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  • tigerssteve28 October 2014
    The three main characters are written and played brilliantly. The plot line is very funny and the twists and turns really well done. The "nice" lad is so likable and the "bad" lad is too. We shouldn't but we just can't help liking him. I can't wait to see more of this, it's the best new comedy for yonks and has everything; including an absolutely gorgeous Evie, who is to die for.

    There's a real mix of comedy, ranging from slapstick, through farce to nice little sarcastic lines which hit the target wonderfully well. All tied up within a love story waiting to happen; or is it? This has the potential to run for a long time but strangely, it would probably be better if it didn't. The tension would be unbearable if it remains unbroken for too long.

    Watch it everyone; it's superb stuff
  • 1/13/18. I'm glad NF developed this as an original series. I watched all three seasons and wish there was more! The premise was so basic, Dylan has to inform his previous lovers that he has an STD. Because of great writing, Dylan's adventures turn into a closer look at his relationships and those of his flatmates, Luke, Evie and their friend, Angus. And, the relationships are realistic, messy, and complicated. But, throughout it all you want them all to find happiness. Worth catching for its optimism that everyone will find their way in love eventually.
  • nicky-ellstein8 August 2016
    I just want to say that I started and finished this TV show in the lapse of three hours, and I say that in good way because it means I couldn't stop watching episode after episode. I didn't even realize I was on the last chapter until it ended and there were no more chapters left. I literally started crying when I saw thee were no more chapters so I had to go on Wikipedia to find out if there was a second season on the making (there is). Seriously, this just takes a few hours to finish and it is really worth it. Much more than just a romantic comedy. Btw, I literally just made this IMDb account so I could write this review. I've recommended this to many of my friends and I searched for the reviews on here to see if anyone felt the same way and I just thought to myself, I really need to let others know how good this TV show was. I hope I could tell the writer and actors and directors how good their work is. I can't wait for the second season!
  • memarkw221 April 2015
    I don't write reviews very well, but after seeing a scathing 1-star review on the main page, I had to try.

    I enjoyed this show so much. It reminded me a bit of the Australian series "Please Like Me," even though they don't have much in common. At six episodes, it's an easy binge watch and well worth it. It's pretty original. All of the characters are likable, even the womanizing jerk or a roommate. The actors play their parts well. Despite what another review says, the acting is actually as good as any other quality series.

    I don't think it ever saw a second season, but hopefully it'll do well enough on Netflix that they'll revive it for a few more seasons!
  • jonnossaman19 April 2015
    A lot of other comments have given this show a bad review while specifying that they have only watched the first episode. After the first episode I was also on the fence, but having watched the first 5 episodes I understand and appreciate the direction this show is going. The characters are developed, the plot is relatable and funny, and the style of the show (ie, flashbacks to partners) is very well done. I would challenge viewers to watch more than just the first episode in order to truly appreciate this one. It's by no means on par with Arrested Development, but that is hard to accomplish with a comedy. However, I do think it is much better written and acted than most of the 'comedies' on network TV - in that the acting and humor feel raw and real.
  • Here's the Twitch Film review. Rather more positive! "Imagine the love child of Judd Apatow and Edgar Wright and you're getting into the right space with Scrotal Recall. The writing is certainly witty and stylized but not so much as to obscure the human core of the characters, the content poking gleeful fun at the foolishness its characters engage in in the service of sex and relationships. It's edginess relies more on wit than raunch, which is a refreshing change, and the treatment of its characters surprisingly heartfelt. Time will tell if it has legs but one episode in and Scrotal Recall is one of the most promising British comedies of recent years."
  • rajasertin14 January 2018
    Great show; fresh, funny, good actors...brilliant scrypt
  • This is one of the funniest shows I've watch in a long time. I watched all the episodes (unlike some, ahem, "reviewers" here). Each episode left me laughing hysterically. It reminds me a little of another British sitcom, "Coupling" which was also very funny.

    It's a little sophomoric, and somewhat predictable but often insightful. It reminds me of myself when I was that age, and perhaps that's why it's so funny. The main character is trying "to do the right thing" but often that ends up leading to places he did not anticipate - a lot like real life.

    I can't wait for the next season. This is the kind of show you'd never see made in America and it's high time people start noticing that chlamydia is pretty rampant among middle schoolers here in the states.
  • pattimaz10 January 2018
    How can any one not find this show addictive,hysterical and so well written and acted. I binged watched the 1st night for 3 hours and couldn't wait to get back to it the following day. The suspense in wanting to see the outcome is almost unbearable ...Dylan is the perfect easy to fall in love with guy . The 3 lead characters are perfect together ...wished I lived next door !
  • shanec-5807026 May 2015
    When my father first asked me to watch the show with him. I was quite hesitant because of the name and the plot summary. However, my father and I loved it! The story line is funny, the characters have a kind of (Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson) relationship. Each episode is better than the previous one. I would definitely recommend watching this show. I hope they decide to continue with a second season.

