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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards" was as the title already says the 66th edition of this annual television event that honored the best from small screen every year. The host is Seth Meyers and I have to say I don't know him as well as some of the other guys who regularly host these shows and he may not have the charisma or recognition value like they do, but I thought he was pretty decent, had some funny lines and that CSI: Miami reference was pure comedy gold, perhaps the best moment of the night. The show was relatively long, at over 2 hours even. But thanks to most of the categories producing good winners, I never felt it dragged. Happy for Parsons, Modern Family and especially for Louie. And yes the Breaking Bad love was oh so deserving as well. The final season was a masterpiece again and it was also good to see Cranston winning after his somewhat surprising loss to Daniels before. There are several winners that I cannot really comment on as I have not seen the shows at all or not until that season yet like Fargo, Masters of Sex, SNL, so lets say these wins are fine. And it's always a good awards show if the terribly overrated, style-over-substance shows "Game of Thrones", "Veep" and "Downton Abbey" end up (almost) completely empty. But the big stinker this night was the love for Sherlock. Cumberbatch is unbearable to watch at times, Freeman occasionally as well and at other times just extremely forgettable plus the script in terms of the crimes and the ways they are solved is absolutely nothing to be proud of. With better winners in these categories (how did Matt Bomer lose? I thought he was so tremendous), I may have given the entire event an 8/10 perhaps, but with the Sherlock love it's just not possible for me to do so. But I do think some of the comedy here was really hilarious and this also includes JLD's interactions with Cranston, even if I don't really like her that much on Veep. Boo for this show dominating the comedy category right now. There are many other more deserving winners. But I talk(ed) about that on some other occasion. As for this one here: Like I wrote earlier, I would also like to see Meyers return as host. It was a fairly clean-structured, well-executed, pretty entertaining celebration with mostly deserving honorees. Go see it if you like the Emmys.