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  • It's such a relief to see Brit playing the lead character rather than the clichéd "bad guy". I, for one, was never convinced by the idea that the universe would somehow be exclusively populated by Californians.

    Okay... so it's not "deep" or hardcore sci-fi, and some of the characters are a little 2-dimensional; but it seems to have potential to improve here, and it's just plain enjoyable nonetheless. Thankfully they haven't made the cardinal sin of just ignoring the laws of physics for the sake of a storyline (yes Fringe, I'm looking at *you*), and the level of comedy seems well balanced.

    Definite overtones of Firefly, also maybe a bit of SG1 and possibly even shades of Farscape (without the aliens). I'm curious to see where it goes.
  • lavransrm7 July 2015
    First, a response to one review which said:"The story was happening in some remote Galaxy, but strangely enough, there is only human in that galaxy." No, not a galaxy far,far away. A star system reasonably close to Earth, in this galaxy. The first thing that a sci-fi fan needs to get straight is the real astronomy involved. As soon as they start talking about galaxies, you can usually just move on. This series appears to postulate a future in which FTL drive has enabled humans from Earth to move out into the spiral arm of this galaxy, and settle on various planets. While the astronomy of habitable worlds as satellites of a gas giant is stretching it a bit, it works well enough for our purposes. This scenario also appears to be lacking in aliens, indicating that none have (yet) to be encountered. But the real fun is the way that our little crew gets out there and has real adventures. I expect that more background and backfill will add some depth. The griping about poor acting, shallowness and general lack of grand drama is not appropriate to this kind of show. In fact, it's a pleasure to be spared the Grand Themes that plague so much sci-fi on the tube. I am hoping that maybe this show will turn out to be happening in the same universe as Dark Matter, and that our Killjoys get a warrant to go after the Dark matter 6. Whee!
  • Killjoys is part of SyFy's attempt to reclaim science fiction from JJ Abrams and the CW and it is a positive sign of things to come.

    The show, about interstellar bounty hunters, is pretty straight forward and fun. Science fiction should have some science elements to it but Killjoys doesn't fall into the trap of trying to be too clever or sciency. The great Sci-Fi series (Star Trek, Stargate, Dr. Who, etc) were always fun first and then added elements of mystery and future science & technology where appropriate - Killjoys definitely follows that tradition, it is a fun, action oriented series first and foremost and any complications, interpersonal issues, mysteries and cool tech stuff never overwhelms the story. It is fun and easy to watch and follow.
  • evolily31 July 2015
    This is a very fun, campy space western. It pulls off quite a bit for a low budget, the sets each week do feel genuine- unlike some other shows, every episode doesn't seem to take place in a warehouse or mall. The world building can, at times, seem to take over the character building, although seven episodes in they seem to have struck a happy balance. It's nice to see a variety of female characters who feel dynamic and have power, which is all too often something reserved only for the male characters.

    I'm not sold on the background music, at times it can be overpowering and distracting. The intro looks like it came straight out of a late 90s syndicated show. These are largely cosmetic complaints, though. I'm hoping it will stick around, although I'm not sure Syfy understands the potential the show has.
  • s327616924 June 2015
    Killjoys has a catchy title, good sets and props but sadly, like so many drama's these days, at its heart, its exposition driven. That's fine if you like your sci fi lightweight and action focused.

    For myself however, I prefer thoughtful series that challenge assumptions and conventions, whilst offering some excitement and a few good special effects along the way. So once again whilst many sci fi fans like myself hope for a series like Firefly to come along we realize that will probably never be the case.Its a shame too, but that seems to be the direction television in general is heading. Small wonder many of us are reacquainting ourselves with our book collections, which may be no bad thing.

