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  • If you like a film with a makeover, a sassy drag queen who plots to overthrow the hierarchy, and a bit part from Ru Paul then this is the film for you.

    We watched this on a Saturday night and its perfect mindless fun. The plot is ridiculously wafer thin but that's part of the charm. Yes its clichéd and it won't win any Oscars but give it a watch.

    Ignore the haters who say the acting is bad and this is unwatchable, if you like Bianco Del Rio then you'll enjoy this film. Don't expect Citizen Kane.

    Its worth it for the denouement alone.
  • stieffguy26 September 2016
    First I have to say we LOVE Bianca! She's simply in a class of her own and one of the most profound talents of our age. As soon as the movie was available on iTunes we bought it and nestled in for a romp of bawdy, offensive comedy. Thrilling at the thought that the movie would finally propel this amazing entertainer forward.

    Hmm, well I'll explain the five stars. The movie was tame. Those who love Bianca for her dry humour and scathing wit will, I feel, be a little disappointed. The script is not as you'd expect and the funniest moments are shown in the trailers. So for a thrill ride of offensive one liners you'd have to look elsewhere.

    However when you look at it as a low budget first movie, then it is awesome! So here lies the problem. Not what you expect but still very watchable. The criticism of ray as himself are pointless. That's the point of the movie. To expose the prejudice against us gays by the establishment. If Ray had been a wisecracking, bitter queen there would be no need for Bianca to rise from pits of hell.

    Willam was not able to keep up with Shangela who proved herself to be a great actor /actress. Unfortunately Willam was uncomfortable to watch. Compared to his stage persona (which is inspirational) his role was more bleh than wow.

    All in all, expect little and you'll receive a lot. Expect a Bianca bitch fest and you'll be left unsatisfied. This is a great movie and I'll watch it again and again. It's subtle and tells a good story ... And it tells it well. That's the surprise!

    To be honest the biggest fail is the script and the soundtrack. The incidental effects and music drown out much of the dialogue and that was a devastating shame.

    When all is said and done though, I'll be first in the queue for the sequel!
  • I have to give this a ten, if only for the message it sends into the world about accepting people that are different. Besides that message it is also a fun movie to watch, Bianca del Rio is very convincing in her roll as the gay teacher, Richard Martinez, and we all know her for doing Bianca in a brilliant way. It is the contrast between these two characters that makes it great, where Richard is polite and introvert, Bianca is a total bitch and doesn't hold back for no one.

    In the end this film does what it is supposed to do, even though it is not a high budget Hollywood movie. It gives you that feeling that you get after watching a good movie that keeps you thinking about it and the message it sends out. Definitely go and see this if you are a fan of insult comedy.
  • Hurricane Bianca is a timely, well written and directed comedy production that both explores and envisions the world in which society and our leading character is 'trans'forming in the modern era. Without delving too much into the plot (the narrative follows the traditional hero's journey of our protagonist teacher Richard who is looking to find his place in romance, work and sense of self), everything in this production was well executed - from the script, to the direction, the acting, editing, music, costume design and cinematography.

    The jokes were precisely on point, and what every audience member has been waiting for -witty without being crass, tasteful and topical. But more than anything, it is the themes and the outcome of the film which make this production a 10/10. Depicting the plight many members of the LGBTQI community feel and experience has and is complicated to represent to superficially. Usually LGBTQI films are geared towards one of two target markets - the gay or the straight - each having their own set of media conventions in which the narrative is able to be told. But Hurricane Bianca moves beyond the narrow conventions of one sort or the other, catering beyond the constricted, in a beautifully feminine production, without being obnoxiously or expectedly feminist.

    Hurricane Bianca doesn't stop there. The film both employs and transcends the clichés of your typical American comedy flick in a way that captivates your attention - despite any prethought you may have had about this generally shallow genre. However using stereotypes was at an advantage to this universal flick, which both holds and is a mirror of life in the 21st century outside of this viewing space. At an 84 minute runtime, hero's arc narrative, its collection of disposable and stereotypical characters, the film uses conventions of the familiar to comfort the audience who is about to confront topics which have been all too easy to brush under the carpet. In a world where same sex marriage divides our social structure based on tradition, definition, morals and values this film gives us all a friendly reminder that hey, slow down, these are issues are actually faced by our communities today, and look what happens when we a)forget prejudice, b) take a chance and trust people in society, c) allow ourselves to be who we really want and ought to be and d)for just a moment or 84, live in a world where this is not the ideal, but the norm.

