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  • Shigatsu wa kimi no uso is an anime to what nobody stays indifferent. I started watching it because i was bored and liked the style of the cover. At first i thought that the anime was going to be good but inevitably full of clichés: a guy who plays the piano, a girl with who he falls in love,.. but as the characters were presented i realized it was nothing like that. The main character has a deep personal and sad story beneath it, the girl he meets is nothing like the typical girl either. The anime avoids the clichés that naturally come with a love story, there's something like a love triangle there too, or should i say, a love square? The sound track is perfect , the performances of the musicians breathtaking and with some suspense because you never know how it will go. If you're sensitive like me it will even make you tear up..even the secondary characters are interisting and well developed. I have no flaws to this beautiful anime which moral is that we all have the courage to overcome our fears despite our past and follow our passion
  • waka_logan21 February 2015
    Hey guys, this is the first time I have written a review for anything, but I just felt like it was necessary for this anime which in my opinion is very underrated. OK, so don't let the genre of the anime shy you away, even if you aren't into music it will definitely drag you into its world of hardship laughter and sorrow. The main character, an ex celebrity pianist losses his way and goes on a journey of a life time to re light a withered fire, but has has unexpected hardships along the way. This anime will keep you guessing, leaving you wanting more. It's not your typical love story " he falls in love with girl, happy ending" It portrays a very real life love triangle, depth and situation that its set in. I have no flaws with this anime, it's near perfect, Sound track, visuals and plot deserve 9.9/10. You will not be disappointed.
  • Most of the popular anime are based on action (Fullmetal Alchemist) or suspense(Psycho Pass). This, I started watching it because of its name. The name was really different.

    I'm really glad that I saw it. It is a beautiful anime, that expresses a lot of feelings most of us can't express in words. All emotions, whether happy or sad, have been expressed really beautifully.

    There are a lot of things that I feel and I never knew how I could express them. I'm sure there will be a lot of you who feel the same, but you won't know because I still can't express them in words. But knowing that they can be expressed in other forms really makes me feel better.

    If you watch it with subtitles, do keep your speakers on. There is a lot of music in the show that makes the show extremely special.

    Do watch.
  • I as well, have never written any review for anything. But I think this anime was a real masterpiece, so I have to do it justice! I can't even begin to explain how it touched my heart. Even if you're not into romance anime, or you're not into music, or even you're not into anime at all, you really have to watch it. The story is simple and not very new or inventive, but yet, the storytelling, the amazing art (Oh my God, the art and animation was ammazing!!!) , the fantastic music, the lighting, montage and direction, had made a simple plot into the best series I have ever seen in my life. everything is in place in this anime, and even when I felt a character or event was out of place at first, it would beautifully come into place and contribute to the whole plot and it's main purpose. I truly felt "This is Art" in the last episode. If you watch this anime (which you definitely should!) be sure to watch it till the end, because the last episode is unbelievable, a true true masterpiece.
  • NerdyNinja4919 July 2016
    This show originally peaked my interest because I myself am a musician and I had yet to see and anime about that particular part of a student's life. I'm sure there are more out there.

    This one is very good. The entire time I was watching, I was caught between scoffing at how over the top the characters' emotions are and needing to watch five more episodes. About every single one ends with a cliff hanger, so don't start this one if you aren't prepared to be watching for a while.

    I will admit a few scenes brought me to tears. I identify with the stress performances can bring to individual and this show outlines it perfectly. It also has a lot of great character moments, the force that really drives the plot.

    It's sappy, it's cute, it's sad - what more could I ask for from an anime?
  • Your Lie In April is really a very interesting anime which will make you imagine with anxiety of what would happen next.It revolves around the life of piano prodigy Arima Kousei whose life takes a turn after his mother's death who is not able to play piano any further.

    But his life takes another Topsy turvy turn after he meets a brilliant violinist Kaori Miyavano who helps Arima in overcoming his dark past and the way through which he does it is really amazing.The emotions and the friendship,love as well as the quotes which they both share is really amazing and a pleasure to watch.