    Now then, putting my rant to one side what can I say about Killjoys. Story line is a little different but not unfamiliar, mercenaries in space has been done before. The acting quality is hard to gauge, because as I said, this series is driven by exposition. What there is of it seems fine. The key characters and this is tiresome, always look like catwalk escapees. Not a scar or a greasy follicle in sight. Barely believable given the job they are supposed to do. Five out of ten from me. Now then, where's my Heinlein collection?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Killjoys is a sci-fi show about two mercenaries who work for a reclamation agency. Their tasks include capturing high priority target and possible termination for some. The show has a mild quality, offering a bit of humor and good chemistry between the leads. It looks respectably nice, the setting is decorated aptly for its multitude areas such as the slums, high end manor and spaceship interiors. While it mostly follows grayish futuristic tone, it sometimes produces vivid setting and costume which make the visual more appealing.

    Soon enough the jobs take them into personal territory as some the principal characters' pasts are introduced. This set-up works by implementing small cast at the core while establishing the universe. Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, the high ranking bounty hunter is a great cast. She has alluring on-screen presence and is quite capable for the role without shedding too much clothes.

    Chemistry with other bounty hunters played by Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane is pretty good as they exchange banters. However, the show could be trapped in stereotypical love interest or family issue premise. The universe has plenty of diversity; each district is depicted with respective ambiance. Lighting and color tint make them easier to identify. While they are not full blown grand spectacle, the show gives enough foundation for the vistas to work.

    Design with the props and costumes is presentable, occasionally giving traditional or cooperate vibe. It looks good enough, fitting for a sci-fi show. There are a few questionable aspects such as the slightly underwhelming effect for combat, action could be more polished and the tired use of harrowing pasts for subplots, but for most part Killjoys generates adequate start for fun treks in the future.
  • The one thing I liked the most is that it has some mature dialogs, they feel more real, especially the ones with Aaron Ashmore. Not sure if it's just good writing or if the credit goes to the actors, but they sure do a good job at making us ignore the whole studio- like atmosphere and the somewhat-hard-to-follow greater plot.

    All in all, the episodes (so far in s01e09) provide density in character development, original plot and doesn't follow a formula; which is what's making me wanna continue watching.

    I've seen many shows featuring fantastic ideas but very poor execution, with some dumb as hell episodes (think Terra Nova or SGU)... I THINK Killjoys wants to tell its story above everything else without filling it with crap as to have more seasons.

    Give it a try
  • mkj-455044 November 2018
    Season 4 totally went away from what I liked about the series. Way to much time spent on the green and "the lady". I was bored with it. They need to get back to apprehending warrants, shorter storylines and settling disputes in the quad that don't take up more than 2-4 episodes tops.
  • Killjoys is an Interesting new series, but not captivating enough. I found my self a bit lost, and a bit bored. What I do like, is the whole Space Bounty Hunter, concept which offers an interesting new twist to the Space and SyFy channels. The show offers a realistic look at the future with not many technological advances except for the space ships and centers in space. We can expect to see a lot more action sequences, (which was a nice beginning in the pilot) to occur throughout the show in new scenarios. As a Pilot (which some start off week) I hold hope that Killjoys will offer an interesting ride for viewers in the weeks to come!
  • This show doesn't make any sense. They sell us badass bounty hunters and we get a pathetic trio of cheesy good guys, in half the episodes they actually work against the folks who hired them, and they don't even bother to hide it.

