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  • Is this movie still available to watch? Can someone share the available place.
  • I had a headache and was feeling nauseated as i left the theatre after watching this movie. I have been following news and reports on this movie for a very long time now. As I work with the media, I was aware of every twist and turn the movie had to endure during post production . But i had hopes and was excited to know that the movie was finally being released. And it was a huuuuge disappointment. The story/screenplay is weak and such an amazing real life concept was made to look ridiculously silly in the movie. Technically, there were a lot of mistakes in most scenes. And most importantly, the acting was horrible. A couple of well known stars who acted for free, should actually pay money to the producers for screwing it up. There is one particular 'main' actor who doesn't deserve to be an actor, it was because of him that I felt nauseated. He was an eye sore.

    I felt let down in every aspect - the story, the dialogues, the screenplay, the acting, the music, the silly technical faults etc etc. The only positive was the casting of the main character - shubha/suma and the dead fiancé.

    You almost feel bad for the crew as it is very apparent that the movie had to go through a lot of changes during post production for whatever issues. Priya Belliappa and team - congratulations for pulling off a movie. Well done on the hardwork. Try being much much better next time. All the best!