Paula Peril: [awakening - to find herself securely bound & gagged] MMPPH!

Thug Leader: I'm so happy you're awake... I would hate for you to miss a SECOND of what we have planned for you... of course, me & the boys are gonna have some FUN with you... before we KILL you.

Thug #2: [snapping open his switchblade] Let's find out who you REALLY are!

Thug Leader: [whispering in Paula's ear] It is a dangerous thing... to put your nose in Mr. Vincelli's business...

Informant: I know who she is... the Legendary PAULA PERiL!

Thug #3: Paula PERiL?... the REPORTER?... I thought she was made up - is she for REAL?

Informant: The one and only.

Thug #2: What's SHE doin' here?

Informant: She must think there's a story here... and she's snooping around, looking for clues...

[waving a block of plastic explosive in front of the bound and gagged Paula]

Informant: I've got a BIG story for you... Front. Page.

Paula Peril: MMPPH!

Jimmy Smith: We haven't answered the most pressing question of all - where IS Paula?

Paula Peril: [appearing at door] I'm HERE, Jimmy; I got was I was looking for.

Jimmy Smith: Oh, Paula - where have you BEEN? Are you okay? - WHY didn't you CALL?

Paula Peril: I was a little tied up.

Thug #3: [taunting Paula as she regains consciousness] Wakey wakey! Did you sleep good?

Thug #2: [examining Paula's purse] There's nothin' in here - no I.D., NOTHIN' !

Thug Leader: [turning to Paula] So... little lady - who ARE you? Who do you work for? And most important, what are we gonna do with you? I can think of a few things... I don't think you're gonna like 'em.

Thug #4: [placing chloroform-soaked cloth over Paula's nose & mouth] Nighty night.


Paula Peril: [struggling as she watches the time-bomb tick down to zero] MMPH! Mmph, mmph... MMMPH! Mmph, MMMPPPHH! MMPPH! Mmph - snort! Mmph, mmph...

Informant: [disabling time-bomb with two seconds to go] I wonder what they'll say about this?

[walking towards Paula]

Informant: Sorry about earlier - I had to get them out of the building

[ungags Paula, then stoops down to begin cutting her bonds]

Paula Peril: [slowly working her cramped jaw after being ungagged] Thanks... who ARE you?

Informant: [stands] I'm the one who called you.

[continues untying Paula]

Paula Peril: [puzzled, trying to understand] WHY are you helping me?

Informant: Listen, I'll explain it another time, but for now, just listen: it's the Finance Director - she's the one you need to talk to.

[continuing to cut Paula's bonds]

Informant: She has all the records - enough evidence to put Vincelli away FOR GOOD

Paula Peril: [stumbles & gasps as she is suddenly released from her pole-tie; is caught by the informant] I didn't think I'd get out of THAT one.

Informant: I think you're going to be around for awhile. Try to stay out of trouble... This little meeting of ours? - NEVER. HAPPENED.

[places his hand on Paula's shoulder - they stare meaningfully at each other]

Informant: Take care, Paula PERiL.

[he turns and walks off, then turns around & tips his hat]

Informant: I enjoy watching you work

[He turns again & leaves. Paula gazes wistfully after him as he goes. She starts to speak, but doesn't]