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  • Toni Erdmann starts slow and is in general a movie that takes its time. 162 minutes might suggest an overlong or very slow paced film, but in this 162 minutes we get a firework-like examination of a relationship between a father and a daughter. And yes, Toni Erdmann is a comedy. There are some moments that are so hilarious, that they gained applause mid film from the audience at my screening. But it is also a tragedy. A really complex one actually. There is so much loneliness in those characters, so much longing. Toni Erdmann is constantly entertaining, extremely well acted and emotionally compelling. A masterpiece of German cinema.
  • I feel at a loss when it comes to the love for beloved Oscar nominated German dramedy Toni Erdmann.

    I've tried to understand why this excessive, criminally long and utterly weird (not funny) film, that at its core tells a rather generic and ordinary story of a father and his daughter has been so blatantly fawned over by many a top critic but I just can't see or understand why Maren Ade's tale has become the so-called classic it's been labelled with.

    Over 160 minutes of runtime we the audience get the "privilege" of following around the odd Winfried Conradi whose relationship with his business driven daughter Ines leads him to take up a persona of Toni Erdmann, a self-professed life coach that starts to follow Ines around to become a part of her working life. It's a story with potential but told as dryly and blandly as Ade tells it, this ends up being a rare foreign film where you just can't wait to see a more tightly structured and funny Hollywood remake.

    There's nothing wrong with Peter Simonischek or Sandra Hüller's central performances as father and daughter duo Winfried and Ines and the two actors are both game to partake in some odd scenarios, from cupcake antics, odd birthday parties to awkward nights out with the girls, but Toni Erdmann has surely hoodwinked people into thinking strange and bizarre is in fact genius at work and while some who like their films cut from the bizarre corner of filmmaking will lap up Toni Erdmann's fondness for the odd, there will be other viewers such as me you don't buy into what Erdmann is selling us.

    It will be interesting to see how Hollywood tackles the stories untypical nature, but there's enough love flowing for the film around the place that acting legend Jack Nicholson has shunned his retirement plans to appear in the remake as the titular Erdmann while Girls superstar Lena Denham is attached to help work on the script, showcasing that Erdmann has its large portion of fans and few detractors.

    Final Say –

    Quite clearly Toni Erdmann wasn't for me and I understand that I will be one of only a few who didn't find this slow, charmless and cold experience that's trying to be an odd yet touching tale of a father and daughter, a sight for sore eyes.

    For those that get on board the journey of Winfried and his quest to reconnect to his daughter, Toni Erdman will be near 3 hours' worth of quality dramatics with laugh out loud oddness, for the other bewildered few, Toni Erdman is one of last year's most unduly praised experiences.

    1 cupcake out of 5
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The opening scene gives you fair warning. The camera lingers on the front door of a house. And lingers. A mailman arrives with a package. He rings. And rings. The door opens and Mr. Conradi appears (actor Peter Simonischek). He makes jokes about the package being for his brother, who defuses bombs. He calls into the house for his brother, then goes inside. We wait with the postman. And wait. The brother shows up, but it's Conradi in a wig and fake teeth. Eventually the scene ends. But the movie will continue like this for almost three(!) hours.

    Conradi is in almost every scene, and he is a grotesque, ill-favored old man who treats people as if they were pawns in some grand comedy he's living. His main target is his daughter, a hard-working executive stationed in Bucharest (most of the film was shot in Romania). He treats no one with respect, especially not her, and he has no dignity.

    Almost every scene would benefit from being shortened, some by up to half. Whole scenes (e.g., the handcuffing, the sperm-splattered pastries) could have been cut without losing any of the point-- which by the way, is anything but fresh territory. Zorba the Greek leapt to mind as a similarly themed movie. In two words: enjoy life. Zorba, however, is a charming character. Mr. Conradi/Toni Erdmann is not.

    The multiple-award-winning actress Sandra Huller holds the film together, and the scene, toward the end, when she belts out Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All," is a triumph of performance over production. That's pretty much it (and I'm not forgetting her prolonged nude scene). Without her presence, I would have walked out. This is a grossly over-rated film, and a painfully over-long one.
  • This movie is one if this rare occasions that gives you the sensation you saw something very special today. It has some kind of unique comedy status like Monty Python or Bill Murray. If you think about a serious Monty Python or a more hilarious Broken Flowers you might come close to this movie.

