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  • I've been waiting for years for the Devils Carnival 2, and let me tell ya it was worth the wait. Not only do we have a wide selection of artist in it but the music was amazing! I would have to say it was better than the first. The ending is what blew my mind, a perfect ending, with a perfect song, and a perfect twist that really makes you want more! I'm hoping a third one comes out because I am so ready for it. This film went beyond my expectations, with the music, costumes, and dialogue.

    I highly recommend this movie to all who enjoy a dark musical and dark humor. Heck I recommend everyone giving it a shot, its that good.
  • In the interest of full disclosure, let me state right off the bat that I worked on this film.


    I've worked on other projects that I maybe didn't like all that much. This one is different.

    I've always been a huge fan of musical theater, having grown up working crew for various productions throughout my early years. Then I got swept away by the music industry, and all my focus rested there - until I somehow found myself watching 'The Devil's Carnival' and working on that film's social media. It brought me right back to my roots, and I've jumped at every chance to further that project and this, its sequel, ever since.

    When we were filming this one, 'Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival,' it became clear to me that what we were making went beyond the staid formula for musicals and indie films. We were pushing ourselves to create art that would transcend genre boundaries.

    After watching the film at the premiere the other night, I feel as though we succeeded. The music, of course, is absolutely wonderful - catchy songs, with vocals that fit perfectly with the vision set forth by the creators of this topsy-turvy universe. Visually, the film is stunning: the wardrobe and art departments completely blew my mind with their pieces, the makeup and prosthetics were truly fantastic, and the cinematography and lighting make everything come to life even more.

    I can't possibly say enough about the actors, from legends like Paul Sorvino and Ted Neeley and Adam Pascal (that voice!) to music icons like Emilie Autumn and Tech N9ne and Oghr, and all the other actors who you'd probably recognize from more mainstream projects (including super gorgeous humans Lyndon Smith and Briana Evigan and Kristina Klebe, to name a few). Each one brings something special to their character, a magic that you just can't write - it comes from within.

    I'm eternally grateful to have been part of this maddening, chaotic, wondrous world...and hope that everyone who watches this film enjoys it as much as I did.
  • johnobvich21 February 2016
    I found the movie to not be that great. Would it come close to winning an Oscar or even have a trailer on TV? Most likely not. It's really one of those movies where either you like the culture or you don't. I also am not a very big fan of Bousman. I've tried to be but I found the SAW movies that he did directed were the weaker movies of the series. Also his type of movies are not for those who are believers in God. Specifically in this movie he at times mocks God and religion in general.

    I also personally found it to really be a mess of a movie. The plot was hard to understand and I was left thinking if there even was a plot to it all. In fact the movie reminded me of the book series "Cirque du Freak" which was pathetically made into a movie called "The Vampire's Assistant." That's the culture this movie is for, those who like reading the Cirque du Freak series.

    Maybe this movie would be better as a live show?
  • toriu12 August 2015
    This movie was phenomenal! Definitely worth the wait. I encourage everyone to join this hellish (and heavenly) adventure! The songs and story have evolved into something outstanding. I loved the first movie and the sequel is no different, it passed all expectations! I loved getting a better understanding of heaven and seeing Lucifer plus all my other favorite sinners again. Over all, it has continued to prove it's worthy of being my favorite movie! Everyone's hard work more then definitely paid off and it was an honor to be apart of this project in every way possible. If you love dark musicals, please check this one out. You will not be disappointed!
  • I will admit, I wasn't sure where this one was going to go, but the creators delivered! The film has a longer running time, but still paces like the first, which helps diminish the 3 year gap between the two films. I was excitedly tapping (or stomping) my feet to the songs as the musical numbers came up. Like the first, I loved the characters and loved the story. If you are a fan of any of the performers and crew involved, or you loved musicals, this movie is for you, ESPECIALLY if you loved the first episode. Can't wait to see it again and again! Correction, can't wait to EXPERIENCE it again and again! Reviewing the movie here almost seems unfair. TDC was created to be experienced and consumed, not just watched!
  • I loved the first movie and initially had very high hopes for the second installment. But... I started to feel disappointment in what I perceived as too much too late, trying too hard and failing, based on the clips and info being released up until the premiere (last evening). I had already planned to fly out to see the movie, and remained loyal to that commitment....

