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  • soorujose61917 October 2014
    Consistently echoing the timely and overpowering message that it conveys, tending to be a little over-emotional and repetitive at times, Apothecary comes out distinguishably strong and focused. When two doctors set out to produce a feature film, with almost every frame set in a hospital, and without the slightest dose of entertainment or any other commercial element, it got to be pretty serious business! That the plot confines itself to the all-important subject of medical ethics, which is called in question so profoundly in the present times, adds to the supposed intensity of the movie. The good intent and social commitment of the team behind the project is evident in every frame of the movie. The pick for good performance is Jayasurya, with Suresh Gopi and Indrans closely behind. To play the role of the miserably sick Subin Joseph, Jayasurya as an artist has taken great pains, sacrifices and character. Rest of the cast include Asif Ali, Abhirami (on her comeback project), Meera Nandan, Raghavan, Seem G Nair, Lishoy etc, who have given decent performance.

    Consistently echoing the timely and overpowering message that it conveys, tending to be a little over-emotional and repetitive at times, Apothecary comes out distinguishably strong and focused.
  • When a serious film is mixed with essence of mockery and surrealism, we get a film like Apothecary.

    The film, which talks boldly about unauthorized medical tests on humans, is a slit in the throats of the inhumane men who actually conduct such tests in real world. It can also be said as a reality check for the ordinary people. Now it is the film's main flaw that it confuses between these two factions of people: to whom should they really point the film at? the ordinary people? Or the cruel, greedy scientists? The answer is pretty garbled.

    Because it points at both of them.

    Vijay (Gopi) is a reputed neurosurgeon who turns paranoid when the cunning management of the hospital he works in plead him to comply with the unlicensed lab tests on humans. He initially refuses to consent, but is cajoled by the ministers, top management, administrators, all greedy, ruthless men. His paranoia leads him to an accident which makes him brain dead. The management decide to test their unpatented medicines on him, as Vijay, in his surreal dreams, visualizes the fury of the patients who fell prey to the tests administered by him.

    Half of the film happens in this sub-conscious state, with brilliant performances by Asif Ali and Jayasurya. Suresh Gopi acts strange; maybe it was his character but I thought he couldn't put his act together. The supporting cast is very good and after a very long time, I actually adored Indrans. Abhirami in her comeback role is fine. While the film started and flowed in the first half with good potential, it dwindled considerably in the second half. The wrongness strikes Vijay and he blurts out his angst at the management. The whole ten-minute drama at the end puts the climax in dirty waters and it becomes hard to derive a conclusion out of it.

    Yes, it handles a very grave subject. But does it handle it with finesse? No, not at all. Instead, it only delves on the prime of the makers who seemed to be smitten with the art of doctoring.

    BOTTOM LINE: A documentary about unethical lab tests, under the disguise of a film. Armchair activists may laud it for the bold flashes, but I for one wasn't much impressed by any of the factors. A one time watch that will dictate time (150 minutes), boredom and serious food for thought.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES
  • This movie is a must watch and it portrays the ugly brutal truth of those Hospitals and Medical Infrastructures which can stoop down to any level ethically for the purpose of minting Money.

    Suresh Gopi who plays the main protagonist has done his role in a very superb manner. Other co-stars also played their roles very well especially the patients, they will remain stuck in your brains for a bit of time for sure.

    The way the story moves on and progresses, the visualization, switching to and fro between the reality and the other Imaginary World is just brilliant.

    This movie depicts the pain suffered by people because of various life taking diseases in a very real manner.

    Very practical movie and a must watch. Full 10 marks to the entire crew.
  • tylddn3 January 2015

    Strong, socially relevant script. A movie directed to excellence till the very end. Jayasurya an underrated actor who delivers something extraordinary every time he's on screen.


    BGM of the movie fails to emphasize the strongest quotes of the movie.

    Screenplay dragged a lot at the end, takes a mono act like style at the end. But that could have been saved if the BGM was did well enough, it could have taken the whole movie to another level.


    A doctor's conflict with his conscience, which haunts him for the malpractices he's forced to perform by the greedy hospital management.


    A movie which en thrills and enlightens.