    The main theme is loneliness. A father realizes that his daughter is not happy even though she has a great career and pretends to be fine. So he tries to bring joy back in her life.

    The acting is brilliant both Toni and Ines are as authentic as possible. Some scenes were so funny that i basically cried tears of joy. Especially the nude party is so ridiculous ... its actually one of best scenes i ever saw in cinema.

    This is a great and very unique movie and i want to thank Maren Ade for this piece of art. Imho the best German comedy ever made. 10/10
  • This is a great movie - but most likely not for everyone. It's about academic upper middle-class people and their family relationships. Not everybody will find that interesting and there is no usual "romantic" plot development. It's a family portrait of a father and her daughter and as such has no (plot) conclusion. It is not the usual light comedy since it touches very serious questions and the prevailing mood is unhappiness (it is however _very_ funny at times ;-)).

    That being said, this movie makes some very fine and subtle observations, presents them in a funny and entertaining form yet at the same time in a thought-provoking and philosophical way which will make you think about it for a long time. If you're from an academic (german) household you will find lots of similarities in your own family relations.

    This movie is not fast-paced - in fact it often has long shots of lonely people and a lot is not said but has to be filled in by the viewer. So if you don't relate to the characters this movie will feel longish for sure. But if you find traces of your own life or that of your friends and relatives you'll be amazed by the subtlety and finesse in which this movie is directed. Although there are some bizarre events, everything which happens in this movie could happen in real life. There are no implausible scenes in this movie! This is an incredible statement given the crazy and bizarre things which happen in this movie. If you wanna know how that could be true, you might wanna watch it.
  • r-hehl17 August 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film is OK, but not outstanding. With a running time of 160 minutes it is far too long and some obviously boring scenes could have been shortened. There are a lot of irrational decisions by the protagonists. If they were funny they could aid the film. However, they aren't. What is funny about eating a sperm soaked petite four? The joke with the fake teeth is overstretched and redundant. Some jokes by the father have even to be declared as jokes by him otherwise nobody would have understood them. What is most ungratifying with this film is the lack of connection to the main character. He was so poorly introduced, I did not feel any sympathy with him. Some of his actions were meant to be funny but were so stupid I felt sorry for him. Even the end leaves you with a "so what?". The daughter keeps her unsatisfying type of job although at a different company and the relationship with her father seems to be just the same as before. Lucky for the daughter, her new job is much farther away from her fathers home. There is hope that he leaves her alone.
  • I liked this movie a lot. I met "these" people over the last 25 years in Bucharest and in Germany.

    In this "new global world", the most of the time everybody is so deep into the details of "knowing how to be" because everybody is already like this, that if you take a step back and watch from a different angle you might wonder if anyone still remembers what it is to be a human. To remember the pleasure of feeling secure and loved by the ones that are guaranteed to be the ones that will do so. And finally if you get the right angle, you have to admit that everyone around you looks ridiculously, trying to find the detail in the detail that would make a difference, even if everybody does everything identically and there is obviously nothing else. The game about being a tough global business-woman/man, up to the most disgusting proofs to be the tougher one, is finally just flat and meaningless.

    The whole story is wonderful true. The actors are doing a fantastic job making you feel the frustration and discomfort that should be seen and felt by everyone living in such a world. It is not a slow movie ... it is the shortest version of an never-ending slow life with nothing that would make your heart pound for the true meanings.

    This movie brought two points to my mind. Einstein defined madness: - Trying the same thing again and again while expecting a different outcome. - Google was build on the simple idea that everybody is searching for something that everybody is already mentioning... Try to type "Apple" in the Google search field
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As the reviews on this website indicate, this movie is either highly recommended by some or passionately rejected by others. It almost seems as if the reviews for two different movies are mistakenly published together, and obviously I saw the film for the latter reviews. The tempo and length of this film are just totally unacceptable. To hold the attention of an audience for 100 to 120 minutes requires a much better script, a far deeper analysis of the central theme that the movie tries to address, and certainly if it is to be labeled a "comedy", it requires some real "humor". This film was tedious, lengthy, shallow in the analysis of the main theme (family relations in a competitive globalized world economy), and totally unconvincing in reflecting the reasonable behavior context of relations between a farther and daughter. The "in company" business discussions were just "gibberish", and perhaps the only theme that could have saved the film (the only reason why I stayed longer than 45 minutes in the theater) was the opportunity to analyze the "cultural" and "psychological" adaptation of the "deprived citizens" of a former communist system to the materialistic attitudes of citizens from a capitalist system. Unfortunately, this opportunity was missed by the Director of the film.

