Shortly after the climactic last episode of Season 2, in which the fate of several characters hangs in the balance, it was announced that ITV had canceled the series. By this time, plans for a third season of episodes were under way and writers had already written scripts (contents unknown!) in which the cliffhanger was resolved - one way or the other. An online petition was created to resurrect Home Fires. It has just over 46320 signatures (updated 05/24/17).

Despite the first and second series both performing well against rivals, in April 2016, ITV announced that Home Fires had been axed, a decision which caused uproar among fans. A petition and online campaign were soon launched to get the channel to reconsider, with the petition getting over 46320 signatures (updated 05/24/17).

The open scene of each episode is always from the POV of Steph Farrow.