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  • I have to give the show a thumbs down. While the show is still called "Inspector Gadget", the episodes typically revolve around Penny. What a waste! And although Gadget's naivety is pushed to the max, all his other personality traits seem to be gone. What about his ironic over-protecting of Penny? What about how he falls for every pretty lady he meets? Why is Brain such a grumpy grump? Why is Penny so awkward? Also, the super high-tech background is so unnecessary. They already had their own technology in the original series. And I definitely don't approve of the forced romance between Talon and Penny. Don't even get me started!
  • When I first found out they were making a new Inspector Gadget series I was excited and happy since I grew up with the 80's Inspector Gadget. But seeing what they have turned it into made me really disappointed.

    1. The CGI is hideous and all the characters looks awful. I wish they would have gone back the 80's Inspector Gadget animation style. The 80's animation was beautiful.

    2. The writing is awful!

    3. What happened to Brain's character? He seems constantly angry/grumpy.

    4. What happened to Penny's computer book?

    5. What happened to Dr. Claw? In the 80's show he used to be a formidable foe, now he is just incompetent.

    6. The new character Talon was a bad idea.

    7. The voice casting is bad

    8. Episodes only last around 10 minutes.
  • The original 1980s Inspector Gadget is a classic, that's still funny, thrilling and well-animated and voiced with one of the most memorable theme tunes to an animated show ever. While expectations were very much mixed for this CGI reboot, anything does deserve to be judged on its own merits so a real effort was made in trying not to compare too much.

    Sadly this reboot is pretty poor, something that the original show's fans will find a slap in the face but actually it fails on its own terms too. The best thing about it is the voice work of Tara Strong as Penny, Strong is a very talented voice actress who performs to a consistently high standard and she brings charm and spunk to Penny (Martin Roach as Claw also has some nice moments in the quieter moments). Penny is also the least bad character in the show despite some awkward moments (especially with Talon), the only one to show any sort of personality, which is of charm and resourcefulness rather than the blandness and buffoonery that the rest of the characters show. The gadgets are sometimes pretty cool, though not as imaginative as the original show's.

    Conversely, while it was good that the reboot maintained Gadget's original main character qualities they lack the same spark, he may still be unintelligent and gullible but he's also annoying and bland by too much of a supporting character in his own show and taking credit for things he didn't do. Ivan Sherry tries his best and some may argue that he does sound like Don Addams, but to me it sounded like Sherry trying too hard to imitate Addams, except because the writing is vastly inferior here he lacks the comic timing. Instead of being formidable, Dr Claw is too much of a buffoon and it is way overdone, as aforementioned had some nice quietly menacing moments but they're outnumbered by the buffoonery which Roach also overdoes in the voice acting.

    Talon is an annoying and stereotypical character, and the writers did miss an opportunity by revealing his villainy too early. He and Claw have an interaction that is more reminiscent of Dr and Scott Evil in the Austin Powers films, which felt out of place and saw lots of forced dialogue, even more goofiness- intentional and unintentional- and lack of suspense. The romantic subplot made little sense, had little chemistry and is contrivedly written. Brain is not just underutilised and underplayed with grumpy being pretty much the only emotion he shows, but largely wasted. The writing is incredibly corny, often to an embarrassing degree, and the jokes are too silly, the few times they were good (i.e. the one with the bull in the second episode) they were just mildly amusing. Admittedly so were those of the original's, but they were done with much more charm and imagination and the timing was much crisper, here the worst of it is eyeroll-inducing. Any semi-seriousness that the stories have here are completely lost because the humour dominates so much, and unfortunately it's the kind that might pass muster for young children or those who are not expecting much but will embarrass adults and come close to offending die-hard fans.

    Inspector Gadget's (2015) story lines disappoint too, not only being too short but not very well paced, Dr Claw's schemes are rushed and too easily resolved (most of them are embarrassing, and enough to insult fans, somebody said that even Dr Evil would reject them and this viewer agrees) and the generally poor execution of the humour that dominates the show gives the show a laboured feel. It does very little with the formula or the 'inspecting' aspects, which get almost completely lost amidst all the additions the reboot brings. The animation is not very appealing apart from a few dynamic moments in the technological parts, a lot of the character designs are stiff and for CGI this is flatly coloured and hurriedly and sparsely detailed stuff, CGI has come on a lot when executed right but one wouldn't think so looking at the animation here. Musically, there is little memorable and, while one wasn't expecting the use of the old theme tune, surely they could have come up with something better than what they did come up with, this theme tune sounded like it was devised in minutes.