    This was such a disappointment, the story is actually not bad, but that's all there is. The rest is messed up, the soundtrack seems to be taken out of a college movie, the heroes are irrelevant, the acting is barely average. There is some decent sci-fi material but the result is very superficial.
  • This show is amazing, because the characters are so likable, lovable, entertaining, they have such great chemistry and interactions!! The acting is top notch, the cgi is superb, the story lines believable and enjoying, spooky sometimes! And they release just the right amount of info for background story reasons every episode! You can't help,but love the show! We need more characters like Dutch out there, a beautiful, kick ass, yet vulnerable woman, LEAD ROLE!!!! She's NO ONES side kick!!!! She even has men as HER sidekicks, it's awesome! And her backstory, who is she, who is Khylen, what has she done, what has he done, will,bite her in the butt, will it bite Johnny? And Dutch and Johnnys relationship is so pure, light, loving, and amazing!!!!! Such love and devotion they have it's truly amazing...
  • Season three series designed for those sitting all day at the tele. As cheap as they come - a typical formula stereotyped production. 1. Lots of eye candy non-actors filling screen time with camera focused talking heads. A cheap filler. 2. Stereotypical industrial warehouse style settings for ambience, e.g. lots of pipes, machinery, concrete & metal structures. 3. Usual reliance on clothing/costuming/wardrobe that looks more naugahyde synthetic Hollywood make-believe than actually functional. 4. CGI borrowed from every SyFy made since the '70s e.g. spaceships that look like they were assembled by children w/Legos. Any middle schooler that passed a science class would see them as ridiculously impossible creations. 5. Dialogue composed of short sentences filled w/short monosyllabic words for the aforementioned middle schoolers. 6. Usual props like transparent computer displays, and science props like beakers w/fluorescent dyes. Ughhhh!
  • This programme will kill any joy you might have been expecting, especially if you are a sci fi fan. It contains every cliché and storyline you can imagine, attempts a poor imitation of Blade Runner's city scenes and the acting is just wooden from start to finish. The only thing that would make this worse is casting Steven Segal and Sly Stallone as leading parts. A good sci fi storyline will normally have something unpredictable and quirky about it. That's why this is not a good sci fi storyline. Start it up, go and make a cup of tea and a few phone calls, come back and see if you have to urge to rewind.

    I was prepared to give it a fair chance but I won't be bothering with future episodes.
  • What a pity . I love sci fi, so I have watched the entire first season trying to like this show, but I have failed. Aaron Ashmore is the only good actor, the other 2 are horrendously bad , especially the female lead ( can't remember her name, that's how forgettable this show is ) who is out of place and is terribly miscast. I don't know what demographic it is trying to appeal to. If true hard core sci fi fans like me, forget it, it is far too stupid and shallow. If teenagers who like drugs, loud terrible music, sex and relationship drama, then you are getting closer, but why bother disguising it as cheap sci fi ? Just go with Beverley Hills 90210 with more drugs and sex or whatever. There are a few good concepts where I thought the show might improve. Then the producers just kill it ( killjoys for sure ) with cheap, cheesy sentimentality that belongs to a Spielberg Hollywood drama . Hey, I thought this was Canadian, so I expected much less Hollywood , nauseating, overly done sentimentality. Thank god for Dark Matter, which is everything that Killjoys is not. In every way.
  • galahad58-119 July 2015
    Average in every way, shape and form. This show follows every single science fiction cliché that you have seen over the last few years. It is the typical below average made for the SyFy channel show that makes you wonder how shows like Farscape and Firefly never made it big.

    Hannah John-Kamen is just so bad as the lead. Her delivery is awful and she has no charisma at all to be a likable lead character. Her performance brings down anything that could be considered decent about his show.

    Aaron Ashmore, on the other hand, is the one performer worth watching and the show would be better off with him as the lead. He has more character and charisma than the entire cast combined and delivers a worthy character that is likable and enjoyable to watch.

    Hopefully the show will become better, but each episode it slides a bit deeper into the muck that plagues the modern science fiction shows.
  • i think this series has a ton of potential first parts was very good and it can become a cult like the Firefly, this movie is in the same line but instead of smugglers crew is made of bounty hunters and it seems they all have their dark past. i can honestly recommend this to any sci-fi lover it is now down to the writers to make this into hit, not making a lazy scripts to put of the punters like me, i was hooked from the get go. watch and decide yourselves i am hardly wrong in my predictions i say if the stories get better with some action this will be a hit series and hopefully they will not cancel this one like they did with Firefly, we the sci-fi lovers in need of a good series.
  • Killjoys is annoying pop trash that barely deserves to be called sci-fi.

    Watching this show as an adult just feels like having to watch a kids show. There is just no cliché they left out and it's full of bad copies of a thousand things you've already seen. Imagine a network boss saying to a filmmaker who just graduated from film school: "build some halfway decent sets, put some action scenes in them and do some closeups of people talking to each other. And yeah... do something with flashbacks like they did in "lost", you know, back stories and stuff."

