Maxwell Gridley: [about Josie's boyfriend] So, who's the lucky guy?

Josie Mayfield: [catching the bottle of water Gridley throws to her] Ooh, thank you. Ah, he is an executive headhunter.

Maxwell Gridley: Ouch. And what do your folks think of this boyfriend?

Josie Mayfield: You know my Dad. He doesn't think anybody's good enough for me.

Maxwell Gridley: I know he didn't think I was good enough for you.

Josie Mayfield: Don't feel bad. Richard has everything that's on my father's checklist, and he still doesn't approve.

Maxwell Gridley: Ah, the Mayfield checklist: good job, good family, good manners... good-bye.

Josie Mayfield: Right.

Maxwell Gridley: Well, I'm just going to come out and say it - you know why your Dad's repulsed by this guy...

Josie Mayfield: I never said he was repulsed.

Maxwell Gridley: Look, it's his job. No father wants his daughter dating a cannibal in a suit.

Josie Mayfield: He's not a cannibal. He is a headhunter.

Maxwell Gridley: What's the difference?

Josie Mayfield: Richard places clients in employment positions, and a cannibal chops people up and eats them for dinner.

Maxwell Gridley: Tomayto/tomahto.

Josie Mayfield: Hey, you don't think I'm like my Dad, do you?

Maxwell Gridley: Nah, you're way prettier.

Claire Mayfield: [exasperated] What is this? We thought you were still seeing that Richard person.

Josie Mayfield: Well, you didn't approve of Richard, so I started seeing other people. He's on the back burner right now.

Joseph Mayfield: And Maxwell Gridley is on the front burner?

Josie Mayfield: [adamantly] Yes. I ran into him while I was out jogging, and we have a history together. He makes me laugh. He has a very contagious outlook on life.

Claire Mayfield: [somewhat under her breath] Let's hope that's all that's contagious.