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  • #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer

    One of the best shows around. It deserves to continue right where it left off.
  • As we all know by now FOX cancelled LUCIFER. I love that show. I hope and pray another network picks up LUCIFER. I think the best network to pick up LUCIFER is the CW. LUCIFER would fit right in the CW wheelhouse along with SUPERNATURAl and all the other shows like that the CW has. FOX which always cancels anything really good that people really like cancelled LUCIFER while leaving one hell of a cliffhanger.
  • How can you cancel the greatest show ever. In a world full of crap this was the only show that made me happy to watch. And Season 3 episode 24 was amazing. I am praying for being renewed. I am pretty sure that for so much money you can make up with good ideas. I understand that from now on it will be hard, but don't do the same as The Sicret Circle! Please! I give the show 10 out of 10!
  • Unfortunately I found out yesterday that Lucifer has been cancelled. As light hearted shows go it was a winner, the whole cast went for it and did a great job. Lucy, Maze, Douche, Amenadiel, and Linda were flawless in their roles. Perhaps Chloe could have removed the big wooden pole from her backside a bit more often but hey, she looked good. Its strange how good shows like this get chopped and absolute rubbish like IZombie keeps getting renewed and its really really rubbish.
  • boni75511 May 2018
    Are you kidding me! Why would they do. The show is great. They keep renewing these other shows that stink

    Look at Timeless they canceled and the fans were outraged and they brought it back
  • I can't believe this show has been cancelled already. It was FUNNY and WELL written.... although there were times I wish they'd hire more writers for this show because I loved the banter between Lucifer and the Detective (Chloe) that really showed us Lucifer wasn't as GOOD as he seemed.

    I loved that it seemed to follow some religious dogma and never lampooned it.

    Unfortunately this cancellation smells of Network giving in to the early protest by religious groups. If ONLY they had watched it... None of it made fun of religion or any one's beliefs!

    I am going to miss this show... I've watched hoping there'd be some reruns - I could watch this show So many times more!
  • jetsdad517 May 2018
    Lucifer is one of the best & most original show on TV. Please have another network pick it up. I will truly miss this show. I can't believe it was cancelled. What a shame. So much garbage out there & this gets cancelled. PLEASE BRING IT BACK.
  • I have liked this show from the beginning. Tom Ellis is perfect as the devil, and does an excellent job. The show has a lot to challenge the traditional; handsome, suave devil over an ugly one with horns. I love the line where he says something like, I'm tired of everyone blaming me for what they do, I didn't MAKE them do anything. There is a lot of truth delivered thru sophisticated humor and debonair acting. The Pierce/Cain story with Luci is intense at times, and you wonder if Cain will ever get the truth of how his curse will disappear. Note: just watched ep 20, he does. So...I love this show & want it to continue. Nielsen needs to fix their @*^&( rating system - I, & many like me, DO NOT WATCH TV - we watch whatever, whenever on the computer.
  • This has been one of our favorite shows on Monday nights! The season3 finale cannot be the series finale. Too many questions and answers given and need to know what's next! Tom Ellis is excellent as Lucifer.
  • Lucifer is s show like no others. It is drama, procedural, comedy, fantasy. It 's full of funny lines and references to other shows/songs/movies You have to be smart to keep up. The cast is awesome, Tom Ellis on top . After 3 seasons, it was unexpectedly cancelled by Fox, leaving us wuth a huge cliffhanger and so many points to be covered. The massive campaign #savelucifer #PickUpLucifer is sustaining the return of the show for a darker, powerful and supernatural season. We hope to succeed to have our Devil back . We deserve it
  • Great writing, excellent acting. Fun and unexpected, Lucifer has everything you need in a show.

    It was very sad and disappointing that the show was cancelled after just 3 seasons, there was certainly much more to offer the fans.

    I hope another network picks it.
  • Hopefully this enjoyable show will be picked up by another network soon.
  • oyala25 May 2018
    You've got to be kidding me! This was one of the best shows on TV. I was even able to get some of my religious friends to watch it, and they found out their judgments were wrong!

    Tom Ellis is the best! He's handsome and funny as hell (pun intended) with LOL moments. I love the way he takes vanity to its highest level.

    Come on Fox network! Listen to the people who 'religiously ' LOL watch this show! Let us have some fun on a Monday night, after Sunday church. It's down right criminal to take this show off the air!

    Who are the executives who made this decision? Fire their asses! They are like stupid is as stupid does. Only way to solve the problem of bad timing for canceling a great show.

    You know what? I'm done with Fox! Won't be watching any of their shows. Waste of time, time I will never get back in life!
  • No doubt,It deserves to continue.It's fun,different,loved it.I see no reason to cancel.
  • Please I've read the moans petitions about how this glorifies Satan.. Sorry but so does Supernatural. Why do people in the US take this stuff so seriously. It a send up OK? Lucifer is witty and charming with fabulous one liners. The plot is terrible. (So are many of Supernaturals... Sorry guys) but we don't watch it for that.. if we believed every series on TV. I'd be walking around with a tin foil hat "Cos Aliens are here"

    Back to the Pilot.... Our British lead Tom Ellis was all suave and smooth like a very old Brandy. Whilst Lauren German was a little Ditsy but his nemesis, but in truth sexy and funny. A future partner in crime.

    With myself and a few hundred UK Facebook friends we can't wait for the next episode. Please.. those petitioners who wanted this banned. have you seen it? Did it make you at least chuckle? Still Nope here's a secret, Aliens have landed!
  • Lucifer is the best show that I have seen in a very long time. It has a perfect balance between humour and drama. From the description it may seem as just another cop show with a twist, but it is so much more. The true power of the show lies in the way it treats the characters. Never before have I seen a show that pays so much attention to character development. And it is not just the two main characters Lucifer & Chloe that grow througout the series, but also the other characters.

