The movie was shot in 20 days over a period of more than 2 years.

90% of the VFX were made by the art director and VFX supervisor Vianney Griffon.

The fight scene on its own was as complicated to make for all the people involved (director, VFX supervisor, composer...) as the rest of the movie.

The actor who play Baby Trunks is the real life nephew of Benjamin Hubert, who plays adult Trunks.

Cell is portrayed by three actors : Michel Durand played his face, Jonathan Henry his body and Romain Lapierre wore the real prosthetic arm during the fight.

Originally, the fight scene was a 20-second single-shot, but the filmmakers changed plans as they met Solidanim for the motion-capture, and Romain Lapierre who did all the animation in the movie.

The most expensive scene of the movie is the last one, where Goku eats a lot of food.