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  • E73VEN27 January 2018
    A new mother that obviously has some medical issues, goes on holiday alone to a Muslim country. It looks like a cheap holiday, based on the taxi used. The troubles start from there... Who does that?!!!!

    The plot has holes the size of the ones in the ozone layer!

    I only watched it because the chase was mildly entertaining and wanted to see how more messy the plot would get.

    The acting is not great, direction is ok, but hard to work with this story line! The only really bad movie I watched to the end. Straight to video trash - in this case, dumped on Netflix, who are not doing themselves a favour, having crap like this on their list.
  • Like watching a 50 year old lady with a navel ring use karate and get exhausted often while in pursuit? This IS your movie! Could had been an amazing movie, but hey! At least they tried! Over acting. I mean, she sat down to slide 3 ft down a rock and then stood back up to run. Why?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Where to start? Used the 10 sec skip button frequently and didn't use it nearly enough. The lead is ineffective at conveying any true emotion and kills/maims anyone who gets in her way. Suspend your disbelief. No one can stop her. She runs forever barefooted, climbs walls like she's an expert rock climber, pulls 160 lb man out of a car window, jumps 15 feet or so off a building and barely breaks her stride, gets pierced in the side, gouged in the arm and smacked around and would still be able to take on Jason Bourne. Mind you, this is all within a few months of having a bab, too. And we never find out how she can do all this stuff. The "surprise" in the movie - isn't a surprise at all. I had zero invested in what happened. Dumb and boring despite the random, lame, poorly shot action scenes. Just awful and often laughable due to the bad acting.
  • I never write reviews here, bur this time my indignation has pushed me to do it. This film is rubbish, and all of these reviews must have been written by friends and family of the cast of this terrible mess. It's a ridiculous plot that must have been written in the back of an envelope after a few beers. The acting is painful to watch, the action scenes are amateurish at best and the script is full of cliches and makes no sense. There's a lot of crap films like this out there, the annoying thing is that the perpetrators get away with publishing all of these glowing reviews on IMDB. I normally trust reviews on this site, but it looks like I need to be more careful.
  • Well, all i have to say is wow, i really love the film, i was on the edge of my seat all the way through the film. i think the direction of the film was brilliant Howard did the best he could to bring out the best he could with the film. Angela was perfect for the role, really delivered the character to her depths with a sublime performance.

    one thing i loved about the film a'lot is the story line was brilliant, a mother figure fights to get her child back, if there's one thing i find so annoying about films is when a woman who is a bad ass, a strong minded woman, fighting for survival, it is all then taken away because it ends up becoming a male (lover) that she is fighting for and her drive, fight to survive and live for. and for once it was not about this. she is a mother, who is trying to be a hero for her child, and it was brilliant.

    Brilliant job from everyone involved.
  • hopkinsalix25 April 2019
    Terrible acting & crap story. How this film won any awards is beyond me. So stupid.
  • The acting is like in primary school drama class, brainless story, naive plots... most frustrating are racial prejudices... an absolute monstrosity from half-witted director.
  • I had been invited to the London premiere of Never Let Go, a film that had been making some noises on the Indy scene for a couple of years. Sadly I was out of the country so had to miss the screening but caught up on it with a DVD purchase. Indy films of this nature are often a risk, but this one really delivered and much credit must go to the Writer / Director Howard J. Ford and his leading lady Angela Dixon. Dixon plays Lisa Brennan and ex intelligence / Security operative, whom, following an affair with an American Senator who looks to have a good run to the Whitehouse, has just had a baby with. Depressed and needing a break she travels to Morrocco with her young child and finds herself falling foul of traffickers whom steal her baby. From there its a race against time to get her back before she disappears for ever.

    Never Let Go is an extremely well made the film. The lingering organic nature of the photography always implies that a darkness lurks beyond the facade of every door and alleyway, while the cast all fulfil their roles with great enthusiasm. The film really anchors on the performance of the leading lady and relative unknown Angela Dixon who does an excellent job here. Playing her role with conviction and making her character credible which would have faltered in the hands of a weaker actress. It's not often you see a film like this with a strong female protagonist in her 40s and that is entirely in the films favour. There is nice support from Heather Pace, (You may recall her from London's Burning) playing a work colleague trying to assist her friend from afar back home and the local sympathetic lone female police officer, (Played by Sanita Simms) does well to stand out and make an emotive presence despite having very little dialogue, proving once again that a part is never about the number of lines you have. The film is not perfect and at times plausibility is pushed to the limits (Though not as far as in Taken 2, so this can be easily forgiven) and some of the fight choreography felt adequate rather than accomplished and clumsy in places, while the villains were a little one dimensional and at times I found myself wanting to know more about them but this is not a film about the bad guys it's about a mother's desperation to rescue her child at any cost. Despite these minor niggles I was thoroughly engaged through out and the film moves along at a cracking pace. To have shot the film for a budget of around 150K is nothing short of incredible and an impressive achievement. Watch it with an open mind and I think you will not be disappointed. I am certain we will see more of Angela Dixon after this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I will try to explain without giving major spoilers of the film. But this review might contain a few hints about some scenes.