    When you first start watching the show, the dynamics of the characters relationships seem clear. The awkward romantic with the loud shallow best friend. And lets not forget the quirky "girl next door" who has secretly been in love with the main character without his knowledge for years. But the show is so much more than that, all of the characters surprise you. You find yourself rooting for the main character and his horndog best friend who actually turns out to be much more.
  • I have never seen another show that captures longing and heartbreak but also friendship and love better!!! I love this show soo much. Evie and dylan have sooo good chemistry in the show, giving us funny/relatable moments but also tender and special ones too. The rest of the cast is also funny and lovable! I have rewatched the series multiple times, I really hope they make another season!! PLEASE NETFLIX continue this great story and quality show.
  • Too bad there are only six episodes. This is one of the best comedies I've seen on TV in a long while. It's naughty and clever and warm- hearted all at the same time. We'll watch it again. And probably, again. The actors are wonderful. Even though it seems to be "niche" oriented -- all about young people and their lives, it's really full of humor I think anybody can identify with. There's everything here from riposte to slapstick and a lots of in between. We very much wish there were more episodes, although the last of the six did seem okay. It's a whole entity -- and it could grow. Hope to see these actors in other things as well.
  • dhfw24 April 2016
    It always amazes me seeing the Folk legend that is Johnny Flynn doing sitcoms and nailing it (New album please Mr. FLynn) The title suggests this is more low brow than it actually is and this may have put many people off but if they give it a chance they won't be disappointed because this is clever, touching and funny. I Love the dynamic between the 3 lead actors. Even though this has only 6 episodes there is plenty of room for character development and space for back stories and secrets to be revealed which adds a richness to the basic outlining storyline of a man getting in touch with old girlfriends and lovers and that is quite rare in a sitcom formula. Especially with the seemingly 2 dimensional character of Danny Ings which they explore wonderfully in one episode. glad that Netflix is giving it another series.
  • I feel like this show's title will be its undoing. As though it was a joke title that the writers were using until they came up with something better.

    I expected the show to be a silly, shallow recap of some guy improbably diddling his way through a bunch of women while joking about it with his bros.

    But I was pleasantly surprised. The characters are likable and have depth and the writing and acting is quite good as well. The final episode ends on a bit of a cliffhanger that the first five shows were leading up to. It would be nice to see Netflix approve a second season so we can see where this goes.
  • I have been coming to IMDb for many years now, as I always can rely on the average grade of a movie or show. But until now I never felt the urge to write or grade anything. So today I signed up, because this show deserves a higher rating than an 8.1. There are no flaws (in my opinion). I love the characters and their story lines. It's very funny at times, but it can be heartbreaking as well. Every episode leaves me wanting more. Usually I don't even try shows with an average rating on IMDb below 8.5, but I'm glad I took a chance on this one. Try it, you won't regret it!
  • Although the name 'Scrotal Recall' is one of the worst TV show names I've ever heard, the show is excellent. Absolutely hilarious, with a stellar cast. All of the bad reviews are after just the first episode, which is just the setup, it's like judging how funny a joke is without hearing the punchline. I recommend watching the first three episodes before you make a judgement, it's a good way to get an idea of the show, the pilot doesn't do it justice.

    The actors' chemistry together is great, and Johnny Flynn as Dylan is amazing (singing, acting, songwriting; is there anything that guy can't do?). I don't get why some of the reviews say he's unattractive, I think he's cute, but maybe that's just me.

    TL;DR Good show, watch the first 3 episodes and I'm sure you'll love it. :)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I first started watching the show, I thought it was OK, with the stereotypical whiny main character, horn dog best friend, and cute best friend who he is secretly in love with and is secretly in love with him, although they never say so. I thought for sure that they would never get together, as things like this never do. After all, it's a sitcom, which usually requires that comedic sexual tension to continue the show's formula.