    Hurricane Bianca is a masterful, well crafted and beautifully presented depiction of the human struggle of self and sexual acceptance that all audience members are able to relate to, and reflect upon. With an all star cast of Drag royalty, this film lifts the bar in professionalism, witticism and exposition of the struggle that is very, very real.
  • I think every drag fan will love "Hurricane Bianca", but also people who don't have that much to do with drag might like the movie. The first 20 minutes are a bit tough compared to the rest of the movie, but after that a firework of drag starts. Bianca is incredibly funny and evil. The film progresses quickly and the message of acceptance, friendship and solidarity should reach ever viewer. I found the ending to be a bit cheesy, but it does not detract from the whole work. Conclusion: The film is a good pastime for in between.
  • Technically speaking, the movie is amateurish, it is mostly noticeable at the start of the film, Alan Cumming almost feel out of context since he is a great actor, but as the movie keeps going, it simply keeps getting better and better, all the plot points tie up in the end, so the weakness of the script at the beginning as well as the film school shots, eventually turn into something good and then great, I do not know why or how this happened, but this is a film that improves as it goes just as much as its lead character. Overall it was a feel good, great movie, with a useful social commentary and with memorable supporting characters.
  • sandrat-877305 December 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was very excited when I learned that Hurricane Bianca was being released. I think that Bianca del Rio is one of the funniest performers around, so I had high expectations. Her stand-up quick wit is second to none.

    The basic premise of the film is a down-on-his-luck teacher from NYC, Richard, (who is gay) goes to Texas to teach. He is fired for being gay, and seeks his revenge by returning in drag to teach as 'Bianca del Rio'. Along the way he tries to help re-unite a transgender friend with her estranged family, protect a bullied gay student.

    It is an interesting idea which could have worked. The film is, unfortunately, a real let down. The characters are two dimensional and unrealistic - they are caricatures. The script is poorly written, with the 'laughs' few and far between. It is just too amateur and is like 90 minutes of one of the Rupaul challenge telenovelas.

    Haylock as 'Richard' is uncomfortable, and the character is such a weakling that it is not enjoyable to watch. Rachel Dratch as the bigoted deputy principal is fantastic, but even she's not enough to save the film. Willam is by far the most annoying character - whenever he's on screen, he just sucks the energy. I like Willam's beat down videos on Youtube, but he was miscast in this role. Shangela, on the other hand, is fantastic, and brings much needed energy and comedy to the film.
  • I watched this tonight and absolutely loved it. I'm a HUGE fan of Bianca herself and was really looking forward to this. What did surprise me was the actual story. I thought it was well written and thoroughly enjoyable. I did laugh out loud a lot of times. For a production with a small budget I felt it packed a fair punch. The director and co really enjoyed producing this, you can feel it in every scene and all the cast were great also. Was lovely having some familiar faces amongst the cast. It added a little bit of that familiar magic! I give this a 10/10 purely because it was made with love and affection by all and considering the cost, was well delivered. Bravo Bianca! You were wonderful Xxx

    Mike Sutherland, Glasgow Scotland

    Can we get a sequel please???
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bless Bianca del Rio, because she is a funny, talented drag queen.

    Unfortunately doing drag, and even comedy on stage, does not equate to being a good actor. "Hurricane Bianca" is so poorly conceived, written and acted that it's painful. It's painful to watch talented people, including such comedic geniuses as Rachel Dratch, slug through this boringly unfunny piece of crap.

    The premise is pretty basic: a gay man, desperate for better income, moves to Texas to teach science. He is fired for being gay, and comes back to the school in drag pretending to be a real woman to teach them all a lesson.

    None of the characters have ANY dimension. They are all caricatures at best, just one note repeated over and over again. Most are boring tropes that would be more in place in a 90's gay-themed movie, but we've come so far that seeing these people now is trite. The fact is you end up not caring about anybody because of how broadly they are written.

    And for what *is* written, the dialog is SO terrible that you'll wince. On top of that, half of the time it makes no sense. One moment Bianca is at a bar complaining that she can't order booze because it's a dry county, so another character takes her to a gay bar nearby to get drinks. In the very next scene, at the new bar, the woman orders them shots and Bianca says "Oh no, I can't drink. Bad things happen when I drink." You were JUST at another bar ordering a vodka tonic and bitching they didn't have it, queen! Make up your freaking mind!!!

    It's these kind of schizophrenic discrepancies that make the movie so terrible. No one in the movie has any really defined personality traits. The rednecks are all terrible bigots, and the New York liberals are all heroic and compassionate. They speak in one-liners.

