'Finding Eden' features two Marvel Comic Characters:'Tom Proctor' (Horuz) Guardians of the Galaxy and 'Joseph Gatt' (Frost Giant Grundroth) Thor.

Original Music Score by 'Dani Donadi' Music Productions. Dani is a 3 Telly Awards, 2 Aurora and 1 Crystal Reel Award winner with 18 films; 'FINDING EDEN' is #19.

The Music Track "FOOLS" is by the duo "NYVES" (Ryan Clark - Demon Hunter / Randy Torres - Project 86)

'Michael Campion' (Sam) stars as "Jackson Fuller" in the new Netflix Original Series 'Fuller House'

'Matthew H. Browning' was the Weapons Consultant (archery) for 'Norman Reedus' - Daryl Dixon on 'The Walking Dead' Television Series.

Feature Film Directorial Debut for 'Rodney Luis Aquino'

Finding Eden is the 7th film that Cinematographer/DP Kraig Swisher shot since his graduation from Full Sail University Orlando, FL in 2008.