    As the show went on, I found myself caring more about the characters. The last scene in the last episode where the horn dog best friend runs in and tells Evie how Dylan feels about her, I found myself cheering him on, an emotion I never expected to feel after one, two, or even three episodes in.
  • I feel like all the bad reviews either (1) ony watched the first episode (which makes their reviews pretty useless), or (2) don't have a sense of humor. This show is absolutelly amazing: entertaining, well acted, hilarious (seriously, I laugh out loud) and endearing at the same time. I only have the last three episodes from season 3 left and I am genuinely sad to watch them and be done with the show. Please watch it! It deserves your time and you deserve this gem
  • jmsf-0726119 January 2019
    This show is beautifully well written!!! The way you get addicted to it due to its light still fresh humour is brilliant. Angus, Luke and Jonesy are just hilarious. Great development, great interaction between the characters and not predictable at all. One of the best dramedies I've watched and clearly an underrated show!
  • I never write review, but today i have to, i just finished 3rd and i hope not last season of this show. And i loved it, every episode. So clever, and romantic , but not Hallmark romantic, real romantic, real situations, real feelings, and humor is a 10. So, please,please Netflix give us 4th season, please. I loved Johnny Flynn, ooo he is an excellent actor, so weird, but in a good way. Daniel Ings also is a very good actor. And chemistry between then are so good. So, people watch this show because it is a pleasure to watch.
  • wong-1724818 December 2016
    I never write a review before, I decided to write it because I really love it and I recommend it to everybody. When I first watched it, I didn't expect much. Everything in the show are natural. The conversation is interesting and funny. The actor and actress's acting are natural. They are like acting themselves, it didn't feel odd. (Sometime when I watch other shows, somehow I felt embarrassed for the other actor/actress because I can see they are "acting", it's too fake.)

    I didn't want to watch the last episode of the second season because I am worried it gonna be the last episode so I don't want to finish it. Please make another season!!
  • arevelyne18 March 2018
    I really love this series and here's why. First, the actors are top notch. They are excellently type cast, and each character is developed in such a way that I feel like I really know them.

    The connection between Dylan and Evie is charming and it keep me coming back for more. Luke is hilarious and Angus is the friend we all have had. Even the flashbacks work because it is clear that everything this gang of friends has experienced has helped make them who they are today.

    More shows like this Netflix, please! I really can't wait for the next season to come out!
  • nadawiii12 November 2018
    It's always sad to watch the (possibly) last episode of a show but I can't let this one go. Lovesick has been hitting close to home and there hasn't been one character that I haven't grown to love. Everyone is vibrant and colorful, with layers and layers of emotions. The show is real, harsh and rough but it's also heartwarming and charming - Much due to the amazing cast. It welcomes you with open arms and lets you join a group of friends that feels like the people you meet everyday.. or maybe the people that you WISH to meet.

    Evie (Part Two) is emotional and would absolutely be a perfect ending, but frankly I need more. There are so many questions. What will happen to the characters? Honestly, I need to know. They have so much more to give. Re-watching old episodes can only do so much.

    So Santa (or the people of Netflix), please give us another season, I'm willing to wait another two years.
  • This fun and witty series gets off to a good start with episode 1. "Scrotal Recall" is not afraid to have broad humour tangled in with charm, mischief and guffaws while it examines relationships and affairs of the heart. Main character Dylan, boyish and Hugh Grant-like, revisits his flings of the past. Along the way we learn about him and his friends: the pretty Evie and the roguish Luke. Episode 1 is set at the wedding of meek Angus and bride from hell, Helen. Helen is great fun to watch. Helen the bride barks orders at her entourage. Then, just before the wedding starts, she states "It's f**ing show time!" and she emits a glorious fake smile and marches her way towards her wedding day.

    Writer Tom Edge seems to be channelling the spirit of Richard Curtis, writer of "Four Weddings and a Funeral", "Love, Actually" and more. The wedding setting of episode 1 oozes "Four Weddings" sentiments. Multiple stories mix and clash yet stand on their own. The pacing is glib but fun. Serious moments are real enough but avoid getting bogged down. The laughs are mostly light and a few good guffaws are deserved. It's enjoyable and frothy.
  • This brilliantly funny series is about Dylan, a young man whose chlamydia results in his needing to contact his ex-lovers to warn them. Each episode involves a call then a flashback as we see a time in which Dylan either bedded or broke up with his girl-of-the-week.

    The series is very funny, with sharp writing and sometimes intricate plotting, All the episodes fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, so as the series progresses we fill in more pieces and get a greater understanding of the principals.

    I really loved the first season, but I was just slightly less enamored with the second. A constant thread of the series is the unspoken love between Dylan and Evie. At first this is just fun will-they-or-won't-they stuff, but by season two that series of missed connections, bad timing, and poor communication are darkening the lives of them and anyone they become involved with, so increasingly the story is feeling like a dire warning about the destructiveness of frustrated love. And that's kind of depressing.

    Unfortunately the first two episodes of season 3 weren't funny, leaving a soap opera built around the discomfort of two people continually out of phase. That's when I gave up on the whole thing, not even caring anymore if those two ever got together.

    Rating is for first two seasons. I'm just going to pretend the third never happened.
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