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  • This is the best non-Christmas Hallmark movie ever!! Someone said the first 15 minutes were not good. Please don't stop watching until you get to the end!! Tim Conway is hilarious!! And Paul Campbell is seriously my favorite Hallmark actor and ranks extremely high on my list of all time favorites! He is flawless in this one! This is the perfect reality~escape movie that will keep you laughing, smiling and quoting when it's over!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Gridley(Paul Campbell) is a down on his luck drifter who runs into his high school crush Josie(Hilarie Burton) in the park one day. Her boyfriend Richard, who is arrogant and stuffy, knows that Josie's wealthy parents hate Gridley even worse than him, so he pays Gridley to accompany Josie home for the weekend to her parents 40th anniversary party, in order to make him look more appealing.

    Yes, there are a lot of standard romantic clichés here: snobby parents, comic mishaps by Gridley, and romantic sparks flying between Gridley and Josie. However, three things make this better than the usual Hallmark romance. First, Tim Conway plays grandpa as a man who fakes dementia to avoid his family's squabbles and is hilarious throughout.

    Second, Josie's sister Mindy with her green-streaked hair, which is the result of a Gridley mishap, and her free-spirited, stubborn ways is extremely likable and comes close to stealing the show.

    And third, Paul Campbell has just the right amount of quirkiness and makes the viewer both sympathetic and humored.

    Of course, Josie and Gridley fall in love, her family accepts him and they end up together as one would expect. But, the journey there is fun and sometimes its nice simply to watch a movie, especially Hallmark, JUST for fun and romance!!
  • Jazzie-too7 February 2020
    A Gem!
    I love this Hallmark sweetheart of a movie! In particular, Paul Campbell is a gem! He is so likable and natural! Hope we see more of him! This is my 3rd time seeing this. 2017, 2018, 2020! Love it more each time! And then there's Tim Conway! What a treat! Sorry he's no longer with us, but how wonderful he see him in this. He's a natural! I would give this 12 stars out of 10 if I could!


  • I was expecting the usual banal Hallmark type romance movie and was pleasantly surprised. Well written, well acted, great casting and a beautiful setting. Tim Conway is an unexpected surprise also and totally nails the roll. This movie is simply fun entertainment that will have you chuckling throughout.
  • bl-6397421 January 2019
    The movie is the usual light hearted fair with old flames rekindling . The special part is the brilliant casting of Tim Conway as the grandfather faking dementia. His comic genius is is on display all the time, even when he's not the center of the scene.
  • edwagreen17 February 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Delicious romantic comedy where a guy who is not liked by his girl's parents pays a guy they even disliked more to spend the weekend at their mansion so that the former would come out looking good by comparison.

    Of course, bringing the two together brings back memories and sparks romance once again.

    The best part of all this is the snooty parents who act as though the world is totally beneath them. It is at their 40th wedding anniversary that their younger daughter finally has the courage to tell them off and it's nice seeing how they're brought back down to earth.

    Tim Conway is a scene stealer as a grandfather pretending to have dementia so that he can tune out his daughter and son-in-law.

    A great way of looking at ourselves and removing our foibles.
  • I adore the film. Hallmarks are a hit or miss for me, but Hillary Paul & Tim keep me laughing! The other characters are good, but a little safer comedy-wise. It doesn't over process the plot nor do the impossible in a 48 hour timeframe. So, for me it is that rainy day rom-com that you enjoy with your girls! :)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This Hallmark holiday romance has all of the prerequisite Hallmark clichés: Stuffy boyfriend, quirky true-love, visit to well off but mean parents, heroine caught in the wrong career, and troubled sister. It manages to overcome them all, thanks to the whimsical charm of Paul Campbell as Quigley, and Tim Conway as the grandfather pretending to have dementia so to escape being drawn into the various family dramas. The redemption of her parents is well done and accomplished with a slinky and a Twinkie cake. The secondary romance of the sister and her next door neighbor and son of the Mother's nemesis is a nice touch. The sister was tons more likable and interesting than the primary heroine, and actually is more compatible with her love interest, but would not have provided the necessary "opposites attract" dynamic and her eventual character arc where she has her epiphany regarding her love life and her career.
  • Really. I think this is my favorite non-holiday Hallmark movie. It's just fun! Yeah some of it can be a little quirky or goofy but really, it is fun. If I see it on, I put it on or record it. The snooty people soften up, the tight-wound daughter loosens up and goes after her dream. The golden retriever is a scene stealer. The acting is all great and the chemistry is not "on fire" between the leads but they definitely connect well and you can see them falling for each other. The movie is so entertaining that I don't mind a little lack of chemistry. And yay for another adult movie! No kids or festivals or overdone artificial greenery. It's almost like a Pollyanna story. Gridley improves the lives of everyone he touches including the mute grandfather who speaks to him. Hilario Burton was a champ running down the hill in heels to get her man! Great ending. It's fun and heartwarming and I completely recommend it! I am a tough critic on Hallmark movies but this one is a rare gem.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is a delight. The plot is a woman's High School sweetheart agrees to help her new boyfriend seem more appealing. But "Gridly" Paul Campbell a free spirit living his life on his terms. While the family members are playing roles in life Daughter, Mother, Father Sister. After Gridly is accused of stealing a seemingly expense Anniversary gift. And leaves "Josie" Hilary Burton realizes " It's about time " to stop living someone elses expectation of either lives. Finally all the family members come to realize " It's about time " they all stop pretending. This a warm , entertaining movie well acted by the entire cast. Once you watch you will want to see again and maybe you will ask yourself " It's about time ".
  • jkoconne12 September 2019
    Nice film. Hilarie Burton is always good. The plot is a subtle rewrite of My Man Godfrey from 1936 starring Carol Lombard and William Powell, a must see available at Amazon.
  • First things first, I adore Paul Campbell in every single Hallmark movie he has ever done!!! More please!! It's stated in the "goofs" section about this movie, that at the Mayfield party, Richard's character says hello to Gridley but calls him Richard instead of Gridley. Actually, it's Gridley (with his back to the camera) saying hello to Richard. A closer look shows that Richard simply raises his eyebrows a bit at Gridley then gives a half-smile with no words being spoken, by Richard, until they take photos together and give their names.
  • Ok, I'm a guy who finds Hallmark movies boring, predictable and of course formulaic. This movie is a surprising one-off. I actually looked it up to see if Hallmark actually produced it as a fluke!. Tim Conway really is great. There has to be more original scripts out there,
  • A barrel of fun! More sophisticated than the usual Hallmark romance!
  • After watching over 140 Hallmark movies, I am declaring this to be my favourite. This movie will literally make you laugh and cry and it will tug at your heart strings - at least it did for me.

