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  • Excellent casting uplifts A MOTHER DAUGHTER THING, on paper just another of umpteenth step-this, step-that XXX videos but as realized by genre pioneer Jacky St.. James a real turn- on.

    First issue: porn purveyors, consumers and especially watchdogs can't get it through their skulls that whether called art or entertainment this is all fictional stuff. (Even documentaries are actually fiction, carefully fabricated out of new or old footage to suit the filmmaker's point-of-view whether he be Michael Moore at one end of the spectrum or Fred Wiseman at the other.)

    So all the current fuss about making all porn video relations "step-dads" or the like, and then adding a disclaimer that in fact they AREN'T even steppers, just actors pretending to be, is ludicrous. In this particular video Jacky tries to have it both ways, sort of: narration clearly establishes step-mom and daughter status, and then the kid keeps calling her "mommy" while having sex together.

    Second issue: the market for this video is male, given that most women are intelligent enough not to waste their cash on pornography (though they do spend it on fake-porn 50 SHADES OF GREY junk). My question is: would real-life lesbians enjoy watching this feature? Only Jacky knows for sure.

    I enjoyed all four of the teamings, of which Julia Ann's pairing with Dakota Skye is the odd woman out in the bunch. Dakota was obviously stage-named for Fanning, to emphasize her extreme underage-looking persona. She is 25 years younger than Julia, and looks more like 14 than 20 years old here. Their clean-up segment in the video is the only one where mama sort of rapes her kid, as Dakota hates step-mom and only gives in to her sexual attack after plenty of resistance. This being porn, she enjoys it of course.

    My favorite segment by far teamed Ariella Ferrera with Sara Luvv, almost as majestic a pairing as the ultimate Candy Samples mothering Suzanne Fields in MOTHER KNOWS BEST. Colombian-born Ferrera effectively could use this as her audition tape for a parody of countrywoman Sofia Vergara (MODERN FAMILY parody?) as her character Marianna only speaks Spanish, and remains in character during sex with porn-talk strictly in Spanish too! This is very effective because kid Sara doesn't understand her, and gets the wrong messages (though Ariella's Rocco Siffredi styled pointing at her mouth a la his classic TARZAN X movie lets Luvv know some prime licking is required).

    Luvv & Ferrera are two hot mommas and so are the other segments' women. Luvv does a good job playing innocent but it's hard to believe having recently seen her going balls deep opposite Mandingo in a Time Warner Cable $3.98 quickie. Elexis Monroe doesn't look all that much older than Dani Daniels but of course a step-mom could theoretically be younger than her kid. They are the most enthusiastic team here, but not as pretty as the competition. Dana De Armond and Adriana Chechik are the kinkiest pairing, resorting to choking and a 4 fingers up technique which in more enlightened times would have led to fisting.

    All told, a definitely socially redeeming work, certainly a useful masturbation tool for the viewer.