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  • I always enjoy watching this show, the only real downside to it is when a character that you love ends up getting brutally dismembered or blown to bits! To me it's the absolute best of the online shows that pit pop culture characters from the world of games, movies, or anime against each other after analysing their back stories, strengths and weaknesses because it's simply the best quality one all around, the narrators are funny and informative and are fun to listen to during the information stage that takes up most of the episode, it obviously has a decent budget that allows it to put effort into animated battle sequences that try out a varied form of animation approaches, sometimes being computer generated, sometimes they opt for the pixelated 8 or 16-bit retro video game look, or even a cartoony cell-shaded style like in a recent hilarious episode that had Smokey the Bear and MGruff the Crime Dog battling it out, with MGruff eventually being squashed like a bug! Of the similar shows that Youtube has to offer I also love Super Power Beat Down, which has live-action people in cool costumes in staged battles, which works a lot better than you might think. There's also a show called Cartoon Fight Club, but if you're a fan of this show than you don't even wanna bother with that one, because it's just a very poor ripoff with cheap nasty animation, zero charm and much more exposition before the battles which is cripplingly boring! There's also DBX which is a fun little show but the episodes only run a minute of so long, so it feels a little weak and hollow, it's a lot like this show but without the meat! The combinations of battlers throughout the series are so varied that there's guaranteed to be something to pique about anyone's interest, and I love how much ground they've covered and how inventive the combinations are, they've had a Goomba going up against a Koopa, Megazord against Optimus Prime, and one of my favourites is the Lion-O vs He-Man episode, because I love that era of Saturday morning cartoons and especially the Thundercats. Anyway so if you're into seeing famous characters from your childhood and popular media duking it out in hilarious, gritty and frequently awesome fashion, this is the show to get into, it's excellently put together and is always entertaining, and always makes for some guaranteed fun! X
  • Death Battle is a Youtube series which has one case study to put two or more characters ,usually from comics, films, video-games, anime and TV series and put them fight each other gladiator style to the death. And it rocks!

    The hosts Wiz (Ben Stiller) and Boomstick (Chad James) really put themselves in to the project and they and the rest of team do their best to find almost anything about the characters in each fight and how that skill or weapon would effects the match. This in depth look ,made me love the show for it takes the silly idea of primary school and examines it in a analytical yet hilarious manner.

    And thanks to this series you get to know series, video-games or films that had passed under your radar and then after watching the fight you can go and find out and enjoy it yourself. That is how I learned about Spawn the series, Gamera, Gundams and many more.

    Also as for the style sometimes it in pixel form, others 3D, either way is addictive and definitely worth watching even if you disagree with the final result.

    All in all is on Youtube ,it worth your time and definitely go watch them all!