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  • This documentary, to me, was a good as any episode of House of Cards, and it gives a very interesting view of the office of the presidency. The reality that this movie makes plain, is 100 times worse than just Watergate. (Perhaps I still hold too much optimism in our government?) However, Nixon's own phone recordings and comments show the most unethical and corrupt president I could have possibly imagined until now. I challenge anyone to watch this documentary thoroughly and prove otherwise.

    I am positive, further back through the years, other presidents have performed worse actions. But, the fact that all this was taped is what makes this extremely mind-blowing. I cannot for the life of me, wonder why Nixon would have been stupid enough to record all of these conversations. He left his footprints all over the numerous crime scenes. I didn't think I'd really enjoy this one, but I was instantly glued!
  • jc-25623 August 2018
    On Nixon on Nixon documentary - A film clip of "Air Force One" from the Harrison Ford movie by the same name is shown - a 747 with its tail shot to hell. Needless to say that was not Nixon's AF1. Bad flub.