    Missing out on this film is highly recommended.
  • Maren Ade has created an opus which may be regarded as a universal comment on our global system where everything seems to be fine as long as economical progress is ongoing. However, we should not forget that pure progress induces dark sides as well.

    "Toni Erdmann" has a great screenplay. Basically, it tells a father-daughter-story, but every sign of empathy seems to be frozen. Ines Conradi (Sandra Hüller) shows a great performance as she already did in "Amour Fou". She only lives for working and does not care much about family or emotional matters. All that counts is the progress of her career. Winfried Conradi (Peter Simonischek) interprets a loving father who only wants to spend some time with his daughter. As Ines facade cannot be broken, he starts disturbing her perfect world of rules and manners by becoming Toni Erdmann.

    The screenplay does not contain many big plot points but convinces the viewer by the development of its great characters and the intelligent and often embarrassing dialogues. The audience is trapped by the society rules of this business world. Consequently, we are feeling with Ines who is more and more irritated by her father – now transformed to Toni Erdmann. He starts to shatter the stability of the system by his strange, unconventional character and jokes. The dialogues with excellent acting are so trenchant that moments of great humor are coming up.

    Everybody of the business world looks strangely at Toni Erdmann when he appears but we start thinking about who is weird and crazy in reality. Is it Toni Erdmann as he is not behaving like everybody else would expect of a supposed business man? Or is it this whole community of economists which takes drugs and which feigns emotions? Maybe Eugène Ionesco can help us to find an answer.

    The film itself, most of the time taking place in Romania, only rarely shows poor people as one would assume. Most of the time we just hear about the problems of a German enterprise which has to do some outsourcing. In many scenes we can see that Ines does not really care about the people around her. She is just a representative person of the company and keeps distance. Her father, on the other hand, does not care about society rules and is able to communicate in a simple, affective way with the people of this country.

    Gradually Ines is influenced by the spirit of life and the philosophy of her father as she gradually throws off her mask. What does it mean to have a life where one does not have any emotional link to his colleagues? What does it mean to see progress only but to forget that man is a social being? Even when Ines is in front of her secret lover and colleague Tim, she is not able to show any emotions.

    With Patrick Orth, director Maren Ade creates a light visual style which is ideally coordinated with the actor's play. We are in a world where we cannot foresee what happens next. When Toni Erdmann appears, everything seems to start trembling. The stability of our conformist and capitalistic system is threatened by the presence of only one "strange" character.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So the summary seemed great. Too bad this was nowhere in the movie. How does this movie show the struggle of the father trying to recconect with his daughter? Other than being an immature middle-aged man, he does nothing but ruin his daughter's business connections, her meetings and the job she had so carefully fought for, by appearing EVERYWHERE and lying to everyone. The business scenes were way too many and way too tiring, but served as the only normal scenes in the film. Other than that, total chaos. By the end of the film we realise how damaged, lonely and obsessed the daughter is with her career. The acting was excellent though, even by the supporting actors, plus a few moments seemed so delicately designed.
  • froschfrolo3 January 2017
    Watching this movie feels like standing in a cool, empty room and looking at a piece of abstract modern art. It's bizarre, disturbing and confusing. You can try to analyse, what the filmmakers intentions were or what may symbolise something, if you like doing that. The most obvious message of the movie (spend more time with your family) appears quite trivial. Some parts are somewhat funny because of the extreme absurdness of the events (don't expect subtlety). The laughter, however, mostly sticks in your throat. The characters are hard to understand, let alone identify with. There are a lot of silent moments, in which you get the chance to feel into the characters, only you don't feel much more than awkwardness. If you're looking for entertainment or something to take from it, I recommend you don't watch this film. If you like "art projects", naked people or unorthodox film making, it may be of interest.
  • The idea of this film deserved much better. There are so many things that could have been done, but haven't. And it lasts for almost 3 hours. An interesting satire of contemporary professional success at the cost of one's own (un)happiness. That is what it was meant to be. But the message gets diluted, there are very slow paces and redundancies that spoil the enjoyment. Some gratuitous tricks that do not lead anywhere. Moments so embarrassing that one would rather be alone when watching something like this. The father - daughter relationship that somehow barely survives through the meanderings of the film. With a good editing and a more ballsy director, it would probably have been a good movie. As such, on the current trend, it might spoil the chances of much better films of getting this year's Academy Award.
  • When Peter Simonischek's ancient dog dies, he has a breakdown and flies to Rumania to expend his existential crisis upon his daughter, Sandra Hüller. Were this a 70-minute movie, it might be quirky and eccentric, with some Important Message about Enjoying the Moment. However, it is not 70 minutes. It is 160 minutes, and so Herr Simonischek spends about two and a half hours tormenting his daughter -- and the audience -- until she has her own nervous breakdown and existential crisis.

