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  • I was really excited to check out this movie, because it stars 2 lovely ladies who get gangbanged, hard. I wasn't that familiar with A.J. Applegate before, but I had seen her in some hot DP action. I was more familiar with Adriana Chechik. If you've read my other reviews you'll know that I loved her very first gangbang in "This Is My First...".

    Both these gangbangs are very similar. We have 2 petite hot chicks, one blonde and one brunette, with natural bodies who take on 5 well equipped guys at the same time. Both AJ and Adriana get nailed hard. The difference between the 2 is that AJ is taken to her limit and is clearly overwhelmed at times, while Adriana takes it even harder without any problems what so ever. So you kind of get to witness 2 very different gangbangs even if they have many similarities.

    A.J. Applegate is up first. This is AJ's first gangbang. The big deal here is that AJ wants to experience 2 cocks in the same hole. Well she does both double pussy and double anal for the first time here. The scene starts off with an interview where AJ says she's wanted to be gangbanged for a long time. She mentions that she used to fantasize that the guys in her class would gangbang her, back when she was in school. I bet those guys in her class will go crazy when they watch this and realize what they missed out on.

    The scene with AJ starts off with her dancing and showing off her body. It then cuts to her being surrounded by the 5 guys and the scene takes off right away. The guys rip off AJ's clothes and the sucking and "fucking" begins. It isn't long before the double penetration begins. AJ is riding one guy in the cowgirl position when another guy sticks his dick in her pussy too from behind. After a few turns they turn her around and DP her pussy in the reverse cowgirl position. AJ's pussy looks extremely tight during the double pussy. It looks like AJ couldn't quite relax during the double pussy and her pussy gets even tighter as a result. After the double pussy the guys go for AJ's ass and soon we get to see a regular DP. AJ is much more relaxed and the guys can pound her much harder during the regular DP. The guys pass AJ around and there's a lot of different positions. There's one where the guys take turn "fucking" AJ in the ass as hard as they can and here you can clearly see that AJ is at her limits. At the end the guys also give AJ a double anal. At first AJ is quite overwhelmed, in a good way, but after a while she relaxes and the guys can pound her pretty hard. The scene ends with the guys covering AJ's pretty face with cum and after that they make her squirt one more time to end it all. It's nice to see AJ with a big smile on her face at the end so you see that she enjoyed it even if it seemed too hard for her at times.

    The second scene with Adriana begins with an interview too. The interview is short and you can see how excited Adriana is. It then cuts to the scene and it's full force from there. Adriana gets on her knees and starts to suck the guys cocks. The guys force their big rods down Adriana's throat and she has no problems taking the whole thing in her mouth even if the biggest guy is 10 inches (25 cm). Soon the "fucking" begins and it's not long before the double stuffing takes place after that. The AJ scene had a lot of DP too, but this is a extremely "DP heavy" scene. It starts off with Adriana riding a guy in the cowgirl position when another guy sticks his dick in her pussy too. It's really hot to see Adriana in double pussy action. Her pussy stretches out to fit both dicks so easy and the guys can pound her full force straight away. The guys take turns and go back and forth between double pussy and regular DP. After a lot of DP the guys turn Adriana around to the reverse cowgirl and give her a double anal. The "big thing" with this scene comes next when the guys stick 3 cocks in Adriana's ass at the same time. Unfortunately the camera angels here are very bad. We also see Adriana get a triple anal in the cowgirl position too, but the angles aren't much better. Adriana takes a short brake from the triple action to suck some cocks. After that we get to see some regular triple penetration both with 2 cocks in the ass and 1 in the pussy and with 2 cocks in the pussy and 1 in the ass. And this time it's much hotter with better camera angels. We also get lots of DP in between. If you love rough double (and triple) pounding you'll love this scene even with the bad angles during the triple anal. We basically get 26 minutes straight of some of the hardest DP sex and triple penetration around, and Adriana takes it all and looks like she could take a lot more. At the end the guys shoot their cum on Adriana's face and in her mouth. The smile on Adriana's face at the end is even more incredible than the smile on AJ's.

    If you're into DP, double pussy, double anal and triple penetration this movie is a must see. Triple penetration is still very rare in porn even if it's starting to show up more and more. But I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing a lot more triple penetration after this, especially if Adriana does more scenes like this.