Anthony Minghella was preparing a version of this film at the time of his death. The screenplay for this version was written by his son Max.

At the beginning of " The Untouchables " (1987), the first warehouse which Elliot Ness raids belongs to Louis Drax and Co.

Jamie Dornan called Louis Drax "Lloyd" right before his first nightmare. This mistake not only made it past the crew, cast and director on set, but wasn't even fixed with ADR and is noticeable in the final cut of the film.

Both Jamie Dornan and Barbara Hershey have appeared several times in ABC's hit show Once Upon a Time. However, they did not appear in any episodes together.

Molly Parker and Terry Chen were previously costars on House of Cards.

Terry Chen and Aaron Paul also appeared together in the movie Come and Find me (2016)

On the first day of production, a kissing scene was being shot between Gadon and Dornan. Dornan had the stomach flu and Gadon had strep throat. Both were anxious that they would make the other sick, but agreed to follow through with the scene once they realized that the other was ill, as well.