    How was this movie nominated for Best Foreign Movie? Did watching it cause an existential crisis, or is it that half the dialogue is in English, which must impress the largely Anglophone Academy? Also there are some quirky moments scattered through the movie; about five, making up almost a minute of its length. The rest of the jokes are neither numerous nor worth offering.

    How do I know? Because these are the sort of jokes I would make. I would test them out on my cousin or one or two friends in a deadpan fashion. Take the joke the hero does about how his daughter is never there and even when she is, she is on the phone. Therefore, the joke goes, he has hired a young woman to play his daughter and clip his toe nails. My in-house testing -- so to speak -- would yield a result from a grunt (the worst rating, acknowledging it), to a question about how well she clips toe nails (the best rating). This would rate a grunt and so would be abandoned. Only the best rated jokes go into my repertoire. Not so in this movie.

    As I indicated, at 70 minutes, this might have made a light, almost Tati-esque movie. At two hours and forty minutes, though, it is so Teutonic in its exhaustive detail that all I can do is marvel at its stultifying length.
  • michaeljtrubic8 September 2016
    It had problems with pace. It was slow. It has as a central character a sullen, forlorn, unlikable and very unsympathetic young woman. The male lead, the woman's father performed largely comic relief. None of the characters seemed to properly developed as to why they were on a particular path.

    Some of the minor characters were even on the good side but some vital plot points were not expressed in a manner that leads the audience to identify with the characters journeys.

    I think that it might have had many editing problems and pieces of plot left on the cutting room floor.
  • freebart20 August 2016
    The film is (partly) about the fact that the globalisation of production does not go hand in hand with the globalisation of (real) culture, and therefore people lose a part of their "humanness", and get a strange substitute for it, the so-called "corporate culture". This problem affects all of us and most of us must have encountered similar situations or feelings as the persons in the film, that is why imho it resonates with so many people. It is especially meaningful coming from a nation, which in the past produced the greatest artists and thinkers (and not only the dark years), and which by all its peculiar characteristics and abilities would be meant to oppose the above trend. Sorry if my English is a bit strange.
  • Well, I'm amazed by so many of the reviews giving this film such a high rating, bordering on "Master Piece"?? WOW. I endured this film, and really it is an endurance experience, waiting for something of substance to take place but it meandered along, so slow, so boring, so damned stupid, so pointless. I watch a lot of European cinema, and many of these are German films, so I cant be ridden off as a Popcorn kid who only watches Hollywood action. I had high expectations and hung in there to the fizzle ending. Its maybe German funny? The dinner Party at his daughter place, well that was kinda funny, in a very weird awkward way. Maybe if it was trimmed to a neat 90 minutes, but close to 3 hrs. Check it out, tell me if I'm wrong.
  • I love films , so I had to go watch one of the most talked about films of 2016 with all this fuss and awards going on about it.

    As other IMDBers have already mentioned, the expectations were high enough , and I sort of demanded a good film. I cannot say I got that.