    The film blew my mind. All my doubts, questions... all of them were answered. The music, visuals and acting was perfect. My biggest worry was if they could bridge the gap from the first film, and still bring something new. What I watched was beyond even my wildest expectations and I'm so glad that I went ahead with it! There were a lot of new (to the films) faces and while that could have been disastrous, it was exactly the opposite.
  • Oh that's right Folks. Be Prepared...

    After you take the fall. Once Again!!! You can't help but fall for this over the top, Musical Madness. I'm a huge sucker for whats new. But, this is something all us Carnies have been waiting for.

    Its been quite some time since we all have " Slithered in the Mudd." Its that wonderful music that has brought us all together once again. Alleluia is filled with new characters, and some of our old favorite ones. But don't be fooled, this story has more that we could have ever asked for.

    Our Dark Lord has a plan. And his carnies are preparing for the Word, since we last heard, "The Rules are Changing, We are going to War." Heaven, God, and his agents are getting ready as well.

    Alleluia will lift your dark little soul, and keep you coming back for more. The talent that is pulled together, to make this AWESOME project come to life, is more than we, or I, the fan. Could ever ask for. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! I LOVE THIS SOUNDTRACK!!!!! AND I DON'T WANT TO MISS ONE STOP!!!! The feeling of going back to the Carnival once again is a feeling i cannot describe. I'm just so happy that's its back.

    So, when it comes to your town. Please, just come check out this peace of Alleluia AWESOMNESS...

    Darren & Terrance and all The Members of The Devils Carnival. Congratulations. You've done it Again... That's how a Carnival Grows my son 3:)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Like many others I have been waiting less that patiently for this movie since the release of the original. In the end after a first viewing I've come out with mixed feelings tat leave me both excited and less than pleased.

    When it comes to the production Alleluia blows its predecessors out of the water. The visuals are amazing an it's clear that there was a much used budget for effects this time around. The easiest example I can cite is the opening sequence on the train and the 'sky' over Hell when we return below.

    In that same spirit the cast is amazing. David Hasselhoff as an over the top designer was hilarious and Barry Bostwick could convey more with one bulging eye than some actors can in a whole movie. Adam Pascal's Agent I found to be oddly sympathetic for being such a theoretically unlikable character. For Terrance Zdunich and Paul Sorvino I need only give a HAIL! and ALLELUIA!

    My complaint is with the execution of the story. In this installment we really only got one Fable and to me it started to feel like (no pun intended) they were beating a dead horse. What's more is we really didn't progress in the overall plot for having a nearly doubled run time. Yes we needed to set up Heaven but it would have been nice to see it in a series of back stories as with Hell than one single Fable for one single character that leads to nothing more than the first shot of the war at best.

    *SPOILER* If you are not an Emilie Autumn/Painted Doll fan... you might be better off just skipping this one.
  • You will not be disappointed! The new characters really brought a solid story & strong history to The Devil's Carnival (Part I)! The music was as good as ever! Thrilling to watch! I am already waiting for Part 3! The producers and directors have a certain knack of showing you (of expressing to the viewers/sinners) how these Aesop fables come to life and show you how the majority REALLY have things upside down. What a ride -- it is a way of riding out one's days to the fullest -- not by words in a fictitious book. From the very beginning to the very end -- I was engaged. I loved hearing the audiences reactions to certain songs & to some very powerful lines -- particularly from Lucifer -- as always!
  • I have to start this by saying I did work on the film last year. I have been waiting just as eagerly as everyone to see the final project.

    I drove out from AZ to the premier to catch all the fun in LA. I didn't have the chance to see the first installment on the road I have seen REPO! with shadow cast and knew what to expect (kinda) and I didn't want to miss it. This was 100% a great experience! I brought my mom as my VIP guest and she and I were completely blown away.