    The pilot makes it really hard for me to care about anything or anyone at all in this show. Poor dialogue, a cheesy 90s-pseudo sci-fi pop soundtrack and a mediocre camera work in a cheap video look put this show below average of how sci-fi should look and feel in the year 2015. Prepare to be a witness to a lot of silly stuff that makes you angry. In fact, I had to turn it off right in the middle of the pilot when a shooting scene takes place and the female character comes walking in a fancy dress, ready to kick some ass - all in slow motion of course, since we want all clichés on board. That was all of a chance I am willing to give this show.

    All in all it's nothing but annoying and pretty painful to watch. Go out and buy some new shoes! It'll be more fun than this. You will at least make use of your brain for a bit. This show should be canceled asap.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I started to DVR this series but quickly canceled it. Hanna John-Kamen is probably one of the worst cast characters I can remember. There is not a single thing about her that makes her the right person for this role. I would actually fast forward whenever she would appear. They all look like little kids running around with toy guns. When the SyfiChannel did the very successful Stargate series and the first follow on series of Atlantis, they did it right. Decent plots and great characters who you could actually care about. When they did Stargate Universe, they broke the mold and it has been downward ever since. Does anyone really care about any of the characters in Killjoys? Cancel this show!
  • Canadian space opera without the space. Terrible plots. The only scifi is when they show a plastic ship flying thru the air.

    Shot in factories around Toronto. A lot of old costumes and sword fights. Hannah is miscast. Her slutty persona is a distraction.

    How the directors motivate the actors to read these subpar lines is the question. The only people who benefit from this show are cast and crew who get paid. What a waste of time for viewers. I feel guilty I wasted my time watching it.

    Syfy only ordered this show because it's cheap.

    Dark Matter is the better show with Zoie Palmer's droid.

    Hope Syfy doesn't renew Killjoys.
  • dalysimon28 June 2015
    This is Sci-Fi Jim, But not as we know it.

    This is well produced and looks a bit dark and dystopian and almost kind of appropriately located (I am guessing Canadian filming locations)- But not quite off world.

    The young but already world weary, British, sexy, female lead boss of a corporate funded bounty hunter service, in a futuristic but recognizable 'user pays' universe promises an almost novel premise (Except for Domino- British/LA bounty hunter from present times).

    Her 2 sexy male sibling assistants make up the rest of the dynamic team. But their clean cut Canadian good looks and TV star macrobiotic lifestyles overshadow any sense of method that might bring something believably human to the mix.

    There is an edgy slow reveal hidden back-story emerging for the woman and unsurprisingly for the other characters too. But so what? I don't think the 'starlets' have the chops to bring it off in the long run.

    The predictable futuristic sounds of the laser weaponry pings in this fast action scripted TV drama as the shootout opportunities are chucked into the script like so many ionic grenades to spice up this less than riveting offering. Trite is one way to put it. Boring and unbelievable is another. Instead of good interesting actors, they picked pretty actors. Its a case of style over substance.

    It just doesn't work. its dull, its deceased, no more, gone to that fiery hell where bad TV goes to die - sad sci-fi nerd mythical 'could a been legend' status one presumes.

    Most of us understand that science fiction done well, is the retelling of classic stories in a novel way to capture the interest of the viewers. In this case, they picked a crappy old TV bounty hunter show and added sci-fi styling.
  • elbleso18 August 2015
    Someone compared this show to Firefly. Well, I'd like to correct that mistake right here. The acting comes nowhere near the acting in Firefly. The only one acting within the boundaries of acceptable is the dude from The Following and I still like him much better in The Following. Special effects, especially the weapons fire, sucks the meatballs out of the sky! Watching this show is like watching Josh Whedon having a nightmare. The girl's poor fighting skills are barely masked by "just in time cuts" and/or stunt doubles. The older brother should keep his nostrils shut more often, it might help. Who knows...I'm all out of ideas on this one. I watched 4 episodes and still no trace of improvement. I wont waste anymore time on this and will try to find a good book to read or make coffee or whatever. Everything but this....
  • There is a certain recipe when you make a TV series, one of them is that the story should be simple. This has been achieved by the first episode of Killjoy. I will go too much into the story, otherwise I will be banned for giving spoilers unintentionally. My comments will most about the back set-up of the story.

