David Lamb: If you discover that one day you hate me and you're angry with me and that I've ruined your life, at any time, if I'm 90, you'll tell me, won't you?

Tommie: Gary...

David Lamb: You'll buy a pair of steel-toed boots and you will find me all alone and dried up and sick in a nursing home and you'll kick my fucking teeth in.

Tommie: Please don't say that.

David Lamb: You will outgrow me. You will forget everything.

Tommie: No, I won't.

David Lamb: A love like ours is expensive, right? Think of it that way. We pay for it by not seeing each other.

David Lamb: Imagine a place way better than this. Acres of pale grass. Slash of green, down where the tamaracks and cottonwoods grow by the river. You see all that?

Tommie: Well, sort of... okay. Go.

David Lamb: There's only one road to get in. El Rancho Road. It's still unpaved. You need a little black key to open it. Mountains taller than your eyes can see. Off to the side of the cabin, there's a shop. Inside it, there's a little wood stove. A little AM radio, and a bunch of my father's old tools. On the work bench there's a bunch of old pickle jars with rusted nails and half packs of cigarettes. You're not allowed to have any of those, okay? Beyond the shop, there's a set of bunkbeds. Looking out at the river at the river and the old, brown ragged horses that we keep.

Tommie: I love horses!

Tommie: How do you even know how to do all this stuff?

David Lamb: Well, I've been waiting 40 years for a moment like this. I figured in all that time, I'd have probably figured out how it'd go.

Tommie: But you didn't know about me that entire time.

David Lamb: No. You are a complete and total surprise.

Tommie: Good surprise?

David Lamb: Good surprise.

David Lamb: Don't ever forget this hurt. Don't ever forget the things that we've seen together, cause it'll save you. You will be an apple tree among all the ash-colored buildings of this city. You just need to close your eyes and take a deep breath and listen. Listen to the rain and the wind. All that rushing through you. That'll be me whispering to you. I'll be with you this way.

David Lamb: I just need a little space. I need to test myself. Clean out my heart. It's like an old crowded garage in there that needs tidying.

Linny: I don't know if you can tidy a heart. Not like you tidy a garage.