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  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's a tradition for the New York Times to include some of the most lauded actors of the year in a little collection of snippets and this is exactly what they did as well back in 2013 for "Making a Scene". And the collection of writers isn't bad either if you take a look at the names just like notable cinematographer Janusz Kaminski who directed this one. Unfortunately I must say that I found neither of these little movies very memorable or well done. NYT has done better in the past with more creative approaches. Here, it is one actor per scene in a specific scenario, sometimes absurd, sometimes dangerous, sometimes strange. All in all, it may be a solid watch if you really love some of the actors in here, but this was the case for me too and I was still pretty underwhelmed. Not recommended.
  • It is kind of funny..

    In about one minute, with an actor, a few words, a cool song on the background and a beautiful photography... Just that, or all that... And it is artsy...

    As I wrote at the top, it really feels like a bunch of advertising... Advertising what? Movies, Hollywood, even the Oscars or some like that...

    You see, I've watched many one minute or so advertising that were much better than many high budgets features!

    For a short, it is nice... For an advertising, I would buy whatever they were selling!

    The whole concept, I think, was to show that good actors are good actors even sleeping... And it succeeded!

    This should become a thing... Anual, I mean (if it isn't a thing already)... Gather the "bests of the year" and make it... You know, just for fun...