    The film first looks that it is very typical kidnap story. But then after the big event you understand that there is something different going on. It is not a typical police and victim co-operation scenario on the contrary there are lots of conflicts which makes the scenes unpredictable and worthy to watch.

    Also you can really feel the power and determination of a mother who is racing against time almost without any help. Also the performance of Angela Dixon is worthy of respect!
  • A psychological thriller with action and a heart. Brings Hitchcock to mind with the way the intensity mounts building tension upon tension. Loved the strong female characters; this film pays tribute to women and motherhood whilst giving a friendly nod to Taken, with its premise and roof jumping acrobatics. Howard J. Ford steps it up a notch from the average action thriller incorporating his unique take on the psyche and weaving in symbolism and spiritual elements. Skimming the surface is not for him. Angela Dixon's multi-layered character is extraordinarily portrayed. Why give a speech when a look can convey so much?

    All this in 90 minutes. Impressive. Looking forward to the next Ford film.
  • I was on the edge of my seat throughout this movie. Angela Dixon's performance is stunning . Her physical prowess is awesome and her emotional depth totally believable as a mother doing whatever it takes to try and find her child. It is wonderful to see a strong woman leading an excellent cast in a riveting action movie.
  • Who the hell made this absolutely uninspired, boring acting terribly bad movie ??? The most boring and bad movie in the world. Stories which are based on real events could be also presented in a better way. Scenes that were shot in Spain and shown as if it's Marrakech! Actors who are not Moroccan and speak anything but not Moroccan (very annoying and sucks for people who understand Arabic or Moroccan). the dialogues are horrific, unfortunately very disappointing !!!
  • darronboden27 November 2020
    What can I say, for someone with a special set of skills she runs like an egg whisk and appears to be able to outsmart everyone. Holds her palm up and puts two fingers up against it and knows exactly which way is north. A really crap remake of taken.....should be called taken...the piss
  • amardikanto24 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I like it when the villains mess with a wrong person, in this case, the person is a very tough mom. Surprisingly she fights back- real hard!.. and that is not the only surprise the movie gives me. The action is great, I was taken into the ride of a mother trying her best in finding her daughter, leaving me with questions like: should she do this or that? It is like "Taken" in different package, with sudden violence to the bad guys, but unfortunately with lower quality, I'd say.

    The story is interesting, with political intrigue and all. I am annoyed by the way the scenes are taken by the camera (shooting style of the camera?), for me it's too dramatic. The movie has a quite interesting twist at the end.

    Plus point: the setting is in Marrakech, Morocco. I find the place very interesting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Single mom and former FBI agent Lisa Brennan (Angela Dixon) opts to take a vacation to relieve some stress in Morocco with her baby. The film opens with a story about child abduction so as we watch the film, we know it is only a matter of time...say 15 minutes. Lisa uses her training to follow the kidnappers taking out a few people along the way, going Liam Neeson all over everyone, making her wanted by local authorities who she may have "Liam-ed" a bit.

    The film was classic formula writing and is a me-too type of kidnapping rescue film except it involves a strong female lead. Dixon gives us a credible performance in a not too credible script. We really get the gut feeling of a determined mom.

    Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
  • rbrb6 August 2017
    An entertaining action thriller flick worth a look on DVD!

    A mum with her baby visits a foreign land. When on the beach her baby is kidnapped which is unlucky. What is lucky is that our mum is a mix of super woman, wonder woman and atomic blond rolled into one.

    All the females in the picture are angels, yet mostly all the males are demons. That aside there is plenty of action including this wonder woman running through market streets, climbing all over the place plus her complicated life and relationships intersperse the often fast and furious drama.

    She will never give up trying to find her baby; but will she succeed in getting the child back?!

