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  • Miscasting of Dana DeArmond in the title role hurts this otherwise well- made entry in Sweet Sinner's venerable MILF series. Director James Avalon, collaborating with the great Melissa Monet as co-scripter, knows the territory and directs smoothly.

    Premise has Seth Gamble returning home after a four-year gap away at college, becoming reacquainted with neighbor lady Dana on whom he had a boyhood crush. She clearly has no lingering romantic interest in the boy but a bit of semi-stalking turns the trick and soon Dana is up to her moaning and orgasmic stuff.

    Problem is that while DeArmond is cast as a normal character for a change, she cannot resist giving her idiosyncratic line readings (much in the way that Chris Walken has memorably done in Mainstream Cinema) and ends up botching the seduction finale with unwanted quirkiness. Her fans may be delighted with the hamminess, but Avalon leaving her on a too- long leash hurts the picture.

    Chloe Foster returns as jail-bait mistress for Seth's philandering dad Steven St. Croix, latter also playing down to the material as if had something better to do. Chloe was the star of Volume 6 in this series, even getting the lion's share of the sex footage in that edition.

    Cameron Dee also makes a nice impression as Seth's girlfriend of the title, a mismatched casting as supposedly Dana's daughter, while I was mighty disappointed to see warm & earthy Ryder Skye merely tossed in for a NonSex acting role as Steven's neglected wife/Seth's mama. Avalon should have reversed casting, switching Ryder into Dana's leading role, and he would have come up with a potential winner here.