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  • deankee27 December 2014
    Yet again there is nothing new added to the create a wrestler feature. The same outfits, masks, hair etc. There are very little legends in the game unlike 2k14. The normal matches still remain with nothing special. As a campaign you have two average rivalries; John Cena vs Cm Punk and Shawn Michaels vs Triple H. These do not take long to complete. You have a few NXT matches to complete also and that's about it. There is no defeat the streak in this game; even though the streak is over that feature still should have been included. There is very little to do as in campaign play. In 2k14 you had the attitude era and ruthless aggression as well as a defeat the streak mode. There definitely needs to be more match types. It would be amazing to have buried alive matches back in WWE games, stretcher matches, casket matches, ambulance matches and lumberjack matches in the game. There is a limited choice of match types. There has been very little effort being put into parking lot brawl matches as usual. The parking lot brawl areas the same as in WWE 13 and WWE 14. These areas are terrible. I think that you should have the ability to enter the crowd and brawl as in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008. I think that WWE should include the histories of WCW and ECW in the future.(But that's just my opinion). To sum it all up, its creativity level is currently at around 30%. The worst WWE game that I've played yet.
  • joemadsen-7281427 October 2020
    The countering system is the worst gameplay mechanic of all time.
  • (I give this a 6.7/10, but 7 is fine, I guess.)

    I'm sure me liking this game may ruffle a few feathers, but I do genuinely believe that this game offers just enough enjoyment to stand on its own. It was never great, as it lacks in many areas that even PS3 games didn't, but at its core, it's still a good time with many refinements and excellent modes. The visuals are fantastic and they do a great job in bringing the WWE into the 8th generation. Of course, they don't look as good as the likes of 2K18 and 2K19, but I would argue that they hold up a little better than the visuals in 2K16 and 2K17. They also look better and are much more consistent than the visuals in 2K20, so there's that, too. The gameplay is the best it's ever been up to this point, as everything flows a lot better than any game beforehand. It balances simulation with fun very well, in my opinion. The 2K Showcase modes are fantastic. They play close to the same as 2K14s "30 Years Of WrestleMania" mode, but instead, you play through 2 iconic feuds, being CM Punk vs. John Cena from the early 2010s and Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels from the early-mid 2000s. They offer a ton of relatability to the game, and the stuff you unlock and how you unlock them is all good fun. My Career mode, while admittedly cryptic at times, is actually pretty decent for it being the first of its kind. The fact that you get to have a custom wrestler be the main focus of the mode, as well as take him on the journey to WrestleMania is really cool. It's not great, as it can drag on a bit, but it's a neat mode, nonetheless, and one that would get better with each game (with the exception of 2K20). The universe mode did get much better with a much more user friendly interface and awesome structure. Gone are the days of having most of the mode squished to one side of the screen, because now, everything is more centered and more inviting, and I know that may sound minor, but it makes a bigger difference than one would think. The ability to fully customize the attire of the in game wrestlers is just awesome, and is the one part of the creation suite in this game that's better than any game beforehand. However, this is where the game, in my opinion, falters the most. There's no beating around the bush when I say that the creation suite is just bad. If you want to create divas, arenas, championships, videos, original entrances, finishers, stories, or logos in this game, then I've got some bad news, as the options of creation are only limited to superstars, move-sets, superstar attires, and entrances from other superstars. In terms of other flaws, they're not as major. The smaller number of match types is incredibly unfortunate, as it puts a big damper on the longevity of the game in terms of casual play. It doesn't necessarily ruin the entire game, mind you, as universe mode offers a lot of longevity on its own, but it's still a big bummer. The roster is decent, but not as good as 2K14s. Most of the legends from the previous game are nowhere to be seen, and there aren't enough big standouts to really make an impact. There's mostly everyone you would expect at the time with a few legends from the Showcase modes, but that's about it. Serviceable, but nothing special. Aside from that, this game is something of a wasted opportunity. What could've been an easy improvement over 2K14 is ultimately held back by a terrible creation suite that only offers the absolute bare minimum and missing match types. Something we haven't seen since games from the N64/PS1 era, which is kind of sad. Hell, even if the creation suite was the exact same as 2K14s, it would've helped, but since we got so little to do, it stings. However, if there's one thing time has been kind to, it's this game. Sure, if you compare this to the likes of 2K19, then it's almost laughable, but thanks to it not only being cheap nowadays, but also being affected the least when the servers turned off (since the creation suite wasn't good to begin with), I can say that this is definitely worth it nowadays for wrestling fans. I'm not saying it's great, as it stumbles hard in many areas, making the criticisms towards this game well deserved, but I would argue that it's still a much better time than 2K20 as of me writing this review. For around 5-10$, the amount of stuff in this game is definitely enough to keep fans of the WWE happy, which is why I recommend anyone who's a wrestling fan who hasn't played this yet to check it out, as the excellent story modes and the few improvements over 2K14 really help this game stand on its own, even if it's nothing to write home about. It's not brilliant by any means, but it's a pretty good time with the right mindset.
  • loay_768 June 2015
    When I first heard that 2K will release this game on PC, I was overjoyed and was dreaming with it because WWE 2K14 was an ultimate success on all levels and really smashed the previous decayed

    Raw vs Smackdown series of games released by THQ, I was amazed by WWE 2K14 and was sure that 2K will do the same if not better on WWE 2K15, and I remembered how much I and a huge no of wrestling games fans were really disappointed when we knew that 2K won't release a PC version of it and watched the great videos and high quality matches on youtube with great envy and were sorry that we don't have a PlayStation 3 or an XBOX 360 gamesets

    I was really counting the days till at last the day has come and I brought the PC version and started it on my PC and I was totally disappointed to find the following:

    • Almost no classic legends and wrestlers

    • Limited types of matches (No Buried alive matches, ambulance matches, First Blood matches, Bra and Panties matches) - Limitedtypes and number of moves

    • Repeated speeches from the commentaries and themes

    • Not allowed to play mixed matches between Divas and male superstars and no mixed Tag team matches

    • Slow close compat scenes and boring repeated types of reversals

    • No interaction with the crowd in the arenas

    I was hoping to have some legendary matches of legends and new wrestlers like: Undertaker vs Andre the Giant in an ambulance match, Tito Santana vs Shawn Michaels in a TLC match, Yokozuna vs King Kong Bundy in a Cage match, John Cena vs Jimmy Snuka, Lex Luger vs Bob Backlund in a Hardcore match, Vince McMahon in a 3 on 1 match against Stephanie, Lita and A. J. Lee, Tripple H vs the Iron Sheik in a submission match, Goldberg vs Tony Atlas in an Iron man match, A buried alive match between Andre the Giant vs Big Show in a 3 stages of Hell match, a casket match between Rey Mysterio and Doink the clown or a Bra and panties match between Wendy and A. J. Lee and so on

    I was hoping that 2K will try to rectify its mistake of not releasing WWE 2K14 on PCs by releasing an outstanding version of WWE 2K15 especially for the angry PC users but it seems that I was dreaming

    What I really did was to throw away the new game I brouht of WWE 2K15 and returned back to play my favourite classic PS2 game of (Here Comes the Pain) which is really much better in my point of view

    Sorry 2K *** Lo'ay