    The story (which isn't really a story) roughly, is about a woman whose job is basically firing people off of other companies --- and her father who is bizarrely present and around her throughout most of the film , making awkward but somewhat distant jokes , supposedly to help her have a better life.

    Toni Erdmann is a bizarre film for sure. Nothing wrong with that, just stating a fact. It's a film that shows us instead of telling us things. Which is respectful, elegant and admirable in a way and that's a plus for Maren Ade.

    There are admirable things in Toni Erdmann , but for me there are also big flaws that reduced the overall viewing experience.

    The fatal flaw to name, is the starkness and the extreme cold atmosphere of this film and all its characters. For me a film must offer entertainment , in the broad sense. Meaning that a film has to give us a variety of good things that'll "warm us". Good soundtrack , interesting and empathizing characters , a good atmosphere and locations , and of course a solid story that'll surround us and in the end win us with its charm so we'll want to re watch the film after it starts to rust in our memory.

    I don't want to watch Toni Erdmann again. There was no charm that won me and so just one preview is enough. I didn't connect with the characters much , not that I don't have common things ,most of us get modern life's problems , and we have common issues with fiction characters who aren't too happy with their life. Its a safe bet. But this doesn't mean you connect with the characters as well.

    Toni Erdmann felt very much like you are inside a fridge, sitting in there and viewing stuff in a cold environment. Too cold. Also it runs too long at 2 hours and 40 minutes for the particular story told. For the kind of praise it got , I expected better characters , better dialogues and in the whole a better picture.

    The direction in its practical sense of camera placement and movement was mediocre and so was the photography which was pretty basic so don't expect "good pictures".

    The admirable things about it, was the good acting, mostly by the father "Toni" but the daughter was modestly good as well in her role. The originality of the film's approach to the father-daughter relationship was another good thing. And lastly the film's themes and questions/problems addressed by the director/scriptwriter Maren Ade. The story had meaning behind it sure, but it was too elegant about those themes (the corporate world vs human values and what matters for modern man vs what should really matter.) These are honorable themes and Maren Ade seems like a decent person to explore and show us a few troubling things in the hope to awaken us, but as a film it was mediocre. Of course that's just my opinion, but I have to say there are some rules in Film making , and mrs Ade neglected a few of them.

  • Totally waste of time; 160 minutes of torture. €10 on a total fail. I cannot believe that the film industry in Germany is so miserable that such a catastrophe is chosen as their candidate for an academy award. This screenplay is ultra-weird, not for the unusual timeline of the movie, but exactly for two disgusting scenes. The sex part with pastry, and the birthday party; I regret to mention, but only perverts can think of such stories. Awful; waste of time and money...

    The main idea could be elevated into an interesting story not necessarily by a very professional screenplay writer, but even middle. This movie is a false and defective combination of Hollywood films' and French films' philosophy. That is, at intervals the tone switches between those two ideas.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watching this movie, and knowing that the critics have put it very well and very comical, I think I must have a very rare sense of humor. What has produced me the most is shame. Family is a very special issue, we agree. The fact that you want your daughter or any other member of the family to have more life, enjoy life and not devote so much to work, is very well and indeed we have seen in countless films. But to do as this father does, it seems a bit unpleasant to say it well.

    Is not it easier, to take advantage of the few free moments to prepare different things? I think that anyone who lives in such situations would be very angry. Work or working life is such a very important part of people's lives that it can occupy much more than a third of your life.

    The amount of trouble I could have gotten her daughter, I thought was too much. And seeing all the companions laughing at the father, I felt sorry for her.

    The film has become long, long. I could have put more sequences of more moments of the negotiation, the truth I do not know if they needed? See how the woman tells the father, who knew he was not the ambassador, unfortunate.

    The actors are very good, too bad that the wrong way.

    The photograph seems very ugly, there were moments that I thought to put on sunglasses.

    The address, I have already commented, simple and without direction, simple planes, and does not know that it is long.

    The case is that the movie I believe it, I think I'm watching a story, but I find everything so disgusting, it does not help me.


    See how the woman tells the father, who knew he was not the ambassador, unfortunate.

