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  • dave-507-6528033 January 2018
    This is a great short video, especially for those you have gender issues. It shows the pain that most of us feel internally that we can't show externally. Meant a lot to me, and I'm sure it will to those who understand the issue.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Break Free" is a 5-minute short film from last year starring ruby Rose. The credits said that she also wrote and directed this little film while IMDb lists Phillip Lopez as director. He was listed as editor in the credits. not sure which one is more accurate. Anyway, the film begins with a beautiful woman with long hair, flawless skin and great looks in general, the model kinda girl. The she slowly transforms into a beautiful woman that is completely different in terms of looks. Tattoos everywhere, punk rebel outfit and short hair. I guess the lesson we take from this is that everybody can look the way he wants, no matter which style he chooses. If he has a great make-up crew of course... I don't know what was up with the penis scene. Is the girl in here transgender. anyway, the movie is solely based on the artistic impact of the transformation i just described. Other than that, there is no story. In my opinion, this impact was not strong enough to make up for lack of a convincing script. Not recommended.