    While Kaori helps Arima in overcoming his past, she is also suffering from her own problems and for sure this anime will make your eyes teary. Along with the great plot and story, this anime also has great music in it and the character development of Arima is surely amazing and very very mature. Hence guys i would surely recommend this anime if you are interested in romantic as well as school anime,as people you are surely missing an amazing story and a wonderful yet sad journey.
  • What an experience it was watching this anime. This is something every one should watch regardless of the specific interest. How will it get you ? with Pain, Love and Music ! Not a fan of music based movie/series and i was avoiding this anime for a while for it but finally boredom and "don't have anything interesting to watch" made me watch it and i don't regret it ! First, lets talk about the character developement, its amazing, it unveils the true nature, what they feel and the past of each character at the right time. Characters are unique and well thought out.They really give the time on The Main protagonist (Kousei Arima) but he won't be your favourite. The Plot seems cliche, 'Pianist Boy Falls in Love with Violinist girl' but its not. This anime is very different from what it seems like and if not way better. The animation is great and the soundtrack is better, with classical music being the highlight of the anime. Although this anime, in my pov don't make a great 'empowered by music' show, Maybe because i'm not interested in classical Piano music. The one part i don't really like about it is its overly dramatic background monologues. It doesn't occur often (Only when he plays the piano) and some of them are AMAZING and actually leaves a big 'on point' notes and the rest is just too long. But it didnt matter to me at all because this anime is such a emotional roller coaster and the Ending makes it a worth while ride. Don't wanna give too much out but the end (what's supposed to be a very depressed ending to the story) will leave you with this heart warming and heart wrenching feeling that takes quite a while to forget. Some would want it to end differently but personally it couldn't be any better. PS: giving this a 9/10 simply because there isn't such a thing called perfect and it's the flaws that makes it what it is.
  • Tweekums27 March 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Protagonist Kousei Arima is a piano playing progeny; as he grew up is mother pressured him to play every note perfectly. This led him to be dubbed the 'human metronome'. When he is eleven his mother dies and he suffers a breakdown; no longer able to hear the notes he plays he stops playing the piano. Then, a couple of years later he meets Kaori Miyazono; a free spirited girl who plays the violin and she brings him back to music. Their styles are totally different; he plays every note exactly as it is written while she plays pieces as she wants to… her deviations might not please competition judges but the audiences admire her passionate renditions. Over the course of the series Kousei must come to terms with his past as he accompanies Kaori then deal with her absence when it becomes apparent that she is seriously ill and if her operation is unsuccessful she could even die.

    Every new season there will be several anime series that are full of clichés and interchangeable characters… this is not one of those. This is one of those series that feels quite different and keeps anime so interesting. The use of classical music seems a little surprising at first but here it works so perfectly it seems obvious. The performance scenes are beautifully animated; capturing both the sound and emotion of the performance. The bitter sweet story is told in a way that the end is not obvious before the final episode. The characters are interesting; one can't help caring about Kousei, with his tragic past, and Kaori is an utter delight whose personality lights up the screen; especially when she is performing. While these two characters dominate the series they are supported by a good selection of secondary characters who also contribute nicely. The character designs are pretty good and the animation is stunning; especially during the musical scenes. Overall I'd certainly recommend this emotional series.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
  • e-8762431 December 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    When I started watching this series at first I felt boring and it seems to be a simply love story with youth.I continued watching because of it's highly recommended by a friend of mine.But by following the story line I felt somethings deep in my heart is itching.Writer perfectly hided the situation that heroine was facing to so when I feel things finally get clear,it also comes to the edge of collapse. *Spoil Alert* When I finally saw the picture which is treasure to heroine,I started to realize her real purpose,I started to know the lies that she made,they are so beautiful that my heart could not help crying for her.She can only be "friend A" to him but she couldn't see him gradually depressed by the death of who he loved.So she start running that April,leading her love,her hope,and that which touch me so much when I thought that I cried enough for anime. *Alert End* "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso",in beautiful lies of April,one gets out of hell and one goes into heaven.
  • The animation, characters, humor, themes, music, plot, everything was so wonderfully woven together. Such an emotionally impactful show in so many ways. The way music is used as the driving force for so many relationships is outstanding.