    The worst part is that Bianca is just a terrible actor. The thing about broad comedy is that you still have to be real. If your actions, your performance, doesn't feel real then it stops being funny.

    This movie is a must skip for every possible reason.
  • Well whoever decided on the screenplay...

    I didn't know Bianca before that, but I knew RuPauls Drag Race. So idk what they did with the first ~20 minutes of the film, they shouldve cut that part short to like 5 minutes.

    Bianca del Rio is the full 110 % bitches, but you just notice how uncomfortable she is without her drag. She's just born to sissy. And she is perfect with that.

    After 23 Minutes the whole movie turns and becomes awesome and fabulous.
  • My review is a little biased because I've been seeing Bianca drag shows for almost 20 years.

    The movie has some bad acting and the plot is pretty shallow, but this movie is made mainly for the comedic value. Bianca (once she appears) plays her usual self as a sharp tongued, doesn't give a crap, type of girl and let's everyone have it.

    Watch for a couple of laughs at the very least.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For the budget, it was well done. I've seen other low budget movies, that looked like they were entirely filmed in a dim basement. This was so much better.

    Acting was a little off, from some of the actors, not naming names, but then, I've never acted, so no idea how hard it is to do. LOL!

    Loved that it featured RuPaul, and some of the other beautiful Queens from RPDR.

    Loved the story-line. A few oh oh and aw moments. But loads of laughs.

    Hilarious. Loved it start to finish. If a fan of RPDR and the amazingly funny Bianca, well worth a watch. Hopefully Bianca will reappear in another, definitely will watch. Not disappointed at all. :) Go on stop reading, and go get it now!
  • davidhinecpa12 January 2017
    Hurricane Bianca is a rare gem of a movie; I had no idea what to expect and thrilled to see some familiar faces from RPDR. Yes, the movie was cheap and cheerful; but don't overthink it and it was a lot of rollicking fun. You had the good guys, bad guys, heroes and all order of movie characters.

    Bianca was the star who shone brightest. As well she should.

    The script was cheesy and screen play and "effects" delightfully amateurish; but that wasn't the point. There was something compelling about Hurricane Bianca and her story that kept us watching (well past my bedtime).

    The humour was dry and (thankfully) avoided gutter innuendo sometimes incorporated in drag queen comedy. Bianca as the teacher was just terrific.

    Definitely not for people who take themselves too seriously.
  • carbot29 September 2016
    As Pulp Fiction was to ripping off other films. As Halloween gave birth the the slasher movie genre. As Star Wars created a new sub-genre to science fiction movies. As Night of the Living Dead redefined what zombie movies would become. As American Graffiti was to the Rock and Roll teenager, and how Blair Witch project put the reality TV movie genre on the map, so Hurricane Bianca just created her very own!!!! Excellent Humor pushes the societal boundaries we judge by and Hurricane Bianca challenges us to look past what we are expected to think, as we do we discover more about ourselves. Absolute pleasure to watch!!!
  • Just some really good drag fun and laughs! A feel good film. I dig it.
  • This movie has some amazing elements that could make it a 9/10. It has Bianca Del Rio, Rupaul, Shanglela and so many more people who are more than entertaining to watch but some scenes fail to capture the essence of humour one might have hoped for.

    With much better direction, this movie could be a huge success because the story line and characters, even the acting of most actors was actually pretty good. It leaves you with unfulfilled expectations which are mostly due to direction and montage.

    I am giving it a 6/10 because apart from these two big flaws was fun to watch.
  • I was not sure what to expect from this movie. I happened to find it by sheer random luck, and I wasn't familiar with it at all prior to finding it. While the synopsis wasn't overly enticing, I still decided to watch the movie, because you do happen to stumble upon a gem every now and again.

    The story in this movie was adequate, although rather predictable. Was it entertaining? Sure. Just don't get your expectations turned up too high, because this movie doesn't deliver anything outstanding in any particular way or sense.

    The acting in "Hurricane Bianca" was actually okay, and people were doing fair jobs with their given characters.

    Personally, I don't understand the need that these men in drag have of putting on way too much make-up. It just looks downright ridiculous. And I can't even begin to fathom what is the reason for this, nor do I feel the urge or need to actually find out.

    A very politically correct movie if there ever was one. I feel like "Hurricane Bianca" caters to a very specific niche in the audience, and I can't claim to be part of that niche, because I was not overly impressed or entertained with the outcome of this movie.