    The story was happening in some remote Galaxy, but strangely enough, there is only human in that galaxy. All the customs indicates that the "galaxy" is earth, but it is not. As always in the sci-fi video or movie, the background is not clear. On one hand they have the hi-tech space shuttle that can travel over inter-galactic travel, but next to that you will see a slump area which is more like Europe during the middle age plus wiring all over the place. I do not know whether this make any sense for the director, but to me this is really ridiculous.

    On this remote galaxy, we will see that slavery is normal and street fight is legalized as an entertainment. Their sport is more like the wrestling championship with.... of course... gambling.

    The only missing thing that is not available or shown on the first episode is people using drugs. Either they have different drug mechanism or the guy who wrote it forgot completely about the drug scenes. Let's face it, all the bad things about the world is there, why no drug ?

    The action is too lame. No enough gory being shown on supposedly wild street fight. All the fighter came out from the ring, clean as a whistle. How's that possible.

    Anyway, don't expect too much of this movie and for your information, until the end of the show, watch it only if you really have nothing else to do. By the way, I still don't understand fully what "Killjoy" really means.
  • sandyduncanshore25 August 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show's vision of the future: everyone shoots at each other with guns and women dress like whores. Wait, that's not very imaginative since every show on TV set at present times has exactly the same setting. Nothing much Sci-Fiey about this show at all. I miss about half of what Hannah's character says because no matter how hard I try, I just can't understand what she is saying at times. And that is the real killjoy. How can you enjoy a show when the lead character mumbles with an incomprehensible accent. Most of the stories don't make any sense. I guess the bounty hunter premise allows the writers to just go off in any direction they want. I can't imagine this show making it to a second season since it just isn't going any where. The Canadian machine needs to produce something exceptional and different, because all these shows out now are interchangeable messes.
  • I love Scfy to this show caught my attention. The premise is interesting and the characters are too. I am really intrigued by Dutch's past and I hope we see more of the mysterious man. Johnny is also an interesting character and he and Dutch play off every other well. I am kind of disappointed by D'Avin's character. I don't find him that interesting and he's gets in the way of the story between Dutch and Johnny. I hope they make him a little me interesting or really I don't know why they need him the show would be okay with just Johnny and Dutch. This does remind me a lot of Firefly; I hope people support it and it last a while.
  • It is nice that you can find an ...accordion in deep space. Not to mention ...Shure SM58, a vocal microphone which is produced since 1966! Yet, this series is too noisy. The soundtrack is heavy on the ears, in an effort to present the series more action driven than it actually is. Also there are many slow motions that the actual action doesn't justify.

    Anyway. This is another sci-fi series with ...Rob Stewart in it! After "Dark Matter" (which follows after that in scyfy's program) you now have ...Kill Joys. The pilot tries to introduce you to the facts as quickly as possible: There is this semi-hot chick with the soooo original name ...Dutch, who has a license 5 to hunt down criminals for (sooooo original too) ...The Company! What you get with this show is the usual. Many planets with breathing atmosphere to go to. Eastern type bazaars to buy things, European bars to relax, a clever and mildly sarcastic on-spaceship-computer named ...Lucy! There are 2 backstories though you may care (or not). What is with Dutch and her father and what is with Johnny's brother. (Johnny is killjoy of lower rank (3) played by that guy on The Following).

    Dutch is played by Hannah John-Kamen. Her acting is sub-par. Some of the viewers might like her eyes or whatever but her voice has a thick bast British accent and she is annoying as hell.

    Overall: I don't know. I saw the pilot. I started the 2nd episode and stopped watching after 5-6 minutes.
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