    The show took off like it would end up as a very typical romance/coming of age series, but as it progressed that became less and less the case. The way the characters interacted was at times very comical and over-the-top, but that just makes the more somber and soft moments stand out even more.

    You get to see the multiple layers of the characters, from the silliness to the internal struggles they faced, with music being the connecting force throughout. Music wasn't only shown as a force of good, but also bad in how it had an affect and was used by the characters.

    The romance aspect is even more hard-hitting as you get to the end. It feels so hopeless yet beautiful and endearing at the same time. A romance at a much deeper level than one would commonly expect from a show with the beginning aesthetics of this one. The characters become much more powerful as a result in the way they impact the viewer and the profound impact of music is made all the more potent.

    It isn't the fastest moving plot, and at times one could feel impatient, yet I felt as if that was a necessary approach for what it was trying to say. The quotes from this show are mesmerizing and the dilemmas presented are indeed thought-provoking and emotionally heart-wrenching.

    This is one of the greatest romances I've seen, and one of my favorite anime series no doubt. I wouldn't have tried it out otherwise, but seeing so much buzz about it got me curious and I'm truly glad I was able to be moved by it.
  • Your Lie in April. Such a masterpiece. A Magnum Opus, you can call it. It even forced me, a real lazy person, to get up and type this in the hopes that more people can enjoy it. I find myself at a loss on how to praise this anime more, having read the other reviews. Arima Kousei, the human metronome, trained by his mother to be a machine that wins competitions. But the incident at an young age leaves him tone deaf. With such a disability and a fear of music itself, he stops playing the piano. But as the series progresses, this hidden diamond of a genius is slowly unearthed and his inner artist revived. Such a simple,undoubtedly used before, generic plot to be honest. But it is anything but that. Because this story is just wonderful. A tale with classical music bringing it to life. With characters who all have their own story, who are all facing their own problems. Throughout my experience watching this, I found myself conflicted over several events. Because really, you can't hate anyone no matter what. Arima's hidden past came as a shocker to me, but its consequences a tearjerker. It always had me on the verge of tears. Never crying, just on the verge. But at the ending, it was like a dam had broken as all of my emotions came gushing out. Joy, Grief, Rage, everything. Because it was so perfect, yet not perfect. It gave me a new perspective on life. Absolutely recommend it as a must watch anime. Even after typing this, I feel as if I haven't yet done it justice.Just watch it you guys xD
  • This anime is a piece of art. It makes me wish that I saw life so beautifully and with so much emotion. The classical music and intense descriptions of what the characters Kousei, Tsubaki, and Kaori experience throughout their musical pieces ran me for quite a journey. If I were to rate the situations that the characters go through on a scale of realism, I think that such experiences in real life can only really happen to certain people with real perceptions of what life should be. Then again I could be just strange. It's only my opinion.

    This anime, unfortunately wont be as enjoyed by those who aren't seeking in their life what this anime offers emotionally (Particularly the good parts.) (Again my opinion).
  • 'Your Lie In April' has got to be one of the most emotional anime out there regardless to anyone who watches it. It portrays the true meaning of music which if questioned, real music is and still to this day and era, Classical Music. It brings unexpected emotion and feelings into Classical Music and teaches its audience the beauty of it. Moreover, the plot was very well written. It is true that the anime focus a lot on the quote 'Music speaks louder than words' telling its audience that certain things simply cannot be expressed with simple words. The character development is extremely well rehearsed too. The producer simply do not just focus on Kousei and Kaori's personal problems but other characters too. The producer also try to make this anime as realistic as possible showing its audience the reality of life as it is now and how we shouldn't always make excuses to give up. I would more than be happy to give this anime a 10/10 however the ending was not up to everyone's approval. However it is precisely because of the ending that makes this anime so beautiful. After all nothing in life is perfect. So a 9/10 is perfect for Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The reason for my 9/10 instead of a 10/10 is because this was spoiled slightly for me, I urge you if you haven't seen this series, GO WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY BEFORE READING ANYTHING ABOUT IT, TRUST ME!!! you have been warned

