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  • My writing negative reviews on IMDb is merely calling a spade a spade -no animus intended. I've filed dozens of pans for the work of British pornographer Kendo, but an occasional rave (see: 'Kendo's Merry Christmas'), and this daring! Media release is his best video out of about 50 I've seen so far.

    That's because it emphasizes Mr. K's strengths: an affinity for all things Fetish, and a closeup, obsessive (censors would call it "morbid") interest in female anatomy and penetration. Much of fetish video in the marketplace is strictly on the surface: women being tied up and gagged; nylons and other lingerie lovingly being removed or added; but Kendo is fixated on objects or dicks being inserted into available openings. If animation were his thing I would expect him to be in Tokyo directing tentacles epics.

    For "Corsetry" he lined up a top-notch cast of uninhibited Brit Porn talent, including mainstays Lolly Badcock, Michelle B and Daisy Rock. They are outfitted in fetish- gear including colorful rubber, PVC and latex garments as well as the title corsets which show off their bosoms to peak effect. Final episode in the usual 5-vignette format is lesbian action with two hot and heavy masturbators going to work with giant black dildos, and is perhaps the highlight of the show.

    Elsewhere, guys in masochist outfits, including fully black-hooded garments, provide the dickage, and their styling is a big improvement on Kendo's usual "languorous" approach, where studs sit around looking disinterested in the impending sexual couplings -cool and remote as if he were filming a lame TV commercial for some personal hygiene product.

    And unlike his rather experimental work of about 4 or 5 years back, here K eschews flashy editing, weirdly cropped images and endlessly repeated footage. "Corsets" is presented in a more straight-forward manner and as a result can entice and hold the viewer's interest. Apparently in 2008 when this was shot Kendo had not yet discovered Bertolt Brecht and all those wonderful distanciation effects which sink so many of his newer projects.

    Highly recommended for fetish addicts: you know who you are.