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  • I am assuming this was written by someone who has never actually advanced beyond 8th grade or assumes no one in the audience has. In fact, if you made the leads 14 years old, it still isn't believable. There is little chemistry and two women who have no idea how to read any situation. If I were left alone with either of the two female leads, I would be hard pressed not to resort to violence to escape. The idea that people leave their children in their charge is laughable. I love most of the Hallmark Christmas movies but this one is just awful
  • I'm an avid follower of When Calls the Heart, so if Erin Krakow is starring I will most likely tune in. That said both female lead characters were pretty unlikable sparring for the attention of the new single dad in town. Towards the end one of the characters has absolutely despicable morals for a teacher. Cute but lacking in wholesome Hallmark values..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ok, we all know that Christmas specials are supposed to be a little cheesy and a little far fetched, that's part of the magic. But this entire movie, from the plotline to the acting is disappointing.

    The premise is that two girls who were best friends have a falling out over jealousy during a performance. Sure, girls can be caddy - but the idea that no parent, teacher or other source of reason stepped in during the 20 years since to put their ridiculous pre-teen feud into perspective? They're both single, teaching the same grade at the same school in a small town across the hall from each other and both miraculously live in gorgeous huge houses with manicured lawns. The one that can't cook at all has a full gourmet kitchen with top of the line appliances.

    In steps the new guy in town - a recently widowed hottie with a daughter in one of the classes. He's opening a homeless donation shelter in this tiny town that has enough money to put their teaching staff in mansions. Of course, both women pounce in attempts to get his attention - because that's all women are interested in, right?

    During the movie one woman learns to cook in a few goofy kitchen scene montages, she also babysits the new girl and tutors her a handful of times, and even though she barely has 3 conversations with the guy, love sparks - because she paid attention to his kid.

    Fast forward. Wacky mishaps. Ambitious deception resulting in a 2 minute tear filled miscommunication that is resolved with an I'm sorry and a hug in true Christmas movie fashion.

    The only good parts where the actress that played the little girl, the cameo that Alan Thicke had as a judge and the stunning homes that these elementary school teachers and the homeless shelter non-profit guy have.

    Zero Christmas magic, zero heart-touching honesty, zero personal revelations, zero character growth. I wish I could have rated it a zero.
  • Erin Krakow is an actress that I never herd of until this year. I saw her on another Christmas Hallmark Film and I thought she was very good. The film I first saw her in was "Finding Father Christmas" and that was a nice little film. So when I put on this film " A cookie Cutter Christmas" I pleasantly surprised to see her again.

    What I love about this actress is that she plays a nice "Girl Next Door" and you would want to be friends with her. In this film she plays a teacher that you wish you had growing up.

    In this film Erin plays Christie Reynolds. Christie has been competing with fellow school teacher Penny in just about everything and have since they were young kids. One thing leads to another for them and before they know it they end up competing against each other once again on a cookie making contest!

    At the same time, both teachers are showing interest in a student's single father. their competitive spirit rises to a higher and more desperate level.

    This film is pleasant to watch. It has a nice warmth to it. I will watch it again someday. I recommend this film to all people who love a little romance around the holidays!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "A Cookie Cutter Christmas" is another Hallmark Countdown to Christmas movie. In this version, two ex best friend schoolteachers compete against each other for the affection of a cute widower dad. He has a plucky little girl who knows her daddy is ready to move on. The two women face off in a baking contest because the plot can't let this premise get too risque. There's very little of the warm feeling these films usually have here; no one is a person to root for. Even the dad is just a generic Hot Guy.

    It's a shame really. The main actress, Erin Krakow, has an aura of sexuality about her. She's sweet but you get the feeling she can be devious from the way her eyes flutter and her dress that cuts low. The Hot Guy dad and her have some physical chemistry during the baking lesson scene. The frenemy character is actually devious. In this heartwarming holiday movie she sabotages a budding relationship between the daddy and the main character. This moment is one of the darkest you can seen in a Hallmark film. Credence to the idea the writer was under a deadline and put a spin on an existing idea.

    The film portrays these schoolteachers as living in large ornate houses and driving luxury vehicles. There's escapism and then there is lunacy. You also get no feeling that the movie was filmed anytime around Christmas. the sun is very bright.