    Wow, just, wow. How can something so completely awesome exist? I mean, its the only show with lips!!! Anyway, this show is a near masterpiece, it would be one if i hadn't been spoiled on it. The characters were developed beautifully, and the shows external message got across just fine. The music, OH GAWD THE MUSIC. It is chalk full of classical remixes, originals, and classics. Just figures when you make a show ABOUT music, you have great music. The story is one of the best points of this show, aiming to make you cry within its first arc! I swear, if you didn't come near to tearing up, you have no soul. Coming from A- 1 pictures, you know its going to be beautiful, they ARE the ones behind Kill la Kill and Anohana. OVERALL: One of the best anime from the 2000's - 2010's.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The characters within this anime are complex creatures that cannot seem to find the right words to express their emotions, so instead they turn to music as a tool to convey what they want to say. After watching this anime, I can honestly say that I too have lost the ability to string words together to explain this masterpiece. In every sense of the word, this is a MASTERPIECE, even with its often considered flawed aspects; for instance, the depiction of the characters at different ages, or the sob-fest of an ending (which made me curl-up and heart achingly cry three times) that some may hail as an ending that could have been better. Throughout this anime, you witness the characters mature in every aspect they can (physically, mentally, and emotionally), while you yourself grow as well. Whether your growth is in your appreciation for classical music these characters play and respect so well or for the majestic scenery in this anime that is simply called art, you will grow in some way while watching it. I have watched countless anime with versions of the same story retold with different minor details, but never have I seen or even read something like this. This story is one so realistic and complex that every time you think you understand a character or where a plot line is going to lead, the writer takes you on a different journey while leaving little crumbs that will reveal another misguided thought about a character or plot. Some may read this and think I am over reaching in my praise and enthusiasm for this anime, while others may say I am not doing the show justice enough; either way a person leads, one cannot deny that this anime is something else and of something quite unexpected. I, like many other review writers for this anime, never find myself writing reviews, so for me to write one for this show speaks volumes about its potential. Do not pass up on this show because you may not like classical music, romance anime, or believe this show to be cliché because this series is truly a masterpiece even with its flaws (which if I'm being honest, the age depiction problem could simply be conveyed in the mind as not a mistake by the creators, but a showcasing to the audience that during the year in which the time-line for the series takes place, these kids have developed and lost their child-like innocence/wonder because of the inner and outer demons they face throughout the year, so their younger versions are made to look similar, even though they are different ages, because they have not faced these demons yet...but that is merely my frame of mind since I did not find the different age depictions to be an issue in terms of the overall affect and carrying out of the story). I kind of went on a tangent just then, but that is what this show does. It makes you reflect and think. My advice, watch the show and form your own opinion because you cannot fully judge this show in either a bad or good way until you get to the last episode (the last episode is truly breathtaking). Give it a chance and I bet it will surprise you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Knowing nothing about the show, I stumbled upon it on Netflix with it having an overall 5 star rating. I thought "wow, this must be great!" I had no idea just how great.. The artwork, the detail in every emotion and background scenery had me sucked in from the get-go. I know nothing much of classical music, nor do I play any instruments.. but nonetheless, I was drawn in and found myself wishing I had learned piano a long time ago! The storyline, every obstacle, I was captivated the whole time. It's a must watch! I watched all 22 episodes in one sitting with zero regrets. The way they portrayed their emotions in their performance, captured the background history of their childhoods and manifested the true bonds of their friendship and love for each other.. I was drawn to tears multiple times. Truly a beautiful show. I might just watch it all over again sometime. 10/10! Thank you for this masterpiece! Here's hoping I can find more shows alike!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show follows the interactions and adventures of Kousei Arima and his friends Tsubaki, Watari, and Kaori. Kousei was more or less indoctrinated by his mother at a very young age to be a world-class piano prodigy. She forced him to practice day in and day out, withheld food and sleep until he perfected each song, and even beat him until he bled when he didn't do well enough. After she died due to failing health, Kousei stopped playing because it brought him too much grief, reminded him too much of his past failures, and he couldn't hear the notes. Two years later, he meets Kaori Miyazono, a capricious and entrancing violinist who reignites his love of music through borderline insane passion and drive. Kousei constantly tries to wiggle out of performing alongside her or merely performing at all, but Kaori won't have any of it, even when he stops mid- performance as her accompanist due to a mental breakdown.

