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  • Fantastic, but slightly melodramatic movie... but IMDb absolutely MUST change something on the movie's page: where the "country" putting the movie out is listed, IMDb erroneously cites Israel. The director, herself, is Palestinian, and rightfully lists her film as a Palestinian film. It's an insult to list Villa Tourna as an Israeli film, especially since it is specifically set in Ramallah, a Palestinian town, during the beginning of Israeli occupation. When the film was screened in Italy, the director, Suha Arraf, stated (and was later quoted in Vanity Fair), "I am an Arab, a Palestinian and a citizen of the state of Israel. I have the right to emphasize my nationality as I present my film to the world, and there is no law in the state of Israel that forbids me from doing so," Arraf wrote. "As far as I am concerned, a film's identity is that of its creator."

    Even Israeli artists have sided with her, so it's quite clear that anyone who has any respect for film as art - and one would think a website specifically dedicated to film would see it as art - will want to be correct in all depictions of said works of art.

    As it stands, until this detail is changed, this is like listing a movie from Poland in the late 1930s as a German film. Insulting on so many levels. Please, IMDb, take care of this.