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  • Digital Sin's prolific cameraman Paul Woodcrest once again proves his incompetence as a director in this dumb, bordering on insulting, example of overuse of POV camerawork.

    Three studs (Erik Everhard serving double duty as incest-monger in two separate family roles) service young things as well as young but seasoned to the point of over-familiarity Adriana Chechik without ever speaking or showing their faces. The gals do all the talking, to the camera, especially gleefully cheery Roxanne Rae, who only shuts up when giving Anthony Rosano a blow job.

    Chechik is fetching as always in sexy gym togs, getting a massage from unsung big-dicker Chris Strokes, while both Dakota Skye and sultry Kennedy Leigh portray siblings to Everhard but not to each other, due to poor casting and compiling of the dvd.

    The POV gimmick is run into the ground, but has a loyal following among porn hounds who find putting themselves into the place of the anonymous fellow on screen (with basically only his dick showing) an ideal stimulant to ejaculating solo in the privacy of their homes. Not much here for anyone else, especially with the lamest of pre-sex set-up scenes such as Kennedy Leigh studying on her bed with Erik and announcing to him: "Maybe if you came you could relax and focus". Cue the step-brother incest action.