    Let me just say that this series showcases the fact that anime is an unparalleled art form. First, the visuals, animation, and music pieces will take your breath away. Second, the character interactions and chemistry are top notch and amazingly entertaining. Tsubaki has been Kousei's neighbor for their entire lives and struggles to express her true feelings for him; she basically claims to be the big sister with him as her kid brother. Watari is the school soccer team's captain and a huge lady's man that ends up dating Kaori, which causes a love square to form between all four of them with each friend being rather dishonest about their feelings toward each other. Third, the continuous character introductions, motivations, and developments are great. We're introduced to more characters along the way like Eiza and Emi who have been rivals with Arima since they first saw him perform. They try and act like they hate him and would want nothing more than to see him perish in their spotlights, but, in the end, they back and take care of each other out of necessity because, otherwise, they'd have nothing else to aspire to. Kousei's mother turns out to be more complex than just the clichéd, abusive parent. She admits that she wanted to prepare him for the world and ensure he was set to go on once she passed away. Even though it didn't excuse her appalling actions, it surprised me to a satisfying degree. Kaori keeps getting more and more unpredictable with each new episode as well as more mysteriously sick. She ends up in the hospital quite often to the immense concern of all her friends. She never really opens up about her real thoughts and health problems until the very end, and it is, in a word, heartbreaking. To put it plainly, the last five minutes of the last episode had me hunched over clutching my chest with tears streaming down my face. Lastly, lots of emphasis is put on the stresses of growing up and moving on in life. Kousei, Kaori, Tsubaki, and Watari all have different goals and high schools they will be attending once they leave middle school. When Kousei admits to Tsubaki that he will be going to a prestigious music school, she runs off in an emotional wave of tears and anger in order to study hard enough to make it into the school closest to him. She just can't and won't let him go at all. Whether or not we like or agree with it, life takes you places that are sometimes out of your control. Friends come and go, chapters end and begin, and we all have to move on for our own sake. This show says it rather clearly: embrace what you like, hold on to the precious little moments, let go of your hurt, and carry on.

    In summary, "Your Lie in April" is a fantastic piece of entertainment. The characters are complex and charismatic, the story is heartfelt and offers beautiful twists, and the messages will resonate long after you finish. Even if you are not a fan of musicians or anime in general, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy in this series for better or for worse. So, I implore you to please at least give it a try. It will enthrall you, mesmerize you, fill your body with tsunamis of passion and drive, anger you, make you laugh, tear at your heart strings, and make you cry your eyes out.
  • Derache28 December 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Depression, PTSD, and death are all topics that everyone has been affected by in one regard or another. Your lie in April shows what it is like to have PTSD and depression whilst trying to fall in love. It also shows some of the thoughts behind obsession with a certain art, such as music, in comparison to a normal persons perspective. This show has some of the best musical scenes I have ever seen in a TV Series. I loved this show, and I don't think I will ever be able to forget it.