    Overall, not a complete waste of time but pretty poor. 3/10 Bethany Cox
  • izyweird31 March 2015
    Inspector Gadget was always silly so I can't be mad at the silliness in the new show. The jokes aren't horrible most of the time and Gadget himself is his normal useless brand of crazy. The animation is a nice stylized upgrade. Penny's technology upgrade is great, I wondered how they would work with her old book and this is a nice change. Speaking of Penny, always great to hear Tara Strong at work. Gadget's voice is a great impression of the original. The introduction of Talon struck me as a little off though, he is growing on me but he is like a goofy version of Scott from Austin Powers while Dr. Claw is more like Dr. Evil. I do like how he is competent though giving Penny a challenge. And of course most of the day's problems are solved due to Gadget being basically a creature of chaos with unpredictable actions. So it is far from perfect, the theme is lacking too, but over all there are far worse things out there.
  • l-6291127 December 2016
    Boom! Did you hear that sound?

    Something tells me another childhood favourite has bitten the dust and has been replaced by a lifeless CG version.

    Oh my, the word's gone out.

    It's poor old Inspector Gadget. Oh man, one of my big childhood heroes. We all know what the original series was like, it had good animation, funny jokes and memorable characters.

    But no, I'm not here to praise the original like some happy type of guy who just had his first taste of coffee, I'm here to say that this so-called "updated" version ain't worth your time.

    There, I said it.

    What, you want more? Alright then. I'll have to think of cunning ways to tell you why you shouldn't watch it.

    Ooh, I know.

    What if I told you that Inspector Gadget has been turned into an annoying and bumbling fool who falls other every time just to get a cheap laugh from the audience?

    Will that turn ya off? No. Okay, what if I told you that Dr Claw isn't menacing in the slightest and has an actor who overacts so much you'll pine for the days of Frank Welker?

    Oh and even better, what if I said he has a new sidekick who is irritating? Still not enough.

    Jeez, you're a tough one.

    Well, how about the ugly and unappealing animation that looks rushed and dull? Or the fact it's the usual Canadian toon that has 2 segments nowadays in one episode which means everything is rushed?

    Is that fine for ya?

    Hold on a minute, no one's here. Damn, must have been talking to myself.

    Sigh, I think I might as well stick a DVD of the old and far better Gadget on. And to anyone who was listening, don't watch it, it ain't worth it. There's only so much we can do with our lives...

    They completely changed the theme song and not for the better.

    Gadget is just not quite the same and he isn't very prominent in the episodes. Plus his gadgets seem to be a great deal more lame than they were in the original.

    Penny is featured too much and she relies heavily on a hand held computer.

    Brain seems to be stupid and always angry.

    Dr. Claw is quite lame and really not that menacing.

    The chief is always getting blown up and he seems to be rather unnecessary.

    Penny's friend is hardly ever in the stories and she is just kind of window dressing.

    The stories are not very interesting.

    Perhaps much younger kids will enjoy it. I am an adult and my whole family always enjoyed the original cartoon series. None of us really care for this version.
  • I admit that when I saw the first few episodes that I was not all that impressed by this sequel series. I missed the original theme song and the characters were just not quite the same. However, as the series moved into Season 2, and then Season 3, it gets better (or maybe you just adjust to the characters I don't know). You just have to get past expecting this to be some kind of reboot and see this for what it is; a newly designed series of Inspector Gadget.

    This series has some subtle adult content going on between Penny and Talon. Most kids, however, would be oblivious to what is happening.

    Inspector Gadget is even funnier in his level of bumbling into solving the cases he is assigned. Dr. Claw is just as silly as Gadget in choosing his villainous capers too.

