undercover girl got the drug detecting nail polish. Trying to find it and have found that it isn't on the market yet. How does that happen?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I consider this show as one of best private investigation combine professionalism and wealth of experience accumulated by Wolfe. I really enjoying viewing all the episodes on OSN Network. Thanks for the producers. I not seen the events to be fabricated or faked. Well presented by Wolfe and should only say "Thank you for the performance". They team a good harmony with Kathy. I hope not reach the end of broadcasting. Eagerly waiting every episode. I wonder how the episodes discuss plenty of social and modern-day conflicts. In brief...Wolfe shows his long learned tips and tricks, knowelge ans strategy to present and follow a case. Do his best not to be betrayed even by the client as we seen happen in some occasions.

    Dana Ahmed Iraqi Kurdistan
  • I didn´t know this TV series until last month. It is not bad, but it is not good enough. I find the concept is great. At first, once I love these kinds of programs, I was quite excited and interested. The main problem is that it is hard to show these "investigations" as real ones, using actors and actresses. This way, it seems fake inevitably, confusing the audience about what is true or not, even when Wolfe tries hard to do so. By the way, he and his assistant are better actors than the ones they hire to play.
  • All these people writing negative reviews may not be so smart. A reality show that may not be a reality show? Hold the presses! Good grief, wake up. They are all fake. You only show your naivete thinking they are or should be real. At least this show is based on the work of a real private detective, and the cases are quite interesting. People complain about this show because the re-enactments appear so authentic, with surprisingly good acting and direction, that they are pissed when they find out it was re-enacted instead of filmed as it happened. But that's more an indictment of their stupidity than of the show's premise, because the disclaimers are there for everyone to see. I like this show. I like that it's based on real cases and that it is fast-paced and interesting, and shows real problems that people encounter. I wish it was still in production.