    The carnival side show acts didn't disappoint, saw some AMAZING costumes. Which by the way, if you were dressed up at the premier GOOD JOB! Walking into the film, I knew what everything looked like and you folks NAILED IT! The celebrities were all dressed to impress and were so very welcoming and friendly. Getting the chance to chat and catch up from a year ago was a blessing. The theater was a perfect fit. The crowd littered with the cast and crew. There was a band on stage playing original songs and were charming. Costumes and funny for the crowd. Terrance, Darren, Saar came to stage. Took the Pledge and introduced the film. I couldn't have been more excited to see how it was all pieced together. It was beautifully crafted. Eyes glued to the screen and a smile plastered across my face, I was so excited! People applauded and cheered as characters entered the screen and sang along with the film. Such a delightful time to see everyone show so much love and enthusiasm. I can't wait to see it again and would DO NOT MISS THIS in the theater.
  • A feature-length sequel to a 50-minute short, I had no idea what to expect walking into this film. It completely blew my mind at every turn - it's like an acid trip art film, yet it has EVERY ELEMENT of the classic golden-age-of-Hollywood films of legend. Old-timey color filters, silent-movie setting titles, period slang, capes on suits, catchy tunes, swing dancing, police brutality, Schutzstaffel armbands, and Adam Pascal in a dog collar.

    ....Okay, maybe a couple of those were left out of the old classics. My point is, this film is like no other. It's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes meets Fight Club. You can't dream this shiz up. Unless you're Terrance Zdunich, of course. Then, I'd imagine, it'd be all you ever thought about.
  • kristiane-chappell13 August 2015
    I got tickets to be at the world premiere the day they went on sale. I had high hopes and this went so far above what I was expecting even. My fiancé and I have bought tickets to see the movie when the tour comes back to our area at the end. I can't wait. I won't spoil it for the first time viewers but suffice to say the cast (including several really cool additions)do an amazing job. I was a little leery of a few of the new choices, such as David Hasslehoff but he was perfect for his character. Emilie Autumn was as always, incredible. I think the music from this one is even more amazing than the first one. They outdid themselves. :)
  • zootsgirl1512 August 2015
    the first film was so unique and incredible and this one is no different! From the music to the sets to the costumes, this film is an amazing work of art with incredibly dedicated and talented cast and crew. We are brought into heaven and given an insight into God and the back and forth fighting between himself and Lucifer. All cast gave incredible performances. The most striking were God, Lucifer, and the agent. The translators brought a twisted comedy relief and were the perfect mix of funny but also terrifying. And June was the most relatable. Full of ambition and hope and a little bit of mischief she was one of my favorite characters. Being introduced to heaven was fun but also being reintroduced to hell and new hellish characters was amazing! The wait was worth it and I can not wait to watch it again and again!
  • I don't want to waste my time or yours by reviewing Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival in too much detail (I've wasted enough time already by watching it). Essentially, if you dug the first film, then the chances are that you'll enjoy this second instalment which delivers even more of the same: freaky characters singing their hearts out about God only knows what (God, in this instance, is played by Paul Sorvino).

    If, on the other hand, you found the first film to be insufferable garbage loaded with tuneless songs and irritating characters, then this sequel will have you climbing the walls with its incomprehensibility and calculated weirdness.

    As you have no doubt guessed, I fall into the latter camp. Never has an hour and a half felt so long.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    most sequels are a copy/paste of the original idea. obviously, if part 1 worked so well, it makes sense to use the same formulas for part 2 right?


    thank all carnies that the creators of the original devil's carnival aren't dull. alleluia shares the same dark, quirky tone as part 1 but definitely carries its own brand of absurdity.

    a majority of the movie is set in a heaven swathed in 1930s glamour -- replete with impeccable dress, impeccable manners, and impeccable style. overshadowing all is god (i mean paul sorvino), a dictator who forces every denizen of heaven to operate as cogs within a highly regimented business. like the carnival of hell, there are rules, lots of rules, and one must abide by the rules at all times.

    alleluia is a true musical -- story is established through song and, because it's the devil's carnival, the songbook runs the gamut between jazzy notes, Asian instruments, stage show tunes, and heavy minor chords. the crazy mix more than anchors the fantasy and brings to life each bizarre personality (yes, that IS David hasslehoff as the designer). the cast is fantastic. not all of them are singers but they nonetheless flavor each song with unique interpretations.

    we see mainly through the eyes of june (emilie autumn) and her journey becomes the origin story of the painted doll. in essence, it's the familiar battle between the little guy against the big bully. and here's the thing...movies are first and foremost meant to be entertainment. but the best art transcends mere entertainment and leaves the audience with thoughts to chew on. alleluia does not miss the opportunity to pose questions that universally affect everyone...when do rules harm more than help? why do we punish curiosity? is obedience blind or is love blind?

    maybe i'm projecting and imagining those extra levels of meaning. but that, i think, is what make alleluia more than just pretty visuals and music. it has successfully stuck its claws in my brain and making my gray matter work overtime. that is a most welcome intrusion.
  • roelvbreukelen26 September 2019
    One has to wonder with all these 10 star reviews wether this could be a hidden gem. However it's something you'd prefer to stay hidden. The acting is soso, the props are decent, the script is abysmal. You will want to stab yourself in the eyes while watching it to lessen the pain.

