Pat: I know what it is.

Amber: What what is?

Pat: My "desert-island band."

Amber: Tell somebody who gives a shit.

Reece: You can't keep us here, you gotta let us go.

Gabe: We're not keeping you here, you're just staying.

Pat: It's funny. You were so scary at night.

Pat: I am Odin himself!

Reece: So, in a tournament, I snap his arms or he taps out and we all go get burgers.

Darcy: [from the trailer]

[coldly and clearly]

Darcy: Now Gentlemen and Ladies. Whatever you saw or did... Is no longer my concern. But let's be clear... this won't end well.

Sam: Maybe we should split up.

Tiger: Totally.

Pat: This... is a nightmare.

[last lines]

Darcy: For us all.

Amber: Please tell me those stupid fucking words are his last!

Amber: Let's just say the people who hurt me weren't white

Darcy: Let Him Bleed

Darcy: Make him stop using that n***er dope