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  • A watchable slice of social realism for Argentina. THE BOSS, ANATOMY OF A CRIME tells the story of a lowly butcher's apprentice and the ways in which his boss goes out of his way to make his life hell. It's a dark tale of bullying and despair, based on a true story, and one which strives for the realistic at all times over the dramatic or embellished.

    The director has some fun with the chronology of his movie, presenting events in flashback format while modern legal scenes explore the aftermath of the titular crime. The low-key acting is of a high standard and the production values for what is clearly a low budget tale are exemplary. Fans of this genre will enjoy it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A moving story, a sample of human misery and what we live in the world we live in. I must say that I have not seen many Joaquin Furriel movies and had no positive preconception of him, however in this film it has a superlative, poignant performance.

    In addition to the abuse and slavery, the film focusing on butcher shops and how to work with these important shops for most Argentines. There is shown from the inside as the patron forces his employee to wash with vinegar and chlorine rotting flesh and use it to make burgers, sausages or return it to the gondola regardless of the health of customers. The other major axis of "El Patrón ..." is the action of justice, because in the first instance Hermogenes Saldivar was assigned a shift defender who never went to meet him in jail and his luck changed when Elijah Neuman took over his case because he seemed to see in this man a victim rather than a murderer. "In the specific case of Hermogenes he may be lucky enough to have 'justice', so that was thanks to a committed attorney wanted to help. If fate had not occurred he had been a victim of judicial bureaucracy, "said the film's director Highly recommended
  • Although Argentina has a long road in the recognition of human rights, it still has a pending debt with respect to labor rights, with working under the table being one of the most relevant problems that has worsened seriously in recent years. The film tells the story of Hermógenes, a low-class, illiterate butcher born in a town in the interior of Argentina who moves with his partner to Buenos Aires to progress. There he will be exploited in a cruel and dehumanized way by his "boss" with whom he will maintain a close relationship to slavery. The performances are excellent causing a great indignation in the viewer, and although there are no great scenarios or a photographed work, we find a film that works with its objective that is to show the exploitation suffered by people of low educational training while movintg to large urban centers. 8/10
  • s_vogelzang19 April 2018
    Very much under estimated movie. It is very well made, despite being on a small budget. This one deserves to be seen!