The SUV Tony drives has a license plate on the front from Jay Austin Motors. The first Kendrick Brothers movie, Flywheel (2003), was centered around Jay Austin Motors and every subsequent Kendrick movie has had a Jay Austin Motors reference.

When Tony wakes up from his nightmare, the clock reads 7:14, which alludes to the movie's theme verse from the Bible, 2 Chronicles 7:14: "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land." (NLT)

On the left chest of the EMT Michael's shirt it shows the name of the service as Bobby Lee Duke. Bobby Lee Duke was the name of the Giants coach in the Kendrick brothers movie Facing the Giants (2006).

This is the first movie by the Kendrick Brothers to be filmed independently, rather than as a project of Sherwood Baptist Church. It is also their first movie to be filmed outside their home area of Albany Georgia.

On the wall of Miss Clara's house they look at a frame with a list of answered prayers. These answered prayers were real. This frame is now hanging on the wall in the Kendrick Brothers office.

When Elizabeth offers Tony hot sauce, one of the choices is "Wrath of God" - the same brand of hot sauce that Caleb has Wayne drink in Fireproof (2008).

The man who's seen praying in the sunset at the very end had been praying for the city of Charlotte for 20 years. So they decided to use him for the scene.

The first scene filmed was where Miss Clara is cheering in her kitchen about the Devil getting his butt kicked. From this point on, they knew that Karen Abercrombie was great for the role. She was only in her 50s, but wore a wig and makeup to look older. In one scene where Elizabeth is touring her house, they look at a picture on the wall that shows Clara and her husband Leo from many years ago. This picture was actually taken earlier that same day when she wasn't wearing the wig.

The real estate company that Elizabeth works for is named "Twelve Stones." This may be referencing the 12 stones God told Israel to place in the middle of the Jordan River after they crossed the parted waters into the Promised Land. The rocks were placed as a memorial to God's faithfulness and protection.

In the park scene, Danielle is seen feeding a squirrel. This squirrel was actually an answer to prayer, the script called for one, but there were none on the site. So they prayed for one and when they were ready, it came. In the audio commentary, Alex Kendrick say's "We Prayed 'GOD we need one squirrel'. And when we had all the cameras ready, here comes one squirrel, comes right down the tree, we film those few seconds, we got it, and then the squirrel took off, never saw it again".

Filmed in Charlotte, NC.

As in all of the Kendrick movies Coney Bombs cereal makes an appearance.

For the jump roping contest, many of the players had been practicing hard for it all summer. Some of them were sons and daughters of the Kendrick brothers. The guy on the purple team, usually seen on the left is a champion jump roper named Stephen Simpson, who coached them. Others were professional jump ropers, some of the best in the nation who heard about the movie and were invited to come. In the audio Commentary Alex say's "these routines just blew me away, I had not seen them until the day we filmed". Stephen Kendrick say's "talk about answer to prayer, when we were filming this scene, we didn't know, we had not seen these routines......We're praying that GOD would work out the details". The audience stayed for a day and a half so all the scenes could be filmed.

In the scene where the Pastor realizes that prayer has been taking place in Clara's closet, people have often rolled their eyes about this, thinking it's silly. But this was actually based on something that Alex Kendrick really experienced. One time when he walked into a Pastors prayer closet, he knew that the Pastor had been praying there. In the audio commentary he say's "If you say, 'what was it about it', it's hard to put my finger on it, it was like the presence of the Lord had been in that closet and there was almost a residue..... it wasn't mystical, it was like somebody had cooked a meal and the aroma of that meal was still in the air". This was something that they wanted to have in the movie, and that's the reason for this scene.

The building used as Claras house was one that they came across just two weeks before starting. It was owned by a Pastor who let them rent it for a month. He had been trying to sell it for 9 months, but hadn't had much luck. He was very gracious to them, so they prayed that GOD would sell it for him. Amazingly, the day they finished shooting, a couple showed up, fell in love with the house, made an offer and it sold.