    I highly recommend this show.
  • Your lie in April is undoubtedly my best anime..It's beyond words So, many many many many countless thanks to you Mr. Naoshi Arakawa for giving this sooo beautiful anime series to us.. I cried a lot while watching your Awesome work.Thank u once again.. Thats all i wanted to say.. If I say something about Your Lie In April that would be unjustified towards this Beautiful work of Mr. Naoshi Arakawa..Everyone must see this I bet you'll cry even if you are tough from inside.. Thats all..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Your lie in April is a beautiful and heart warming anime that caught me by surprise. As I watched the whole show something caught me. This anime was different it was relatable and breath taking. Every second made you want more and you couldn't help but root for Kousei. At times I caught myself yelling aloud I was so connected! Speaking of Kousei the characters were fantastic and anything are but the main character's pals who mean nothing and don't drive the story. They do the exact opposite and its splendid to see a story where everyone means everything. The artwork is absolutely beautiful I haven't seen anything better. The cherry blossom trees through the sunlight brought shivers to me. Even the snow was a magnificent sight! And as for the music! I couldn't stop listening! Nothing could draw my attention away from it! I've listened to many classical pieces but the ones played in this show blow the others away. But back to being relatable, you can't help but feel for Kousei and the other characters. Going through problems most of us have. But what really got me and SPOILER ALERT (incase you haven't read the top). I wept at the end with Korami's death note. It made me feel sad that Kousei could've actually let her know his feelings. I couldn't help but feel for Kousei and get angry that his stupidity costed him the chance of a relationship with this girl. Finally with no absolute doubt this is my new favorite anime kicking sword art online out of the way. So I really REALLY encourage you to watch this show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As with several of the other reviewers, I've never written a review for anything I've watched but I felt compelled to do so for this title. Let me start by saying that I do not typically watch this type of anime, mostly sci-fi or fantasy for me. This is currently being streamed on Netflix and was highly rated and was a Netflix recommendation for me so I decided to give it a shot. I'm so glad that I did. It is easily one of my favorites, right up there with SAO and Gunslinger Girl. This anime draws you into the lives of the characters as the storyline develops and before you know it, you are completely enthralled and if you're a sap like me, you find it pulling on your heartstrings again and again. I just finished watching it and yet I find myself watching parts of it again and again, especially the final 2 episodes. I can't seem to get enough of this anime. That's how lovely, wonderful and powerful it is. The characters, the story, the animation, the soundtrack are easily among the best I've ever seen. Now, I don't want to give away too much but the reason I only gave this 9 stars - instead of the 10 it easily warrants - is because I felt that Kousei, upon realizing what was occurring with Kaori, would have professed his love to her. If not early on, then definitely during their rooftop encounter in episode 21. To me, that just seems to be the natural progression in his emotional reconnection to the world and with those around him. Almost all of this reawakening happening because of Kaori's ability to pull him up from the abyss he had sunken into. So for me, how could he deny her (and himself) this one thing given all she has done for him and how he feels for her? Did he do this because he was afraid of sharing his love with her? I don't think so because Kaori had a way of pulling him above any fears or misgivings that were consuming him prior to their meeting. And even though anyone watching these two interact would obviously see his love for her and vice versa, there's just something magical when someone actually tells you that they love you. Some might argue that this would have taken away from the power and beauty of the final episode, but I don't believe that one bit. To the contrary, I think it would have made it even better. Just as we were rooting for Kousei to come out of his funk and live again, I was rooting for Kaori to know that she achieved her dream of reaching him. I apologize for rambling on but I felt that I had to get this out there. If it's true that their is a live action film being produced, then I hope that they read this and at least consider some artistic license to change this one little thing. Anyway, if you are on the fence about watching this anime series, or even if you feel like it isn't your cup of tea, get over it and watch this series! You won't regret it! Update: After binge watching this yet again, I had to change my rating to a 10! Yes, I still believe what I wrote earlier about Kousei needing to reveal his feelings outright, but giving this a 9 just felt like an injustice! Because I can't get enough of this story, I'm planning on buying the English-translated manga, just to see if there's even more I can learn about the characters and story I love.
  • Your Lie in April, as of right now, is my 2nd favourite Anime series (right behind Steins;Gate). It's simply amazing on an emotional level and in entertainment value. The animation is easily some of the best I have ever laid eyes on. Not only is the art style so bright and colourful, but the music performances are animated to an exceptional level of detail and artistry; the final performance (Episode 22), in particular, is the definition of beauty and art.

