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  • An indy dark comedy with a really great concept and some very unexpected funny moments.
  • Ok, I'm hard on comedies but this one sunk it's claws into me and it was a good feeling. The hilarious story of two keystone cop type buddies Ernie (Brian Gianci) and Joe (James Wirt) who decide to test an experimental love potent on two unsuspecting real estate agents to judge the effectiveness of the drug. Ernie wants to slip some to his wife to help their love lost marriage but wants to be sure it is 'safe'. His brother and partner in crime, Joe, is an aspiring filmmaker and wants to document the whole thing. James Wirt TW is way roariously funny coupled with Brian Giance. Stand performances as well as from Kevin O'Donnell, the angry, jealous husband of the real estate gal they drugged. He finds out about it and captures Joe to torture him and tell him who his partner is. So, so very thigh slapping funny stuff. Fantastic filmmaking and worthy of any watch.
  • KimmyTKA10 July 2019
    Definitely a fan of dark comedies and this was a cool concept. sound quality was not great, but i though the performances were pretty good despite it and i laughed out loud a few times.
  • "We'll Test it on Humans" follows in the tradition of films featuring badly-hatched schemes concocted by amoral screwballs. "Death to Smoochy", "Throw Momma From the Train" and "The Lady Killers" all come to mind.

    Although the editing and cinematography had its deficits, I thought "We'll Test it on Humans" had a compelling moral tale at its core and strong performances throughout.

    If you could force the person you love to love you back using a drug, you will ultimately pay a price.

    I don't want to give the impression that "We'll Test it on Humans" is a serious moral tale in any way, though. It had its fair share of solid comedic moments, especially during the closing credits.
  • Love the concept. Love the brother dynamic - the two actors were great together! Peeked my interest throughout. Funny, clever, and a very fun ride!
  • Brian Gianci and Chris Shenkle's film about love & obsession hits some solid comedic notes with strong, committed turns. Comedy is notoriously hard to do, especially in an Indie, so hats off to the performers. It's enjoyable and an entertaining jaunt through a more left-field view of love, relationships & their trials and tribulations. Massive props do go to Gianci & Shenkle, who not only take the two lead roles, but directed and edited it also, no mean feat in itself for a debut feature, a fine example of indie film making, a little rough round the edges but all the more charming for it.
  • jimmyvillemaire17 June 2019
    Stumbled upon this little gem and was pleasantly surprised. Smart script. Great performances. I highly recommend it for those that like a dark comedic thriller with lots of cool twists and turns!
  • A good dark comedy with a couple twist and turns. Very creative with the story. Great job casting. Left room for a part 2
  • I'm a big fan of dark comedies and We'll Test it on Humans certainly fits the bill. I especially loved Chris Stenkle's performance as Kurt the ethically impaired, foul mouthed sidekick for whom shenanigans seems to be a default setting. Also George Deihl Jr. delivers a hilarious one scene performance as the bridge worker giving blunt NYC style feedback to a man at the end of his rope.

    The story starts with a crazy, but actually believable premise, and continues to devolve as the pair of knuckleheads stir up a hornets nest of trouble with their antics. Brian Gianci plays the straight man to Stenkle's practical joker with great comedic timing and effect.

    Fans of dark comedies will not want to miss this one!
  • The characters are developed well and have their own voice. This is a refreshing movie and way off the beaten path. I highly recommend it!
  • We'll Test if on Humans is a humorous indie film with intriguing characters, an entertaining plot, and great pacing! Worth a watch!
  • jc-655-86943410 June 2019
    What a hoot of a comedy. Good fun. Watch this for something a bit different!
  • I found this movie to be very clever and entertaining. The acting was good and it was for sure a funny plot. Actress Courtney Desman really drew me in. She portrays a frustrated wife with passion and reality in a bad mood. Recommended!
  • This is an offbeat comedy with colorful characters and nice production value. If you are looking for a fun ride I recommend this film!
  • Graham-joey11 May 2019
    Pretty funny low budget indie comedy!l. Definitely irreverent and off-beat. I really enjoy comedies with a bit of a high concept sci fi twist and this really fulfilled that. Some very funny writing in there. I wanna discuss more about the characters but don't wanna give anything away! You'll have to watch it first
  • This movie kept getting better as it moved along. I really enjoyed the relationship of Ernie and Kurt. Kurt reminds me of a friend of mine from a lifetime ago so it was pretty easy to relate to his character (everyone has had a "Kurt" as a friend at some point in their life). This movie is a classic illustration as to how an idea that made some degree of sense on paper... got out of control and proved to be not such a good idea. Certainly a thumbs up here.