The office tower in Charlotte, NC is the same building used in Shallow Hal (2001).

Like all movies by the Kendrick Brothers, War Room far exceeded expectations. In its opening weekend, the film grossed $11.4 million, more than double initial projections, finishing second at the box office. In its second weekend it became the number one movie in America. Likewise, when released on DVD, it was the number two DVD on the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert Sales Chart in its first week, and number one the second week. Its total theatrical earnings were $73.7 million. CNN said "some might call it a faith based David Versus the secular Goliaths in the entertainment industry".

The building used as the Jordan's home was owned by a couple who had been praying that God would use it for ministry. Having it used for the movie was an answer to prayer. All of the furniture was replaced to fit the style, and some of the walls were painted, including the room used for Danielle's bedroom which was actually a boy's bedroom, (it was changed again after filming was done). The owners had suffered a tragedy of losing a son there. In the scene were Elizabeth tells the devil to leave, they went to her (Priscilla) and told her to do it for real. Their sons name was Coleman. The character that Alex Kendrick plays was named after him to honor him. His baseball glove and baseball is visible on the desk of a room that was used as the office for the manager when he's talking with someone on his computer about Tony.

When Elizabeth is clearing out her closet to create her "war room" there is a cluttered belt hanger on the rod behind her. This is a prop Priscilla used to demonstrate excess accumulation of things we like in her Bible study "Breathe".

Like previous films by the Kendrick Brothers, it was originally planned to use a mostly white cast. But Alex began having dreams about a mostly African American cast, and soon believed that this was how God wanted them to do it. So they switched the main characters to be like in Alex's dreams. At first Sony was concerned about having a film with a mostly African American cast being produced by a white-led production company, worrying that it may not be respected by African Americans. But the Kendrick Brothers assured Sony that the main characters would be presented as a successful family that just had marital issues that they were working through, and not anything that would dishonor the race of any party involved. Interestingly the film was released only months after the Charleston Church Shooting. Those involved with the film believe that the timing was no coincidence. Affirm films said that if it had been told with a different race, it would've been a different movie.

Alena Pitts, (Danielle) is actually Priscilla Shirer's (Elizabeth) niece. So there was already a connection between them, but that was not why she was cast.

In the flat tire scene, the type of tire used was a kind that cannot actually be flat. They had to digitally make it look flat. They had filmed an additional scene afterwards in which Tom discovers that his keys are locked inside, and he throws a fit. But they decided not to include this.

The opening war scenes were from the Vietnam War. There had been no sound with it, so they had to create their own. The "War Room" seen right afterwards was created by them specifically for the movie and was one of the very few sets that they have built for their films.

Tony and Ms. Clara share no scenes together.

The tombstone that the camera passes behind early in the film was not a real one, but was actually made of Styrofoam.

At the beginning of the comets jump roping routine when Tony does the double flip, it was expected that they would have to film it many times. But amazingly TC Stallings got it right the first time even though he had never done it before. Many people expected that the comets would win the contest. They had actually filmed it both ways, and decided that it was better to have them get 2nd since the important part was to show how God was working in their hearts. In the audio commentary Stephen Kendrick says "The important things of what God's doing in their hearts is what matters"

When Tony walks into the boardroom to make his confession there is a flywheel displayed on the table behind him. Flywheel (2003) was the name of the Kendrick brothers' first movie.

When Elizabeth and Ms. Clara are providing their report to the police after a would-be mugging, one of the two police officers taking notes was played by Ben Davies, who also played a rookie officer in the Kendrick brothers' previous film, Courageous (2011).

For the scene where the thief threatens them with a knife, at first they weren't sure if they should use a knife or a gun. They filmed it both ways and decided to go with the knife. People have often rebuked them for having the guy leave just because Clara says "In The Name Of JESUS", saying that it's so unrealistic and could never happen. But contrary to popular belief, this was not just something they made up; they've seen actual news stories of this really happening with elderly ladies.