    My advice is to skip it. If you still want to watch it, put in earplugs and blindfold yourself, it's the only way to "enjoy" this "movie".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I may have watched these on dvd, so the quality was not 4k....*spits * But this movie was just not as great as the first. The first film had a darker, more engrossing atmosphere, literal revolving around the Devils Carnival. This second movie,however, deals more with what happens afterwards, and shows some prequel material that lead to the whole situation in the movies long before. But the whole heaven having a 30s-50s big band kinda feel, was too lame. It just didnt work. What I would hope is that there is a third and final film and it gets darker and cooler. THe intro on the train with Alleluia being chanted and the souls furnaced to ferry the souls of the damned into heaven was the catchiest part of the whole movie. 5/10
  • heksubah-114 September 2015
    I went to the first Devil's Carnival Roadshow and have been anticipating this sequel for the last three and a half years. It did not disappoint. From the beginning it laid out a movie that started as a slow smolder and built itself into a raging inferno of delight to the senses and emotions. The story that had rendered such a visceral Hell now flips the coin and shows you what balances the other side of the scales. I was delighted with the cast and have to say Tech N9ne, Jimmy Urine and Chantal Claret stuck out as gleaming gems in their roles, but then... there was no cast member that disappointed. The end crescendo left me bouncing in my chair and wanting to see the third and fourth... and more! Always more! Always alleluia!
  • Where do I even start? The movie looks fabulous. Costumes, sets, every detail contributes beautifully to the whole. The makeup, which was great in the first movie, somehow looks even better this time around. The music appeals to a wide variety of tastes--no wonder, with such an eclectic group of musicians in the cast--and if you don't find yourself dancing along to the Ark, you should have your ears checked.

    The casting is spot on. When I read elsewhere that Emilie had never done any acting, I confess that I was nervous, but her portrayal of June is lovely. It was clear that she did a lot of work developing the character. Chantal Claret and Jimmy Urine steal the show in the best way possible. I hope to see more of Lyndon Smith in the future (and that she'll get a whole song in the next installment, because her voice is angelic.) I have nothing but praise for the actors.

    Without any spoilers, let me say that the story is the best I've seen or read in years. Terrance Zdunich has taken Milton's sympathetic Lucifer and elevated him; unlike Milton, he hasn't chickened out and turned the Morning Star into a villain to satisfy popular opinion. At the same time, he doesn't completely polarize the characters. There is a lot of gray area in both Heaven and Hell (although we're clearly supposed to root for the latter). The movie is thick with references to history and musicals, building its own fully realized world, and rich with parallels to other works.

    Although the first will always be one of my favorite movies, "Alleluia" has claimed the top spot in my heart. (Sorry, "Return of the King.") Bousman and Zdunich's collaborations are always exciting. This time they've created something truly sublime.
  • redanhemma4 August 2016
    I've been looking forward to this ever since I saw the first movie. It was definitely good, I thoroughly enjoyed the story (which was actually more of a prequel) and it was nicely done with sets, costumes, lighting, special effects, etc. I think it wasn't made quite as clear as it should have that most of the movie was a flashback, I got the impression that the flashback parts were just a parallel story line until near the end when it became obvious what the backstory was, although I won't go into more detail on that because it would be a spoiler. My main issue with this movie was that the music just didn't get to me. The first movie had some really catchy tunes ("Grief", "Beautiful Stranger", "Grace for Sale", etc.), as did Repo! by the same creators, but the songs in this one felt a little too... Staggered, for a lack of better words. They just didn't stand out. The only one that really appealed to me was "Hoof and Lap". Aside from that, this was interesting and I do hope they make a third one, because this really leaves you wanting more!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So far, I think the Terrance Zdunich/Darren Lynn Bousman writer/director combo is just great with its musicals. I adore Repo! The Genetic Opera and I really liked the original Devil's Carnival in spite of its faults. So I was fired up about this film like you wouldn't believe. However, the problem I had with that is that I originally saw The Devil's Carnival through a friend and I had tried on and off ever since to try and find the original and had no luck, but with both movies just recently being sold on iTunes I bought both movies without even thinking twice. And...yeah, this is a much better movie than its predecessor.