    The writer for this film wrote several scripts in 2014. How this one became a Hallmark movie of all things is just strange. This premises would have been better suited for Lifetime or a direct to video comedy like The Layover. Instead the women make up in the most contrived manner in the last five minutes. A shame. Erin Krakow and Alan Thicke who cameos aren't terrible and deserve better.
  • The friendship of two young girls develops into a deep-seated rivalry that festers over twenty years. They become elementary teachers who are always trying to one-up each other.

    The action revolves around a school-sponsored baking contest that, somehow, drags over three days. As they keep their eyes on the winning cash prize, they become interested in an attractive, unattached man who moves into town with his daughter.

    I found the early going in this Hallmark holiday romance to be tame and plodding. And the story offers no surprises. You might call it "cookie cutter."

    The acting is actually okay, though the central character, Christie, is played by Erin Krakow as perhaps too subdued. Christie is a gentle spirit and likable, but this script could have used more energy. However, the final act of the film is satisfying, even touching. And Krakow shines in those concluding scenes.
  • Expectations were very mixed before watching 'A Cookie Cutter Christmas'. Love Christmas and many Christmas films. Have liked Erin Krakow and David Haydn-Jones in other performances, although not everything they've done has been good let alone great. Hallmark is an extremely mixed bag when it comes to their festive output, but they certainly showed more than once that they could make films that were above watchable.

    Sadly, 'A Cookie Cutter Christmas' isn't one of them. The premise didn't excite me, but there have been many times where a predictable or ordinary premise has been executed in a way that exceeded expectations. This premise is done nothing with and there is not even enough to 'A Cookie Cutter Christmas' to make it cookie cutter. It's completely bland, lacking taste and flavour and the excessive cheese really does spoil the mix.

    'A Cookie Cutter Christmas' has very few redeeming qualities, but credit is due for some nice location work.

    Likewise the sweet (but not sickly sweet) and spirited lead performance of Krakow.

    Haydn-Jones however has been much better in other things, he has been in misfires but this is one of the very few times where he isn't a redeeming merit. The character is just too uptight and vapid and Haydn-Jones really struggles to bring any personality to him. There is no chemistry between him and Krakow, they look ill at ease together, very disconnected from each other and nothing ignites. Miranda Frigon is also very annoying, from trying too hard, as a character whose negative qualities are so overwritten and overacted it was like seeing a caricature with no redeeming qualities. When she is with Krakow it was like a competition to see who could over-compensate the most, Frigon always winning because at least Krakow made an effort to bring some likeability to her character. The rest of the acting is nothing to write home about in roles that are so blandly and cartoonishly written that none of the characters come over as real people.

    The script is incredibly childish and is excessively cheesy in many parts and very empty in others, the amount of cringing and wincing is enough to induce a need to sleep off nausea for an hour afterwards. The character motivations are so abrupt, all over the place and don't make much sense at all. One expects the story to be predictable as it is following the more of the same basic formula that most Hallmark films follow, but to me there are very few other Hallmark Christmas films that are as over the top ridiculous and lacking in maturity as 'A Cookie Cutter Christmas'. Those distinctions reach whole new heights here. The music is both grating and overbearing, the direction lacks character and distinction and other than the locations the film has a dull look.

    In conclusion, very poor. 2/10
  • Clichés big as the sun, unlikeable bratty characters. I mean these two childish teachers are a shame. We should like the characters but they both are bitter and stupid and I mean how hard is is to set a timer on an oven. I did not made it past the half an hour mark.
  • MIamiReviewer15 November 2015
    I love me some Hallmark holiday moves. I can't tolerate this one. Two catty, unlikable women competing over the new dad in town. I assume you're supposed to like the lead actress because she's the "nicer" of the two? But she's just as pathetic as the nastier one, meeting the new dad once and immediately setting her desperate sights on him. That is literally the whole plot of this movie. No charming romanticism that develops over two hours. Nope. Just that a single hot guy shows up, and the ladies pull out their claws. Oh, and the hot dad's "job" is running a nonprofit goodwill type ramshackle empty storefront for needy people. Ugh.
  • ladynomad200012 December 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    One of the things I love about Hallmark Christmas films is that they are filled with people that you can root for.

    However, I just can't seem to like Penny. She just feel so annoying. Even at the end, she just don't seem to regret anything. I wanted someone to slap her in the face. If we are supposed to at least want Christie and Penny to be friends again, we are supposed to see that they actually like each other.