    The music itself is also great. It's a series based on classical music and the soundtrack the creators used for this Anime was spot on. The music itself feels like a character on its own. Whenever you see Kousei, Kaori, Emi or Takeshi perform on stage, it's simply mesmerising to watch and listen to.

    The storyline here is simply wonderful. The main character, Kousei Arima, used to be a professional pianist at a young age, with his mother forcing him to go through many trials and tribulations to get to where he was. Tragically, his mother passed away and soon after, he could no longer hear his own notes, so his days of playing the piano were finished, but he is still clinging onto it two years later. However, once he meets a violinist named Kaori Miyazono, his life turns upside down and his role as a pianist becomes revitalised.

    I don't want to get into too much detail as to why the storyline is so beautiful and touching as I would be giving away major spoilers, but I will say that the story itself takes a very emotional turn as the series progresses and the development for Kousei's character is great, as you really see him grow as a person and a pianist, especially in the last episode. Each character in the show really feels essential to his development.

    Overall, Your Lie in April is an excellent Anime that I absolutely adore. It has quite possibly my favourite final episode to any Anime I've seen so far. If you love good music or want to see an emotional story that will tug at your heartstrings, then this is one I highly recommend you watch. It even has a lot of comedy to balance out the drama, so this show can get very funny too.

  • catlady8727 August 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This was a original and raw series. I love every single episode and found myself in tears or laughing out loud multiple times.

    The show has soft and beautiful artwork and a gorgeous classical music theme. Each characters development was delightful to follow and grow with.

    The story line was bitter sweet.. If definitely revolved around a love triangle and the tragedies and problems that arise with heartache. Plus the new introduced characters held as much value and the main four. There was definitely the normal anime references your used to, but it was backed up by such a overwhelming journey for the main characters.

    Well written and produced, thank you for creating such a wonderful anime.
  • In Europe, there is a common prejudice that Asians are the worst musicians because they always play the right notes. The Tokyo Philharmonic's playing is technically often superior to the Vienna Philharmonic's but devoid of the continental warmth and charm the latter brings to the music they play (if they feel like it, at least). "You Lie in April" acknowledges and tackles this problem with the story of a prodigy who has been pushed to his limits to play flawlessly, but slowly breaks free and learns to express himself through music -- a good set-up. Unfortunately, the storytelling fails on virtually every level.

    The series' protagonist is Kousei Arima, the aforementioned prodigy who was trained by his now-deceased mother to play a score exactly as written by the composer, garnering much apraisal in the local competition. After an operatically tragic turn of events it has however become psychologically impossible for him to play the piano, and he continues life as a normal school boy. After meeting spirited violinist Kaori his fire is steadily reawakened, as she wants to play together and supports Arima on his path to learn to express himself through music. But things take a turn for the tragic when history seems to repeat itself and Kaori is diagnosed with an incurable illness.

    It must be said that the way "Your Lie in April" portrays the performance and experience of classical music is beautiful, although there is a notable difference in quality between piano and violin. It is of course hellish work to animate violin playing, but here, where it is a main focus, it looks only slightly less agonising than in, say, "Hunter x Hunter" (2011). The playing itself is not bad, but not very impressive either. This is especially noticeable in contrast with the piano playing, which both looks and sounds great (it even took me a while to distinguish this étude op. 10, no. 4 from Pollini's masterful recording). The visual flair around this -- players being mentally transported to another realm, glowing lights flowing into the public -- is typically overstated, but one cannot deny the craftsmanship that went into the animation.

