Daniel Wu, who plays Sunny, one of the lead characters in the show, does most of his stunts and fighting scenes himself, unlike some other members of the cast. He has been learning wu shu and other martial arts since he was a young boy, and still practises.

Choreographer, Master Dee Dee Kuma's (Huan-Chiu Ku) who was a stunt double for a number of Jet Li films, as well as choreographer for the Matrix, Kill Bill, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is credited with instructing fight choreography for the series.

The series was shot on the plantations and surrounding areas of Edgard, Louisiana. Django Unchained (2012) was filmed in the area.

The production (that began with the first 6 episodes) was filmed entirely in Louisiana.

The series production moved to Ireland from the second season on.

The motorcycle that Sunny rides is a steampunked 1999 Excelsior-Henderson Super X. Excelsior-Henderson only produced motorcycles for two years - 1999 and 2000 (not including a handful of one-off "prototypes" that were produced in 1998).

In Season 2, Episode 1, 22:30mins in, the rocking horse that Ryder reminisces about is a Haddon Rocking Horse- made by the oldest established rocking horse maker in the U.K.

When Baron Quinn rallies his cogs before a dangerous mission in season 2; he cited parts of "Fire and Ice." This poem was written by Robert Frost & first published in Harper's magazine 1920, then in 1923 in his Pulitzer Prize winning book, "New Hampshire." The poem likens fire with passion and ice with hate and has been much anthologised since. End of days is also often believed by many religions over history to come in Fire and Ice. For example "Ragnorak" in Norsk history/mythology.

Nick Frost and Daniel Wu both appear in Tombraider (2018), despite sharing any screentime together.

The real name of the horse in episode 6 season 1 is Houdini that was ridden by Ryder.

Director David Dobkin's favorite words towards the end of a take to the lead actors were "fabulous" and "beautiful".

Marton Csokas and Stephen Lang star in the movie Pawn.

Aramis Knight character "M.K." And Elif Knight "M.K.'s Mom" are real life mother and son. This is incorrect. Aramis mom is Rhonda Knight, who is Caucasian.