    To start, the humour is almost unprecedentedly actually funny compared to other Hallmark movies. I really laughed out loud when Josie was talking about her parent's party on the phone and Max asked her "Coronation?" and then again when Josie and Richard came to the park in their business suits and Max asked "Corporate takeover of (could have been "in") the park?" Paul Campbell's comic timing was absolute genius throughout the show.

    The Mayfield family dynamics would remind many of us of our own family dynamics and it is so wonderful to see how it all worked out for them. Fills the world with hope! The entire Mayfield family cast are brilliant from the younger sister to the grandfather. They are real, they are likeable/understandable characters despite their flaws and they love each other at the end of the day - awwwww!

    I just wish Max could have had a better career path and not been such a hippie character which is not normally seen as desirable in this day and age but otherwise, I could not wax more lyrical about this show.

    Perfect chemistry between Josie and Max and they had us rooting for them all the way.

    Probably the first time in 140 Hallmark movies I really wish there is a sequel. For now, considering I caught this movie on Youtube, my wish is that Amazon would restock the DVD so that I can order a copy!

    If I could give this movie more stars, I would.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a great Hallmark film. It actually has several laugh out loud moments in it. Tim Conway portrays a grandfather faking dementia that is very similar to the old man he played on several Carol Burnett skits. Paul Campbell is awesome in this. It's a definite one to watch. Another review I read said they never answered the question about who stole the Faberge egg well they must have fell asleep because they catch the dog stealing the fathers watch and realize that's what happened to the egg.
  • It would be a spoiler to describe it here, but that scene is near the end of the remarkable "Nashville" by Robert Altman and the buildup to it must take a full two hours. The impact is astonishing. Here, things also build for over an hour, and it also is a shapeshifter. So well directed and acted.

    My first Hallmark movie, as I was clicking around downstream of the HBO and Showtime channels and happened on the pretty funny falling-into-his-arms thing so I caught the whole thing later. Pretty good. The jokes are fast and furious. And as always Vancouver was looking magnetic.
  • This movie was okay for hallmark standards, it was predictable at times and the actors were good considering the material but still worth a watch
  • This is one of my favorite movies. Every time it's on, I have to watch it.
  • So superior to most Hallmark movies. It's been on 3 times in past months. Enjoyed it more each time. Love Paul Campbell! All characters well done. Good script, no cringe moments. Need more like this please. Those that don't like it haven't come to accept the role Hallmark movies play in providing calm escape from ugly reality. I am a recent convert myself.
  • I've always felt Paul Campbel has been dealt the short end of the stick when it comes to good roles in Hallmark movies. The character he plays best is in Once Upon a Christmas. Finally he's not a nerd or a loser. He actually is quite handsome as a hard working bachelor.

    This movie is painful to watch.... saccharine sweet, and ridiculously stupid story line. Not everyone needs plots spelled out in such detail you get sick of the movie in the first 15 minutes.
  • Pretty good movie. Did not like Richard. It looks like Paul Campbell got framed. The picture never revealed how the egg got into Paul's luggage. It just revealed that the egg was an imitation so it looks like the family accepted the fact that it was in Paul's bag but it is OK because the egg is a fact. (Bad writing there). The rest of the movie was good. Paul Campbell is a good looking and likable actor.
  • I wanted to watch this because of Hilarie Burton. So, knowing that Hallmark movies can go either way, I decided to look at reviews. The reviews were really great and so I tried to watch it. And let me just say, I have no idea why the reviews are so great? This movie was terrible. Every scene bored me until I just gave up and stopped watching. The romance was not there at all. The acting was awful just like the story. Do not watch this.