    James felt bland as the typical widow hot dad with the heart of gold. I didn't like the idea that he would be so quick to jump to conclusions and that Christie just accepted him back.

    It felt like that Penny and Christie stayed at the 8 year old level. I'm glad that they admitted that they were silly but I wish that the other characters call them out on it.

    I think the main problem is that there are too many plot lines. What about a simple story that involved two rivals who realize that their drama is hurting their class? That would be great.

    Anyway, this movie just made me feel glad that I don't remember elementary school.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The only actor who was good in the movie was Alan Thicke. The plot wasn't executed and the movie was boring. The father was such a darn jerk, it took for his daughter to get him to come to his senses about who really took the dumb cookie recipe. Oh please! anyone could have figured it out when Penny asked him to Fix Christy's table leg just to make him mad and frame Christy for no reason at all. Penny and Christy acted like they were 3 and for what? Some widower with a child? oh give me a break, this movie is nothing but a bunch of useless lines and actors who can't act and aren't even good looking. They all need acting lessons except for Alan Thicke. The rivalry lasted what? 20 years isn't that a long time to carry a grudge? Oh brother, I'd rather listen to boring music than watch some rubbish about some cooking contest taken to a new level. That plot in it self is quite dumb! This is one of the worst Hallmark movie's ever seen. This movie is a 1/10 and that's being generous. This movie has no potential and you can fall asleep watching the movie, I nearly did twice. The movie isn't even comical, its so drab, the more I watched it the more I wanted to throw a script at the director and writing crew.Bad script. Save your time people and watch something else.
  • Cannot stand this movie 4 least favorite cast members Erin Krakow Miranda Frigon Alan thicke and David Hayden Jones .this rivalry is so childish
  • Hallmark bills Christmas movies as romantic comedies. While many try hard at romance, most do not on the comedy aspect. What I liked about this movie is the rivalry between the teaches actually gave the movie a comedic aspect through out. I also enjoy a Hallmark style battle between the virtuous hero and the G rated vixen for the heart of the prince.

    Now that being said you have to tolerate the usual Hallmark plot themes. An insignificant event or contest (in this case cookie baking) is made much more important and convoluted than needed. The father, usually, is a wonderful kind person whose career focuses on philantrapy, and has a great kid who tries to play matchmaker.

    As a fan of the genre though I must say this is one of my favorites and enjoyable each time I see it.
  • I am a sucker for Christmas movies! Christmas is my favorite time of year, watching all the holiday movies and hot chocolate. But I was wondering does anyone know the name of the book she was reading to the little girl when they were sitting on the couch after making the gingerbread cookies? Sounds like a book my kids would like me to read to them. The actress is one of my favorites she is amazing in all of her movies. I think the movie has a good story and a lot of Christmas spirit. I know everyone has different preferences but I don't see I need to get all nasty a bash the movie. I can't wait to watch it this year. There are plenty of others they run in the ground. I would rather see this one more than those.
  • OK, I saw this movie twice...that is, as much as I could tolerate it both times...but I really did suffer through a lot of it both times. >>>And I'm wondering what the point of making it was.<<<.....It has a great title and festive previews, but that is where the fascination to watch it ends............The plot was as dull and pointless as can be...the players and lines were as ho-hum as can be...and I suppose the highlight was the teachers' cookie contest. wow.....No wonder Alan Thicke was chosen for that part...he kept it dull.....(but it's only proper to hold everyone in "suspense" as to who the winner was...not telling.)...................Aha! I think the reason for making it was so that folks can fall asleep!...Sweet dreams....zzzzzzz.
  • Jackbv12322 July 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Seeing Erin Krakow as a teacher made me want to love this movie from the start. As the teacher on Once Calls the Heart, you can't help but expect genuine love, humility and generosity especially for her students.

    Throw in a cute little girl as the daughter of an attractive new dad in the school, James, and you have a great start.

    Unfortunately Christie has a very mean competitive streak. While it isn't nearly as nasty as her grade school rival, Penny, it still detracts from Christie and really is inconsistent with her character.

    We see an obvious attraction forming between Christie and James and between Christie and Lilly. What else would you expect?

    The rivalry, embodied in the cookie baking contest, becomes the central thread of the movie. I think you could tell that something was coming with the recipes, even though my guess wasn't quite right.

    The ending was too abrupt, too quick.