    Indeed, all of the series looks quite beautiful. The animators have opted for a glossy Makoto Shinkai-like aesthetic that is continually appealing. They are however a bit too fond of contrasting multicoloured environments and the most pleasant weather imaginable with striking melodrama.

    Yes, ironic that in a series about musicians, tone is one of the most problematic aspects. "Your Lie in April" generally presents the events in a gruesomely overstated manner: very sad characters looking very sad and proclaiming very sad words over very sad music in a very sad surrounding, alternated with sickeningly sweet moments, in which characters are bathing in light and showered with cherry blossoms, spouting asinine dialogue like "Maybe there's only a dark road up ahead. But you still have to believe and keep going. Believe that the stars will light your path, even a little bit. Come on... Let's go on a journey!"

    Compare this pretentious, cliché, and utterly superficial dialogue to Miyazaki's "The Wind Rises", another tale of artistry and love doomed by illness. Ghibli films have a very natural and human approach to characters that stands out in anime, stemming from Miyazaki's distaste of 'Otaku' and most of the industry in general. Or even better: compare this to "Erased", which tackled some similar issues, but dosed its emotions better, including the happy. The former is straightforward and natural, stoic but caring, the latter grave, yet tender and cautiously optimistic, whereas this series is so appallingly overdone it is hard to care about the characters' relationships at all.

    Furthermore, "Your Lie in April" makes the odd choice of inserting a large amount of stock anime humour that is always good for ruining momentum (take the first half of "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood"). This involves the characters being drawn as simplistic, big headed versions of themselves punching and shouting at each other for laughs. Firstly, it is hard to care about traumatic child-abuse if it was preceded by a Stan and Ollie routine, and secondly hard to laugh about such underhanded humour when played whilst one the participating characters is slowly and painfully dying of a terminal illness.

    Now, forgive me for stating the obvious, but "The Wind Rises" is a film and "Erased" a miniseries, whereas "Your Lie in April" is season-length. Hence, there is place to insert a love triangle, or even two: both for Arima and the childhood friend who tries to repress her crush on him. If this already seems like scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of storytelling, note the other side-plots, concerning i.a. two underdeveloped rival characters and a girl whom Arima has to train. These contribute nothing to the main story. Yes, the girl was assigned to him in order for him to regain the joy in music-making, but that was already the main plot's point. It is hard to shake the feeling that the creators were trying to pad out the series' runtime, culminating in a piano contest of minor importance that takes up three whole episodes, lengthened by exposition-heavy and utterly redundant flashbacks. And even then there is only 22 episodes. Would it have been such a shame to just commit to being a miniseries? As a result the narrative loses focus, which is a doubtful vice, seeing how it detracts from the horrifically handled main plot.

    It is remarkable for a series with such an admirable premise to feel so dishonest in the end. Both the drama and the humour are grossly overstated, and did not fit well together in the first place, let alone accompanied by two love-triangles and arbitrary filler. From a technical standpoint "Your Lie in April" may be very good, but its narrative is not only bad but, in a tale about art and terminal illness, a frequent offense to good taste. Compare how other, better anime have tackled these issues. Indeed, as not every orchestra can be the Vienna Philharmonic at its best, it may be preferable to play plain and precise like the Tokyo Philharmonic rather than running completely off the rails in a manufactures attempt to stand out.
  • Outstanding. An outstanding anime. That is simply how I feel about this show. Having finished it 15 minutes ago it may just be the emotion embedded in the last episode in me but I was blown away by this show. The musical numbers were perfection. The character arcs exemplary. It manages to avoid almost every cliché twist I thought I saw coming. My only critique is that I felt that during episodes 13-18 the story seemed to drag somewhat. It seemed quite weighed by what seemed by filler content and at times seriously hurt the pacimg of the episodes. But aside from that. A perfect anime
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