• Bad Stuff
    Written by Slick, Sam Huber (as Lover), Chanell and Russell
    Lyrics by Sam Huber (as Lover) and Slick
    Performed by Eternal Erection
    Courtesy of Eat This Music Ltd (2005)
    By arrangement with Eternal Erection
  • Naamioleikki
    Written by Jussi Huhtala
    Lyrics by Jutta Huhtala and Henriikka Mäkelä
    Performed by Henrika
    Courtesy of Frozen Flame Pictures Ltd (2017)
  • Kalinka
    Written by Ivan Larionov
    Lyrics by Ivan Larionov
  • Merikelvoton
    Written by Thorgot and Flygg3
    Lyrics by Lauri Asuinmaa
    Performed by Tanssiorkesteri Aamunkajo
    Courtesy of I Smell Wieners (2007)
  • Run
    Written by Jussi Mäkelä
    Lyrics by Jussi Mäkelä
    Courtesy of Jussi Mäkelä
  • Rusketusraidat
    Written by Jori Sjöroos
    Lyrics by Mira Luoti and Paula Vesala
    Performed by Tomi Tesarczyk and PMMP
    Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Finland Ltd (2003)
  • Carelian Leather Polka
    Written by Valdemar Kaborsky
    Lyrics by The Man with the Hat
    Performed by The Leather Gentlemen
    Courtesy of Frozen Flame Pictures Ltd (2017)
  • Unleash the Beast
    Written by Teemu Liekkala
    Lyrics by Tony Kaikkonen
    Performed by Red Eleven
    Courtesy of Lifeforce Records (2014)
  • Wonderman
    Written by Lauri Ylönen, Pauli Rantasalmi and Carl Restivo
    Performed by The Rasmus
    Published by Boneless-Skeletor Ltd
    Administrated by Kobalt Music Group Ltd
    Immobiliare PTE LTD/Kiss Me Here, Inc.
    Administrated by Kobalt Songs Music Publishing
    From the album "Dark Matters", released by Playground Music Scandinavia (2017)