    That if I must say that the part of the final party, naked, is well thought out. The character of the woman is doing very well, not admitting that she has not had time to prepare and the excuse is nudity, but it would be as simple as asking for a minute, putting on a robe and then getting dressed, she is at home .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow! I can't think of anything good about this movie except the acting, seriously it was so boring, annoying and to be honest all over the place. It took the movie 1 hour and a half to introduce Toni Erdmann, like seriously? Nothing interesting happened in the first half (nor the last half). I honestly don't understand how it's even compared to "A Man Called Ove", "Land of Mine" or "The Salesman", they are so much better by far!! I, personally, don't think this movie even deserved a nomination. Maybe it's Germany's humor, but it never made me smile. I found the main characters so annoying and poorly constructed. Screenplay was all over the place; and the list of bad things could go on and on and on. Please, don't waste nearly 3 hours of your life, go watch the other nominees instead.

    PS. I can't believe Hollywood is thinking of a remake. I really hope they make a few (A LOT) of adjustments to the story, maybe Kristen Wiig can save it.
  • iq51615 January 2017
    I waited for 77 minutes for something -- ANYTHING! -- to happen. Nada! No hook, not one intelligent or funny dialog line, N O T H I N G! The most idiotic and boring 77 minutes ever recorded.

    An uber unfunny old dude monkeying around in a desperate --but futile! -- attempt at qualifying this waste of film for the comedy genre ...

    The script is so stupid that you can see the actors being ashamed of reciting the lines while trying hard not to fall asleep.

    And the high marks (yup, IMDb misled me AGAIN!) that this retarded production got can't but be a clear sign that humans are losing their minds, it MUST be something in the air ...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If a movie is this long, I would expect some credible character development, which does not take place. There are so many meaningless but cringe-worthy moments in this film that contribute nothing to the experience. It's quite difficult to empathize with either of the main characters since both essentially waste their time with meaningless, absurd activities. The father's approach to getting closer to his daughter is to interfere in a disturbing manner into her professional consultant life. A spontaneously nude party at the consultant's apartment represents the peak of ridiculousness of this movie since it's totally random, meaningless and the opposite of sensual. Maybe all this movie is trying to show is the utter meaninglessness of modern life. No need to waste precious time on this!
  • There's just something really magical about this film. I had heard so much praise bestowed upon it but had never really read anything about its premise or plot. I found it to be a very lovely, touching, and brilliant drama, although it also functions as a comedy in more ways than one. I think the real gift of the film is that it's able to be so touching and charming without actually trying to be overly cute and sentimental. The screenplay does so many things and takes so many turns for us to keep on going on this ride with the lead characters. Peter Simonischek and especially Sandra Huller are really fantastic and give us here one of the best pairings of 2016. This is a film to cherish and adore and I really hope it finds an audience. I'm sure it will and I can't wait to see it again.
  • Honestly, how can anyone see anything funny or comical in this boring, long-winded film? I wondered if I had been watching a different film from the other so-called critics here and elsewhere, who believe this to be a masterpiece. And why they should ever want to re-make this in American English with, possibly Jack Nicholson in the starring role, is way beyond me. The attempts at humour were childish (around 4 years old) and so drawn- out that you almost fall asleep. The story-line is very weak and the ending!!! Well, I was still sitting there, waiting for the father to come back, when it went all black and the titles rolled. In fact, in retrospect, that was the best part of the film. Oscar nominated? My dog could have done better and he's been dead for 12 years. I had to give a vote of 1 (awful), but in reality the best vote should have been 0.
  • dakjets2 January 2017
    What a great experience this film was. This different story is based on family relationships, and explores these at a deep level. In this great movie, it is about the relationship between father and daughter. Two very different personalities who strive to create a better relationship with each other. I will not reveal anything except that as with any difficult family relationships, so it can be both demanding and tough. This movie is long, and has been criticized for it. But not by me. Every scene is important, and the movie never gets boring or tedious. The story develops. One of the best things about the film is that it is unpredictable, that the characters will surprise and amaze. Lovely to see and experience. I would also like to highlight the wonderful role performance. I just need to see more German film after this, there is no doubt. Recommend this. One of the best from 2016.
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