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  • It was a dark and stormy night. The foreboding is thick. Chia leaves to sing for lusty retired general Tien Feng. Poor planning to go without an escort. She would rather die than oblige him and he obliges her. Her corpse is cremated. Sek Fung goes to investigate her missing. She reveals herself as a ghost and must get revenge so she can rest in peace. Being a ghost she has no problem getting revenge but a local god suddenly appears. He tells her she must do this according to the law. I usually find Chinese ghost stories annoying. For a culture that has been around continuously for thousands of years they have a poorly thought out idea of the afterlife. Their ghosts make no sense. Nevertheless this is an amusing little story that held my attention from start to finish. I watched it as a fan of Chia Ling and hoped to find a martial arts sequence or two but this is all ghost. I still recommend it and rate it slightly above average for the year and fans of the genre.