    Bottom line: Some humor is more subtle than others. This humor in this series is not subtle; this series is designed to be so outwardly silly that you laugh at what is happening. Once you realize this, it is quite enjoyable to watch!
  • This show is very good. My wife and I grew up with the original series and I see this as an improvement. We have a 4 year old daughter and she loves it. The show is perfect for say 3-6 year old kids and fun also. I like the updates the more involvement of Penny the addition of Talon. The show actually has a running theme you can follow it. My daughter wants to play Inspector Gadget quite often she has seen all the episodes on Netflix more than once. We recently saw some of the old show on Hulu and viewing the two this is just so much better. Gadget in the original was just too dumb they left him dumb but in a more believable way. The people that hate this show I just think they don't have kids and see what kids shows are like and how good this is in comparison. I hope they make more episodes.
  • First off, I never saw the original, nor the two live action movies, so I have no idea what I might be missing, though I don't mind the 3D as much as some.

    Some users complain about the apparently new character Talon to match Penny, but I have to say, their classically Hawksian teenage banter between one good and one bad is mainly why I keep coming back. Maybe I'm a slobbering softy without knowing it, dunno. Oh, that and a helicopter in your hat ... how can you go wrong with that‽‽‽

    It's silly and fun and spies and constant explosions and malfunctions. Brilliant Netflix pick for the-day-after.
  • In my opinion, this show is amazing! I love it! It's quirky and funny and just overall adorable. Also, some other people have addressed their dislike for Talon, and I don't understand why you don't like him. He's great! Well anyway, just wanted to share my opinion. Later! (Btdubs you're doomed)
  • I personally loved it! I have not seen much of the original series, but I absolutely loved this. A lot of people keep comparing it to the original, an saying it's not as good, but this is a whole different series, not really a squeal. It's bright and fun, and besides a few underwear type comments, perfectly appropriate for all ages. It's not violent at all really, and they don't even shoot bullets, they shoot bubble gum. Which I kinda think is cute.

    I hear a lot of complaints on the animation, cause it's more 3D and such. But kids love that kind of animation, and i don't mind it. There is a tiny bit of light flirting and romance between Penny and Talon, a bit of a Romeo and Juliet type of thing, but it's not overboard or inappropriate for little ones. Honestly, Penny and Talon's interactions are one of the reasons I like this show so much. Also, some teens and adults like watching it too, so not always just for kids. There is actually a whole fandom online of fans.

    I loved this show, and would highly recommend it for kids, or anyone who likes a good and cute cartoon, with a bit of goofiness.
  • blytheandferb15 October 2015
    Inspector Gadget is certainly an interesting franchise. The idea of a bumbling agent who can barely do a good job could be tiring, but the idea works considering it spawned at least 3 shows. I don't remember much from the original shows, so I can't compare. As for this show, it's a lot of fun. The show is focused primarily on comedy, and it succeeds in that regard since each episode is super funny. Of course, there is still some semblance of a story. Despite the title, the protagonist in this show is Penny, Gadget's niece, and she's lots of fun. She's shown to be a pretty competent agent while having plenty of adorkable moments. It helps to have Tara Strong voice her. Gadget is incompetent, but I never get annoyed by him. Dr. Claw and Talon are pretty funny with how over the top they are. I don't really have anything to complain about. This show is great.
  • Even though it's now in CGI, all the characters from the 80s version are there with voices close enough to the original that it doesn't really matter. On top of that, the humor from the original is perfectly recreated in this version and there's multiple callbacks to the original series from the intro to scenes in the episodes.

    Perhaps the only thing I can be negative on is the new design of the Gadgetmobile and perhaps the new Dr. Claw but neither of those are truly jarring enough to make this a bad reboot. There's also a nice touch in using more modern technology like Penny's new equipment. If you're a fan of the original, give this new version a shot. It's worth it in my book.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love this show. The story is so good and I personally like that Penny is the main character. I never really liked the original Inspector Gadget series, but this series is something unconscious. I hope it continues, my heart would break if it weren't. Wonderful work, wonderful story and characters.❤ <3
  • I saw this on Netflix and got excited because now my kids and watch another one of the shows I grew up with and not have to suffer through the old one with bad sound and animation. It's hard for me to old stuff since animation has improved so much. I can not get enough of computer animation and wish they could re do everything like this. Penny is great and I love that she can view stuff high tech instead of that clunky computer. Talon is a nice touch, you gotta put someone new in there right? I love his name. I think its so much better then the old one. Dr. Claw is my favorite I love his voice and as hard as he tries to be evil he is actually pretty funny, I like him much better then the old Claw. My kids are obsessed with the show and I hope the seasons continue. They did a fantastic job with it. Me and my husband both watch it with our kids and we both very much enjoy it.