    The combination of the love that the creators have for all the characters with excellent storylines and dialogue sets this show apart from all others. This and the truly stellar acting makes that it absolutely deserves more seasons.
  • Exceptional writing, acting and character development! This series ended on a cliffhanger and Netflix needs to pick it up!
  • This show IS AWESOME!! This is one of the few network shows I have continued to watch. There must be a cable channel or Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon team willing to keep it alive. To be honest, ready to cancel one or two of the three aforementioned services do to lack of quality programming - and lack of quality movies. I would definitely continue to pay for a service that kept this series alive!
  • After watching two seasons with an extremely slow progressing story, I've decided to not waste more time on a show where there is no evolution in the characters. This guy Tom Kapinos does not seem to realize that we live in 2017 and people are tired of stories that just keeps pushing ones patient to the limit aka. "Red John" in the Mentalist.

    It is sad really, because the story did have potential, and the actors are doing a splendid job. However, Kapinos have done a terrible job at keeping interest up, and I suspect this show will get cancelled soon enough.
  • This show is one of the best shows I've ever seen (and I have seen a LOT of shows). It has an incredible cast, it has a perfect balance of being hilarious and serious. With the exception of the s1 and s3 villain, you just can't help but fall in love with every character. After that season 3 finale, WE NEED MORE LUCIFER!!

    Despite not having proper promotion (or merchandise!) by the network, this show has managed to build a global fanbase PURELY because of how excellent it is. I have never been this passionate about a show before, and whomever picks it up is set to gain MILLIONS of customers all (impatiently) waiting to flock to any new place our wonderful Devil goes. :)
  • Losing the red horn and pitchfork for debonair skin, the titular entity roams our world with wealth and taste. Lucifer is a quirky, somewhat mischievous take on the fallen angel. It has many pop references, cool soundtracks and more importantly, a smooth convincing acting from the lead actor Tom Ellis.

    Far from menacing, Lucifer is a magnetic gentleman. He wears nice suits, talks in charming accent and is very manipulative. The way he is displayed here hinges a lot on persuasion. He oozes confident, able to affect others with ease but without being overly callous or arrogant. Tom Ellis just struts as though he embraces the characters, the confidence is nearly infectious.

    Production has all sort of nifty flair. Visual utilizes light tone, it gives more cinematic feel than most series, probably to portray the larger than life persona. Soundtracks are very good, the music is a mix of pop, rock and rap, which will resonate with audience in youthful fashion.

    Characters are pretty inviting, and it's not just about Lucifer himself. Supporting roles play good parts too, the female police looks sympathetic enough for long term strange partnership, almost in odd buddy cop gimmick. It leaves many possibilities for future episodes, maybe it ventures into case of the week or just expanding on how manipulative Lucifer can be without becoming too sinister for silver screen.

    Not sure how long Lucifer will walk the TV or how he will maintain the nature of the series in the long run, but as far as introduction goes, it is done with great taste. Fascinatingly classy and with a touch of devilry, please give Lucifer the courtesy of your viewing.
  • pavioc1630 July 2018
    If you have read the graphic novel, this show is essentially ruined... I'd like to say I went through the entire first season, but I couldn't do it. I don't, to be clear, dislike this because it's different from the comics... It's a different format, so differences are expected and things can be good on their own...

    But, to be frank, the characters are bland and uninteresting. What they did to Lucifer is bad, turning him into a sleazy ***, but what they did to Mazikeen is incomprehensible... I have never seen such an interesting character so neutered, and the relationship between Lucifer and Mazikeen was truly unique in the novels. It was vaguely disturbing to watch. I'd watch iZombies if you want an interesting supernatural cop procedural, and read the original novel Lucifer! At least those things are worth your time...
  • Well. This is my first review, for many time here and never done one, is because, this is the first time I got something worth to review. Even if English is not my mother language, I will try my best... sorry if something is misspelled or wrong written. I like complex things. And this character (religion out) is far more complex than any. I read the comics "The Sandman" and "Lucifer", and the premise is cool, considering the series is attached some how with the new issues coming from the comic. I liked the acting, specially Ellis... the girl is fine, and I like the chemistry between them. And more of it,the FX, for a TV series are cool. The script was fine, and got me (but... I knew who did it, to much TV for me, I confess. Though I will not spoil it) In the other hand, I know some people say it was overrated, but: There is a flavor for every taste... And for my taste it was awesome, delicious and brilliant. Every one is a critic, and every one can criticize, but it worth to take a look, just to know if you like it or not. And for the ones on seeing the religious way... People, there are others channels and other series to watch. That is it. Greetings from Uruguay.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was thrilled when I heard about this show. I'v never read the comic, so I had nothing to compare it too, but this is just soooo bad! Every episode is exactly the same, lame cop drama. Lucifer is not exciting at all, just a man with a gigantic ego and wallet, every female character is being reduced to sexy objects and its just simply shallow. Nothing's evolving, it's like watching the same episode over and over. Lucifer does his 'trick' a few times, voila, the case is closed! He makes out with a woman with big boobs, whines about something, Chloe rolls her eyes at him, he calls Dan a douche and that's it. So much potential is wasted. Where's the darkness? The depth? It could still be humorous. No, watch Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer in Gods army instead, a great movie.
  • phntmbg17 May 2018
    Its too early to end such a great show please guys renew it for season 4.
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