Lady Hideko: My saviour who came to ruin my life. My Tamako, my Sookee.

Lady Hideko: You can even curse at me or steal things from me. But please don't lie to me. Understand?

Count Fujiwara: Anything you want. The sky is the limit.

Sook-Hee: I need to remind myself that I want to be rich and then travel somewhere far, eat foreign foods, buy bright shiny things and, most importantly... forget about Hideko.

Sook-Hee: My aunt said when you hear that guests will come, drop everything and go bathe the children. The guests like the smell of a clean baby. Miss, you are my baby. My aunt also said, give the babies candy when they bathe, to teach them that bath time is sweet.

Lady Hideko: [whispering] What does a man really want?

Sook-Hee: What?

Lady Hideko: What I mean is... the weeding night. How would I know? I grew up without a mother to teach me. I have no idea about any of this.


Lady Hideko: Probably kissing first?

Sook-Hee: [thinking] Alright. Let's try to put her to sleep. So adorable. In a foreign country and without a mother. Alone in this giant mansion. Reading useless books. And learning nothing of value.

Lady Hideko: [thinking] Why did the taste change? Sour and bitter. Within the bitterness changes to sweetness. Sweet with a nice scent.

Lady Hideko: How do you know? Have you done this before?

Sook-Hee: Nope, not at all, my friend showed me this.

Lady Hideko: Showed you? By describing?

Sook-Hee: Yes, by describing.

Lady Hideko: So this is the felling!

Sook-Hee: This is what the Count wants!

Lady Hideko: Really?

Sook-Hee: The Count...

Lady Hideko: Would it be like being with a corpse? You know, my hands and legs cold?

Sook-Hee: Is that so?

Lady Hideko: Do you want to feel it?

Sook-Hee: I just feel relieved!

Lady Hideko: Relief? Do it to me. I want to personally know if it's relieving.

Sook-Hee: The Count will want to do this too. And also... So cute! If the Count sees this...

Lady Hideko: Will he be as gentle as you?

Sook-Hee: Of course! The Count will also... also...

Lady Hideko: Continue! Just like that! As if the Count was doing it!

Sook-Hee: After that, he would say "How soft and warm." So... so wet. Your beauty leaves me breathless!

Lady Hideko: Men are disgusting. Why do you always think of those things?

Count Fujiwara: You're asking me about how I think? You think that all I'm interested in is your body? Is that so? You definitely have been reading too many of those erotic writings! If there's anything I do want from you it's not your eyes, hands, or ass, but your money. You having the first is money. Talking and teasing an aristocrat like you is so fun!

Count Fujiwara: Women love to play with fate.

Lady Hideko: It would have been better if I was never born. To have never taken a breath and live.

Lady Hideko: Love. A conman like you knows what love is?

[last lines]

Count Fujiwara: Even like this, dying is a luxury.

Lady Hideko: But, for sending me Sookee out of all the girls in the world, I feel 'slightly' grateful.

Sook-Hee: Where I come from, it's illegal to be naive.

Lady Hideko: Is it stupid to love someone being someone like you?

Uncle Kouzuki: I am a dirty old man who likes erotica. Everyone absorbs very story differently. That is my passion. But now, it's all over. What do I do?

Uncle Kouzuki: You have a week of freedom. But you must remember the thing in the cellar.

Lady Hideko: [narrating] At that moment, a drop of insanity could cause one to go completely mad. If I could drive Sasaki mad as well, then life would've been more fun.

Sook-Hee: [For Lady Hideko] She's so naive, even if a man pulls on her nipples she won't know what he wants!

Aunt of Lady Hideko: [Reciting] When Jinlian finally took off her clothes, Ximen Qing examined her Jade Gate, discovering the Secret Well to find it hairless, white as snow, and smooth as jade. Tight as a drum, and soft as silk. Once he drew apart the curtains of flesh, a scent of well-aged wine emanated from within, and on fold upon fold of the red velvet interior, beads of dew were forming. Its centre was dark and void, yet as if it had its own life, it twitched and twitched...

Uncle Kouzuki: Korea is ugly, and Japan is beautiful.

Count Fujiwara: Some Japanese say Japan is ugly and Korea is beautiful.

Uncle Kouzuki: Korea is soft, slow, dull, and therefore hopeless.