    Worthy of a 6 and a half rounded up so:

  • sean-88127 June 2017
    Never Let Go is just brilliant, Angela Dixon's performance is outstanding and brilliantly directed by Henry Ford. Although this was done for a relatively low budget it really is a tour de force and an outstanding film. The suspense was kept up throughout the film and the cinematography is outstanding. The twists and turns in the story kept me on the edge of my seat. Well done guys independent filmmaking at its very best! Sean x
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie starts out with a married Republican Congressional candidate running for office who has a newborn child with a former staffer. That was the first sign the movie was losing credibility right away. A Democratic candidate would have reflected reality. The fact the writers made a point of making the politician a Republican at the outset of the movie was a dead giveaway and spoiler alert. From that point forward, it was clear the politician was going to be the bad guy in the end. Hollywood's compulsion to make movies that are anti-conservative took precedence over trying to keep the viewer guessing. The second implausible parts of the movie included a female Muslim as a police officer in an un-named Arab country who helped the American female (Angela Dixon) retrieve her newborn in an Arab country. It's amazing how 2 unnecessary, blatant falsehoods can ruin an otherwise pretty decent action-packed movie. Then again, it's consistent with why Hollywood is turning out flops at every turn.
  • The acting isn't fabulous, but it's not terrible either. The story line is good, but maybe not put together as well as it could be. The second scene is pretty nebulous. Then, seriously, what mother takes a newborn on vacation into the middle east. Some of the connections are really big jumps. But the action is good and watching a vulnerable, but strong female character kick ass is always fun. There are secondary female characters who kick ass in their own way. In the end it all comes together for a satisfying thrill ride and what's not to love about that.
  • This is one of the few movies that my wife and I will remember for a very long time. We watch a LOT of movies, including many stinkers, but we take them for what they are, knowing someone put a lot of work into them. This one caught us by surprise because it kept us riveted to our screen from beginning to end. Sure, like most every movie, there were a couple of implausible moments, but there wasn't time to dwell on them because the excitement never ceased. It left us completely satisfied and entertained. In reading some of the detractors of this movie and many others, it becomes obvious that many people do not know how to enjoy themselves at a movie. They waste their time looking for little things to criticize instead of letting the story take them inside of it and go along for the ride. Other reviewers seem to be trying to look important by making us think they know something about directing or movie making in general, and accuse those who liked the movie of being part of a conspiracy by the producers. Real reviewers don't do that.

    Meanwhile, there is one misplaced review here, as it mentions Peter Sellers having a part in it. That was a 1960 release of another movie titled Never Let Go.
  • The premise of the plot for "Never Let Go" is intriguing and a good story, but the overall execution is poor. The buildup is very long and repetitive, seeming to come from a need to fill the time and make it a full feature length film.

    Setting a couple plot holes aside, this movie was entertaining, although restrained by the mediocre acting by almost everyone in the film. Angela Dixon can't seem to decide what mood she is in, or how to communicate effectively in times of crisis. She has an accent that seems to come and go, and is very distracting, along with many quirky mannerisms and an overall unbelievable character (particularly considering the character's background that is never completely revealeed). It appears not enough research was given to the professions of the characters, the most obvious example being that people from the main characters assumed background do not speak in the manner she does.

    The climax of the film is a big let down, and your typical happy feeling ending. The film was just engaging enough to keep me watching to the end, and was entertaining, but just left me with an overall feeling of "meh."
  • I was just looking for a film to watch on TV when i came upon this one. I am so happy that i did so! This is by far the most outrageuosly adventurous, exciting, breathtaking film i ever seen!!! And at the end it left me in tears. I don't have much to tell about it, bc this is kinf of the films you watch without talking, breathing, lock up in on the screen. It is just a film everyone should see to understand how much a mother can do to get her child, how she can do all it takes, literally. And a little something extra about what it taught me: I saw that whether in east or west, men are men and they are all rude, emotionless creatures(there are some exceptions but there is an exception to every rule,right)
  • Amazing story, cast, and direction. Strongly recommend this film. One of the best action films I have seen, loved to see a great actress taking leading action. Lovely, strong and very original ending. Looking forward to more action films from Mr. Howard.
  • I found it very riveting from start to finish. Unfortunately children from infacy to young girls ar kidnapped everyday. The writer was knowledgeable enough to point that whoever was doing the kidnapping was from a border country. I don't think that matters in the least in the end. They did overdo the action stuff and heralmost superhuman strength but I didn't mind after I became immersed in the movie.

    loved it!