    Okay, in the original film it ended with The Devil deciding to start a war with God after he found out he could forgive everyone of their sins "cheaply" and send them to Heaven. In the first film it primarily focused on Hell. This film decides to focus on Heaven and is a pseudo prequel to the first and focuses on the character origins of Painted Doll (aka Emilie Autumn). One of the problems this movie has is that I really wish it tried to tell the origins of a few of the demonic characters and how they fell...for example, imagine hearing the origins of The Twin or Hobo Clown. At double the running time of the original film, it had every chance to make that happen. As is, just feels like Bousman showcasing Emilie's talent and saying "Yes, I CAN make a credible musical with her in it" in preparation for her own musical "The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls". I'm ALREADY psyched up for that. This movie doesn't need that angle to get me excited.

    So the plot is that, in preparation for the upcoming war, The Devil anticipates that Heaven would send a character called The Agent (Adam Pascal) to try and sort everything out. So he reads a story to a cloaked figure about what happened to June (Painted Doll) and how she was kicked out of Heaven. It turns out Heaven is a 1984/Bioshock world where everything looks like it came out of the 40's and a character called the Watchword (Barry Bostwick) spies on everyone for sins that could send them to Hell and each inhabitant has to assume a job with actual higher ups in Heaven comparing it to Noah's Ark.

    One thing that I SHOULD warn people about though is remember how I said that the last film had ended with The Devil preparing to start a war with God...the farthest we ever get in this film is the first attack. I don't mind that as we had to at least see Heaven first but, for those that want the epic war of the'll just have to wait for Devil's Carnival 3 for that.

    There is one thing in this film that actually helps one of the biggest problems in the previous film - in the last film a girl called Tamra was sent to Hell for trusting too much...seriously. This film helps that out by saying that the God in this world is a knifing prick with double agendas and manipulating people into feeling worse about themselves, even if they've done nothing wrong (he asks The Agent to watch over June and seduce her and there's no other way to see it other than he KNEW that she'd take that forbidden book - the one with the apple on the cover...yes, seriously - and be sent to Hell), this goes without saying, if your religiously catholic, don't watch this because, I guarantee you, you WILL get offended. Me personally...I think its an interesting take on religion, to tell you the truth. I'm neither one way or another when it comes to religious beliefs but making God out like that, while it has been done before, its quite interesting.

    So...considering this is a musical, how are the songs? Again, this has been improved since the last film. The song "Hoof And Lap" has been stuck in my head for days! "Fair Game" is also a much better song for The Twin as a character to be showcased in than "Beautiful Stranger" (although honestly I like both songs) and as far as I can remember, the only really bad song in this movie is "The Watchdogs Hour" (sorry can't sing anymore!) whereas the original had at the very least two - "The Devil's Carnival" (which is briefly in Hoof And Lap and works a lot better there) and "Kiss The Girls" which appears in a sequence thats entirely pointless and for a 55 minute film...thats impressive. Also, considering we get a lot more songs from both Heaven and Hell, they both have their own distinct sounds which is something I admire as it would be easy to make them both sound alike in each and every way.

    Overall, this movie is definitely not for everyone and I may be bias in saying this but...I really liked it and I'd love to see more from this film series. If your interested in a musical that does everything it can to try and push boundaries in how they're made, and you happen to be a fan of Repo!, I'd suggest checking it out but if none of the above sounds like your cup of tea...I'd seriously suggest giving the entire series a miss.
  • I was so glad I got to see this in NYC! Incredible movie with a wonderfully imaginative cast of characters. A captivating story taking place in a thoroughly interesting universe. And the soundtrack! This soundtrack, along with the soundtrack from the first movie, and the soundtrack from Repo! The genetic Opera are CD's 4, 5, and 6 in my cars CD changer respectively =o) I cannot WAIT until the next one. The story has me thoroughly hooked. The characters are so alive, and you can't help but care what happens to them. The relationships between characters make it difficult to fixate on any one side, as both sides of the conflict have very interesting story arcs..